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Why Should Parents Track Their Child's Cell Phone?

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Depression affects adolescents much more often than we realize. Although depression is a treatable disease, many of us (parents) downplay this problem. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for children who are depressed to never get help. It's good to know that depression is not a mood that passes overnight. Depression is a serious health problem that worsens many aspects of a person's life. It is of great importance that parents and loved ones show support. The most important thing is that the person should not be left alone with the problem.

If you are a teenager.

Remember that help is at hand. No matter how depressed you feel and out of control of your life, there are always plenty of solutions to help you out of a problem. Talking to a parent, guardian or teacher is the most important thing you should do.
Do not hesitate and talk.

Is my child depressed?

A melancholic mood, constant negative thoughts, sadness and unwillingness to live can destroy a young person's personality. A lot of unhealthy and strange behavior may indicate depression among adolescents. Here are some of the behaviors that may indicate depression in a young person:

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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  • Drug and alcohol abuse. Escaping into stimulants is one of the main methods young people use. In fact, it only worsens the situation.
  • Addiction to digital devices. Young people often close themselves in the digital world, away from the real world. They are looking for virtual acquaintances, which often lead to a worsening of their depressive state.
  • Low self - Esteem. Depression often lowers self - Esteem among adolescents. Feelings of shame, alienation, ugliness and failure.
  • Deterioration of academic performance. Depression leads to problems concentrating and losing energy. Missing classes, drop in grades and frustration.
  • Violence among young people. Teenagers who are depressed often become aggressive, get irritated quickly, and react very emotionally

Symptoms of depression:

  • Trouble thinking and concentrating,
  • Thinking about death and how life is gray and bleak
  • Thoughts of suicide,
  • Constant thoughts about failure, lack of willingness to work,
  • Loss of interests and passions,
  • Constant irritation
  • Low self - Esteem,
  • Emptiness and a sense of hopelessness
  • Feeling tired, lack of restful sleep,
  • No appetite
  • Alcohol and drug abuse,
  • Violence and recklessness,

Why do parents eavesdrop on their child's phone?

Social Media has forced parents to increase their control over their children's phones. It is the social channel that is the main reason for the excessive use of mobile phones, which leads to depression.

Here are a few reasons why parents decide to set up a phone wiretapping program:

  • Children communicating with each other using the Internet are much more rude and arrogant towards each other than in a real meeting. Due to anonymity and impunity, they insult, call and hate each other.
  • According to statistics, crime and attacks on youth via social media increased by as much as 300%.
  • Dependence on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Viber, Tinder and others often causes a complete disconnection from the outside world.
  • Almost half of online sexual crimes occur through social channels.
  • Besides social media, easy access to pornography is another problem among children and adolescents
  • On average, children use their favorite instant messengers 10 times a day.

Use an invisible application to remotely monitor your child's phone.

Sometimes just talking to a child is not enough to locate the source of the problem. If a parent does not want to lose confidence in his child, and would like to find out what is bothering the child, he should decide to install the Android phone wiretap application. All you have to do is access your child's phone and install an application that is completely invisible. The application allows you to locate the phone, allows you to learn the content of messages from instant messaging, allows you to hear everything that is happening near the phone, listen to recorded calls and much more. Full control of the child's phone. Thanks to the tracking application, parents can easily find out if the child is not being bullied and if anything is at risk.

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