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3 ways to find someone's phone location for free

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At the moment, someone else's cell phone can be located in three different ways.

  1. Via cell phone number: a very unreliable and unstable method.
  2. GPS location: You can easily localize yourself using the GPS receiver of a cell phone. There are tools such as "Find my iPhone" or special software that you have to install on your mobile phone to locate the location.
  3. WLAN networks: The target device must have an Internet connection. Since the WLAN router forwards the GPS coordinates to all connected devices, you can locate someone else's cell phone without being noticed.


Cell phone location over the cellular network

This method can be used to locate someone else's cell phone, but it is considered very imprecise. The respective location is determined via a radio cell when the target mobile phone is switched on and there is an active SIM card in it. However, there are often considerable deviations from the real location, sometimes several hundred meters. This also explains why the current location was already in the middle of the sea or on a mountain peak.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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GPS location and geo fencing from CellSpy

If the target person enters a certain zone, you will notice this with the help of geo - Fencing. Of course, you have delimited and determined the area beforehand. This can be very important, especially as a concerned parent, to keep track of where your child is.

The "CellSpy" app uses all information sources on the target device to display all GPS data on the dashboard. The usual location system is intelligently supplemented by WiFi connections, messaging apps and locations announced via social networks.

What can you do with CellSpy?

In addition to GPS tracking, the software offers the following functions and advantages:

a) Read messages as SMS or in iMessage, Viber, Instagram, Line, Snapchat and Facebook

b) View all contacts, photos and videos

c) Track call logs and browsing history

d) Know about contacts, backups and downloads

e) You receive CellSpy - App Updates free of charge

The program provides numerous functions for monitoring children, for example:

  • Block unwanted applications
  • Call - Block and block websites
  • The cell phone can be locked remotely after a certain period of time.
  • App runs invisibly and unnoticed, but can be removed if necessary

Step - By - Step instructions on how to locate someone else's cell phone with CellSpy

Step 1: Select a subscription to CellSpy.com.de to receive your personal ID number by email.

Step 2: When accessing the target device, you will need to enter the ID number to authorize your account. You can now start monitoring.

Step 3: If you have opened the control panel, you can secretly locate the strange cell phone. You now have access from any device such as a laptop, tablet or PC. You can track GPS locations, messages, call details, and more.


Locating someone else's mobile phone iPhone

The Find My iPhone feature helps track a lost or stolen Apple device. It does not matter whether it is an iPhone, iPad, iPod or a Mac PC. This function can be used to locate someone else's cell phone without an app or physical access.

However, the prerequisites are that the gadget has an active internet connection and that the function is activated together with the iCloud. Logically, the SIM card has to be in the mobile phone so that the internet connection remains. Otherwise the location is absolutely unsuccessful.

Locating foreign mobile phone Android

At the moment there is a wide range of tools and apps to locate an Android mobile phone effectively, quickly and reliably. A distinction is made between three types of application:

  • Professional apps for location and surveillance
  • Free means of cell phone tracking
  • Location without special tools

In order to locate your child's own smartphone or an Android cell phone, specialized and effective software such as CellSpy is absolutely recommended. You have more than 30 options for the people being monitored and their whereabouts. Regardless of whether it is Android, iOS or other mobile devices.

Locate other cell phones via GPS app

CellSpy developed this system, whose app can be used to completely monitor all modern operating systems. The app is also compatible with older smartphones.

GPS location for iPhone & Android: How does it work?

You can locate third - Party cell phones such as Android smartphones and iPhones, even though the built - In GPS service is switched off. The CellSpy app works with virtual borders on a map. After you have previously determined a specific zone, this location service can be activated. The CellSpy account collects and saves all activities if the devices were in the defined zones.

Cell phone locations via Google

You can locate a cell phone using the Google Maps location app. Unfortunately, you need physical access to the phone because you have to set it up. It works like this:

  1. You load the Google Maps app onto the target phone.
  2. Click on the menu and go to location sharing.
  3. Then select the option "Share real - Time storage location until you deactivate this option".
  4. Select your own device to share the phone's location.

Find someone else's cell phone via WhatsApp

With this app you can locate a cell phone for free. It does not matter whether it is an Android smartphone or iPhone. The only requirement is that your mobile phone must be compatible with the current WhatsApp version. If this is not the case, you will have to switch to another device or perform an Android update.

To start tracking, you have to start a chat with the person you want to talk to. Then select the item "Send location" in the extended menu. The integrated GPS receiver will now determine your current location. If there is temporarily no GPS signal available, your mobile operator will determine your GSM location.

You can find more interesting and more detailed information under this link


By nature, people are particularly concerned about their families, relatives or other close people. Sometimes you may feel that someone is at risk, such as your children. In this case it is sometimes important and correct to know the respective location, read messages and monitor activities. In their inexperience and naivety, children are all too happy to be carried away into contact with adults who do not mean well with them. It is possible that they consume drugs that can provide them with false friends for huge sums of money, or they slide into cybercrime for other reasons.

Unfortunately, not all methods work reliably. In addition to free programs, there are also paid programs that can easily perform more than 30 monitoring tasks. Find a suitable app or a serious program whose location function works absolutely reliably.

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