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Ways to Find Android Phones for Free

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The device manager from Google is probably the simplest variant for cell phone location: Any cell phone with Android 2.2 or a higher version can be located online. To activate the manager on the smartphone - Which, by the way, is similar to the Find my iPhone function using iCloud - Select Settings - Google and then Security. The user then clicks on Android Device Manager and activates the remote lock and factory reset function. During the execution of these steps you have to be logged in with your Google account and access to the location has to be activated.

Attention: This location option only works if the above settings are made before the smartphone is lost.

  • Once the mobile phone missing has set up the manager, the device can be localized without any complications. To do this, proceed as follows.
  • Open the Device Manager in the browser of a laptop, tablet or similar. Make sure that you log in with the same Google account that is used on the Android mobile phone.
  • Now there are various functions to choose from: At the top left, you select the smartphone that is to be located; on the right a map shows the current location of the device; on the left side you also have the option of changing the lock code and removing personal data from the device; The silent ringing mode is also available. As the name suggests, the latter also works when the device is muted and is ideal for finding your cell phone in your own home; deleting the personal information should be the last resort.
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* Note from the author: Android cell phone location app

In addition to the device manager, there are other options for locating the mobile device (e.g. monitoring apps). A particularly comprehensive app for this purpose is. With this application it is not only possible to find out where the cell phone is, but the user can also send an SMS to his loyal companion. Even if the SIM has been changed! This is particularly advantageous if the device has been stolen and the thief has deactivated the internet connection. In this case, localization via the WWW is no longer possible. The incoming SMS makes the device discoverable again.

Just one more option that the app makes available: taking photos and recording audio files "remotely". This undoubtedly makes the search for the thief easier. However, there is a risk of violating their personal rights / privacy. Even though you only want to get your own cell phone back!

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Locating mobile phones Android: Tips for optimal mobile phone protection

Finally, it should be noted that it is always better to be safe than sorry. The following options are available to smartphone owners to protect their end device from loss and theft.

  1. Make a note of the IMEI number and keep it in a safe place.
  2. Set up a secure code (ideally more than four digits) on the mobile phone.
  3. Keep the SIM card PIN.
  4. Do not deactivate remote access including location, locking and deletion when setting up the smartphone (remote access is usually activated by default).
  5. Download and install security apps on the device.

In addition, the Google account should be secured with so - Called two - Factor authentication. This way, thieves have a much harder time accessing the relevant data. Now locate Android / iPhone quickly and easily!

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Android - Locate the phone with the help of the mobile operator

Furthermore, the mobile phone can be found again via the GSM network of the mobile phone provider. Regardless of whether the user is a customer of O2, Vodafone or T - Mobile. In this case, the cell to which the cell phone is currently connected serves as the basis for determining the location. The prerequisite, however, is that the device is switched on and the inserted card is activated. In addition, this method is not very precise, depending on the provider. The accuracy of the location is determined by the density of the transmission masts in the area. This variant is therefore particularly suitable for large cities - There are many transmission masts in a very small space.

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