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Use Geofencing to Track Phone Location

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The espionage app is an absolutely perfect tool for determining a whereabouts. This is done via a GPS connection. If the device in question does not support a GPS system, it will access it using a WLAN connection. With the Geofencing App you can easily create as many zones as you want to be monitored. If a zone is entered, your smartphone notifies you immediately. This gives you complete control over who is in the restricted area.

Geofencing is only available as a premium subscription and a mobile family subscription from. Configuration is possible on both iOS and Android devices. In addition to geofencing, there are other interesting functions, such as B.

  • Calendar function
  • Email monitoring
  • Reading messages
  • Monitoring conversations

Test location monitoring

How does mSpy geofencing work?

In order to use the app for geofencing, it is necessary to additionally install it on the mobile phone to be monitored. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

  • Physical access to the smartphone in question
  • Strong WiFi connection
  • Device must be rooted
  • Account at mSpy
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
Download AppView Demo

As soon as you have fulfilled these points, you can install the app. For an Android phone, do the following:

  • First you switch on "unknown sources" by pressing the fields "Settings", "Security", "Device Management" and "Unknown Sources"
  • Open the download page of and click the download link
  • Filling out the captcha
  • Activation of the bt.apk file
  • Grant all permissions and click on "Install"
  • Open the program
  • Accept the license agreement and the update service
  • Clicking on "Icon is useless. I do not need it "so that the user of the target cell phone does not learn anything about the surveillance
  • Enter the registration code and then confirm by clicking on the "Registration" field
  • Enter all important data of the target smartphone in your personal user account
  • Complete the process with "Finish"
  • Activate the geofencing function

* The setup on iPhone is similar.

Install the geofencing app

As soon as you have successfully completed the installation, you will determine a few permitted areas and some prohibited zones. In the following you have the possibility to control the object with the help of 3 aspects. On the one hand, it sends you an email as soon as the area border is exceeded and you can see how often the area in question has been left. Then you will see all movements on an interactive map. Various tools support you in this.

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What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a combination of the two words geographic and fence. It is basically the surveillance of certain devices or objects in a certain area. So there is a kind of digital boundary for this area. This is why the word "fence" is included in geofencing. Once the device has left the defined area, the system immediately sends a message. GPS, RFID systems or WLAN play a significant role in determining the position. Geofencing is a feature for car sharing providers A very practical system for monitoring rented vehicles and is also very useful for elderly people with dementia so that they don't move too far from the home.

A further developed version is the so - Called "geotargeting". This describes a certain marketing strategy in which advertising is sent specifically to a certain target group. This often happens, for example, when entering a shop. And it will be in the next few years further expanded by some functions.

Geofencing: how it works

In order to operate geofencing correctly, a program compatible with RFDI or GPS systems, such as B. a smartphone app, an absolute must. With this tool, the user can now define a virtual, limited area. The area can be set around a specific location on Google Maps. A few meters are enough. If a previously prepared cell phone comes into contact with this area, a certain effect takes effect. In normal cases, especially for commercial use, the users of the target cell phone must first consent to the service. Geofencing also works very well in the form of "reminder apps". If you have such an app installed on your mobile phone, you will be notified as soon as you are near a certain location.

Areas of application for geofencing

Another very well - Known use of geofencing is the so - Called smart lock function. When you reach a certain, pre - Determined location, your smartphone takes an appropriate action. This is e.g. B. switching on the hall light or the automatic unlocking of the smartphone. Due to the diverse possibilities of geofencing, a large number of companies are now using it. When a customer approaches a shop, he receives a notification in the form of a voucher, special offer or a call to action. Geofencing is also very popular on social media platforms, such as B. Snapchat. At concerts and similar events, fans receive various information relevant to the event.

Even household appliances are now based on this new type of technology. A refrigerator can be set up to encourage the owner to shop when he passes a discount store. It is also used in the security sector. With the help of geofencing it is also possible to control the activity of your own children. So you always have an eye on your children. But not only that, the child's smartphone can also be controlled during the learning and sleeping phases.

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