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The Best Spy Apps for Android Phones Free

How to Spy on Someone's Phone Calls and Messages - Control Phone Remotely

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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I will list here the spy programs that I recommend and that you absolutely do not have to worry about. I tested them all for several years. I actually use this software and regularly update the tests and reviews on this spyware to include any changes and feature additions.

mSpy - The best value for money! The best - Selling spyware on the market today, and because of its performance and reliability, it's easy to see why this software is the most popular. Packed with features, a No Jailbreak version, an affordable price and everything works!

FlexiSPY - The most advanced software, but a little more expensive! If you need to be able to record voice calls, this is your best option. Price changes have recently been made and have made it more competitive, while remaining perfectly reliable and functional.

MobiStealth - Their most recent, improved version makes this software an attractive choice. It is not the best run of the lot, but works very well and comes to us from a reputable company with a long presence in the market.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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XNSPY - The latest addition to my spyware list. It combines a low price with advanced features - It is not expensive for what it offers, but is it worth it?

There are many programs available on the internet, but reliable and promising smartphone spyware is scarce. That's why this website only recommends a handful!

Things are changing in this market - Some programs are improving, others are falling behind. I continually monitor the products I recommend and let you know when they lose interest. So don't hesitate to come and have a look here before you buy!

Each software will have its own set of features as well as different pricing. They all offer the same basic features, such as monitoring messages, emails, internet history, call logs, and GPS tracking. These features and a few more are usually available for the lowest price.

They usually offer more advanced features for more in - Depth monitoring. Among these, you can find call recording, monitoring of messaging services like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber, monitoring of social media usage, recording of phone surroundings, and remote control. distance from the target phone. The best spy programs are regularly updated with new, more advanced features, and are in constant competition for the one with the most important capabilities.

The spyware problem

What is the concern, why do you need this guide? At first glance, smartphone spyware can be very confusing. There is a lot of information to integrate: how it works, which phones are compatible, what can be monitored. Then you come across terms like Jailbreak and Root, and you're lost.

Take your time, things are actually simpler than you might expect.

The second problem is finding the right product from a reliable company. Unfortunately, this market is populated by a myriad of unscrupulous people who come up with software that doesn't work.

Scams are plentiful in the business and you will need to be very careful about what you buy. Sometimes these companies may seem legitimate to newbies, but all they will do is steal your money. Also watch out for companies that offer "free phone spyware", there is always a counterpart!

Another problem is figuring out how to effectively use this software and get the most from it. There are few places on the internet to find reliable information on how to use phone spy software outside of the companies that sell it.

The point is that most of the self - Saying review sites that you will come across have never tested the software.

All the products I recommend on this site, I have tested them and in some cases they are continuously installed on my own phones. Not only does this help me evaluate the different programs, it also means that I can give expert advice and help on how to use them properly.

Spyware for smartphones is a technical product. Sometimes people have trouble installing and using them, but most of these problems can be easily avoided with a little experience.

The legality of smartphone surveillance

I am focusing only on the legal uses of spyware - You can read more by following this link. When people first find out about this monitoring software, they wonder how legal it can be.

It is perfectly legal to sell and use phone spy software, but there are certain conditions.

Obviously, it would be against the law of most countries to just spy on anyone's cell phone. Some extremely deceptive advertisements tend to trick people into believing it is possible - And many ignore the legal necessities.

To stay legal, you can use this kind of software in two ways:

  • You can monitor your own children's cell phones - Without having to notify them.
  • You can monitor your company's cell phones, but you need to let users know that their phones can be monitored.

Anything that comes out of these uses violates some privacy law or another. Of course, human nature causes most people to ignore this fact in many cases, but you are forewarned. (This is where I disclaim all responsibility!)

Can monitoring software work on my phone?

People may not know what spyware needs to work properly or what cell phones are supported by different companies. There are two major points to consider:

  1. iPhone - See my iPhone spy guide - For ANY spyware to be installed on an iPhone (regardless of version) the phone must be Jailbroken. No exceptions - No third party software can be installed on an iPhone unless it is Jailbroken. And the same goes for iPads. For more information, you can check out What is Jailbreaking and How to Jailbreak an iPhone. It is possible to monitor iPhone without Jailbreak with strong limitations, using user's Apple ID and iCloud backup - More info here. In this case, no software is installed on the target device.
  2. Root an Android - Again, there is some confusion about this. Root is NOT required for spyware to work on Android, but there are a few features that do require it to work properly. For example, Root is required to monitor WhatsApp in the majority of cases. Besides some advanced features, Rooting is not necessary. More info on how to Root Android device here.

Now let's take a look at the other necessary points.

Cell phone spy software will only work on smartphones - Phones with an internet connection.

The phone you plan to monitor MUST have internet access. It is even better if it has a mobile internet subscription, but can work with reduced functionality over a home Wi - Fi connection.

The data - All reports - Are sent from the target phone through an internet connection. No internet connection, no surveillance. Your 20 year old Nokia is therefore safe from spyware!

The second thing you need is a phone that is supported by the software you plan to use.

I go into much more detail about this in this phone compatibility article.

This type of software will work in ALL countries with internet service providers - Anywhere you have an internet connection.

The most important point is to make sure that the spyware supports the operating system of the target phone. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, take a look at this article!

How do smartphone spy software work?

Being clear about this information will help you understand why certain points are necessary for the software to function properly.

The basic process goes as follows:

  • Spyware is installed on the target phone (physical access is required!).
  • All monitored activity is entered into log files and sent to the spyware company's servers via an internet connection.
  • You log into an online interface with a single password to view reports - Again, via an internet connection from any device, anywhere in the world. Reports can be downloaded to your PC in most cases.

How to install spyware remotely?

This - This is my favorite - I constantly get this question: How to install spyware without access to target phone. The answer is simple - You can't!

The confusion arises from the fact that some online software advertises that this is possible. Believe it or not, these are scams and software will not work the way it describes. You can read a great article on remote spyware installation here.

If you buy any of these programs, you are going to waste your money and you will have useless software. The only way to monitor a cell phone is to physically install spyware on the target phone - You will need to have access to the target phone for at least a few minutes.

If the phone is password protected, you will also need to pass this protection to install the software. There are ways to bypass passwords on most devices - Google is your friend….

A New Method of Spying - Without Having the Phone / Device

This new service is becoming extremely popular - It only works on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), does not involve any software installation on the target device, and therefore does not need jailbreak.

The technique consists of monitoring through iCloud backups - Apple's free backup service. To use this service you will need to have the user's Apple ID and password - And iCloud backups must be enabled. Remember that things should always be done legally!

Monitor iPhone / iPad without Jailbreaking

I have tested this No Jailbreak version of mSpy and it works great which gives a very useful alternative to their main iPhone spyware. I discuss this in more detail in my main mSpy Review article.

Now let's be clear, this is not regular phone spy software - It is not installed on the phone, and it is actually PC software that runs on Windows (hence the lack of Jailbreak). ). And this alternative is relatively limited in functionality and should not be compared to traditional software.

If iPhone jailbreak isn't an option for you but still want to keep tabs on your kid's phone, this mSpy addon might be worth it. This is a good example of how quickly this field is changing with new products and new surveillance techniques - Who knows where we will be in five years!

Buy Safe Phone Monitoring Software

So let's move on - Now you know a bit more about how it all works, what it is possible to do, and what types of phones you can monitor. Now, you need to know the right software for your needs, as well as which ones work and which won't make you feel like you've been ripped off!

If you are starting from scratch, without any knowledge, that will be the hardest part, but this guide is here to help!

The key to safe shopping is to use common sense so you can avoid scams and poor quality software. You will need to evaluate the company that sells the spyware and if you read spyware reviews, take the time to evaluate the site you are reading on and understand their interests.

Choose the best program for your needs

People are obsessed with finding the best cell phone spy software. Everyone has their opinion on the subject, but the most important thing is to find the best one for your needs.

To make this decision, you need to find a program that:

  • Manage your target phone
  • Covers your monitoring needs
  • Fits in your budget

Difficult to shorten the process here; you need to analyze the software in detail. To help you out, I've written in - Depth reviews of the best of them. With these reviews, you will be able to easily identify the software that meets your needs.

Recommended spyware

This list is by no means exhaustive - Other programs exist. These are the smartphone spy software that I have tested and reviewed and that I personally recommend.

With the recent changes in the spyware market, you actually only have a few reliable options from trusted companies - MSpy, FlexiSPY, and Mobistealth. There is no doubt that more will enter the market, but watch out for scams!

How to install cell phone spy software

Now that we have talked about the learning and evaluation process, you have chosen the monitoring software and all you have to do is buy it and install it on the target phone. This part is very important and most problems will happen if the software is not installed correctly.

The simple version -

  • Choose your spyware carefully
  • Get the version you need
  • Get your download link from the email
  • Download and install the software on the target phone
  • Configure options and settings
  • Restart the phone
  • Log in to the online dashboard to view reports

It sounds simple, and in most cases it is. You must follow the specific instructions of the software company to the letter.

It's a good idea to take your time if this is your first time trying any of these programs.

Don't forget to read the article!

Need help installing spyware?

mSpy and FlexiSPY offer installation services for a small fee. They will root or jailbreak your target device and install and set up your spyware. You will still need to have the target device in your possession and have access to a PC with an internet connection.

This is great service if you are worried about the installation.

Potential phone spyware problems

Spyware is a technical product, so things can go wrong - Some people do have issues at times. If you buy badly made software, these problems will never be resolved. If you stick with one of the software recommended here, you should at least have support if things don't go as planned.

Most of the problems come from three things:

  • Select the wrong program or version - We endorse the importance of your phone's compatibility and support.
  • Improper installation - It can always happen that you have a problem during the installation process, especially if you are trying to hurry. Consider using their installation services if you are worried about this.
  • Internet connection too weak - It all depends on a good internet connection. If internet access is interrupted, so will the reports.

Keep the technology used in mind and understand that there will be times when it won't work. The best programs work hard to minimize failed reports, but if your connection isn't working, you will have missed reports.

I continuously monitor the software I recommend and a big part of the reason I recommend software is because of the reliability of the service.

Spyware Is It Hidden?

This is a valid question for many users who want to monitor someone's device, they are worried about the person finding the spyware on their phone. The best software is very well hidden and hardly ever found. Companies like mSpy and FlexiSPY do everything to keep their software hidden.

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