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The Best Free Android Keylogger Program

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Although the answer to this question varies from person to person, my recommendation is definitely practices. As the name suggests, the classic keylogger only records keystrokes. On the other hand, spy applications, which are very popular and developing day by day, not only provide you with the opportunity to follow the movements of the keys, but also offer many more possibilities.

The owner of the monitored phone cannot notice such applications, and you do not need to root them to install them. Here are just a few of the additional advantages of these programs, which I will explain in detail below:

  • To be able to see the location of the device to be followed,
  • Monitoring and removing applications on the phone,
  • Ability to read instant messages and SMS.

Best Android Keylogger Program

In today's fast communication age, I share with you the popular best keylogger applications that will not require you to worry about your relatives and control your loved ones, even your employees. None of them require rooting and the other party will never notice their presence on their phone!

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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The other party never thinks about the questions and processes such as "Do you have an Android keylogger?", "Keylogger for Android", "Find a keylogger" because these applications work completely in secret. Updates are made when the key lock is off, that is, when the user is not on their phone. For this reason, they are also known as ghost applications. Let's take a closer look at the top 3 keylogger spy apps on the market that I have chosen for you.


If you are a parent, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your children, thanks to mSpy, the most popular spy software that provides keylogger service for Android. Or if you are a business owner and want to protect your business and cannot trust your employees 100%, again mSpy is just for you. It not only monitors key movements on the monitored device, but also brings the following services to you:

  • Access to all SMS and instant messaging content and history of the target device,
  • Viewing and editing the content of applications on the device,
  • Ability to view the location and route history of the target device,
  • Access to all media images and videos,
  • Access to search engine history information on the device.

You will be able to do all this and more from your own phone, from anywhere and from any distance!

Also, mSpy offers you the 'Hide' option during installation. When you select this option while the application is installed in the first stage, the application turns into a ghost and even the soul of the device owner on which the application is installed does not hear. It is not possible to even suspect the existence of the application because it was prepared for exactly this purpose.

mSpy Keylogger


Another highly preferred android keylogger program on the market is SpyBubble. SpyBubble offers you 24/7 monitoring. In addition to the phone keylogger feature, this application also has a recording feature. It is possible not only to follow the transactions on the phone, but also to use the other party's device as a voice recorder. With the SpyBubble application:

  • You can track key movements by inserting a keylogger on the phone,
  • You can reach the e - Mails on the target device,
  • You can monitor the device remotely,
  • You can access all files, videos and photos on the device,
  • Access to search engine information,
  • You can read Whatsapp and Messanger messages,
  • You can track call history and identify numbers,
  • You can use the device as a voice recorder,
  • Record or listen to phone conversations,
  • With GPS, it can detect the location of the target person,

and you can have many more spying services you will need. To have all this, all you do is get a SpyBubble app.


MobileSpy is another popular phone keylogger application. It is not only an Android keylogger application, but also offers a keylogger service on IOS devices. Some of the information you can access through the live control panel are as follows:

  • Keylogger on the phone, that is, recording key movements,
  • Determining the location of the device with GPS data,
  • Being able to read the SMS on the device,
  • Viewing the content of all instant messaging applications,
  • Viewing and identifying persons registered in the directory,
  • Tracking all e - Mails coming and going to the device,
  • Ability to set alarms and receive notifications in case the specified activities occur,
  • Access to all data on the device

and access to many more monitoring services like these.

Although MobileSpy is often preferred by families who want to take precautions against bullies or people who want to harm their children, it is also frequently used by employers who want to protect themselves and their jobs against conspiracy and fraud in the workplace.

MobileSpy also stores the deleted data in the control panel, providing you with maximum tracking and monitoring. Even if the other party suspects you and deletes your messages, it will not go unnoticed by this program.

One little tip: This app is only compatible with Android phones, and the phone needs to be jailbroken to use it on the iPhone.

What Can You See Using a Keylogger?

By using phone keylogger applications, you can control your children, loved ones and your work and ensure their safety. Families can track their children's smartphone activities. Employers may want to make sure that their employees do not reveal confidential information or commit fraud. Or, you may want to install keylogger programs on your own devices and protect them against any theft or theft.

However, since such programs will reveal a lot of information, you should be careful in some cases. When the information is captured by hackers, they will have access to a lot of your information. Some of those:

  • Credit card numbers,
  • Passwords,
  • All personal information entered using the username or keys,

and more. If this information is compromised by internet fraudsters, you may face many problems. Your identity, money may be stolen, your bank accounts could be compromised, and they could threaten you or your family. Keylogger programs should be used with precision, as they provide access to a lot of private information.

How to Install and Use Android Keylogger App?

Android Keylogger Program

For Android devices

In order to put the keylogger program on your Android devices, first of all, Google Play Protection feature must be disabled. For this:

  • Settings menu> Google> Security> Google Play Protection disabled> 'Device

Confirmation to 'Scan for Security Threats' message.

After the above actions:

  • Open Google Crome in incognito tab,
  • Write the link of the keylogger program you want to download,
  • Draw the shape that appears on the screen to download the application,
  • Close this page when the download is complete.


  • File manager> downloads folder> downloaded file
  • Click the file to start the installation,
  • Once the installation is complete, give the necessary approvals.

At the approval stage, you can decide which features you want to use and which ones you want to disable.

For IOS devices

In order to download the Keylogger application to your device, what you need to do on your device with IOS operating system that you want to monitor is to activate the iCloud Backup service on the device. For this:

  • Settings menu> iCloud settings> iCloud> iCloud Backup

Click on the 'Backup' icon after doing it.

As soon as the backup process is complete, you will be prompted to log into your keylogger program account. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • iPhone / iPad (No Jailbreak)
  • Move button (skip step 2 and advance to step 3)
  • Enter the iCloud information of the device where the keylogger program will be installed and press the confirm button.
  • Select the device you want the backup to be made
  • Hit the Finish button

You can wait for the backup to complete and then access the information.

Features of Spy Keylogger

Tracking keylogger utility records everything typed on the computer with its keyboard recorder feature. Skype chats, e - Mails, social networks, word files are also saved.
It saves all internet sites entered and visited on the internet with a screenshot and sends it to the user. It takes snapshots of the computer's screen at regular intervals and saves these images. All commands and files that are opened or run on the computer where the tracking keylogger is installed are recorded and listed. All files opened or deleted on the computer are saved and these files are listed. All information is sent secretly to the e - Mail address at intervals determined by the user.

  • Spy keyloggers are completely hidden. Spyware cannot be detected by scanners and similar programs. When the computer is turned on, it is automatically turned on and starts the secret recording process. The program can only be accessed with the password and shortcut key to be determined by the user.
  • If the keylogger program is installed on computers used by many people, more data can be tracked, but this is not recommended. It is more important to use the program legally.
  • The program accesses the system files to keep track of the computer on which it is installed. To prevent the program from being detected and deleted by antivirus programs, it is recommended that you disable your antivirus program before running the program after you download it.

Keylogger Program Types

There are many types of keylogger programs used for different purposes. One of these types is the security keylogger, which is used by families to track their children while on the internet and works with the knowledge of the system administrator. There are two types of keylogger programs that work with software and hardware, as well as tracking keyloggers that are used for attack purposes. These keystroke loggers can be inserted into any program and somehow infect your computer. From this point of view, it can be said that messaging applications that receive and send files are dangerous. While the other person seems to have only sent files, the aggressive keylogger program may have started to run in the background and retrieve their information. An attacker can track anything you type on your keyboard from the start of his computer. Users should be careful about this.

Best Spy Keylogger Program

mSpy: While mSpy, a popular computer monitoring program, stands out with its comprehensive features and ease of use, its keylogging feature provides an advantage to users. The keylogging feature of mSpy allows reading whatever the target user touches on their mobile or desktop device. Thus, you can see all the keys pressed on the target computer or phone, and you can view all the recorded ones from the control panel. Thanks to mSpy, you can have the opportunity to see the user's login information, call logs, messages, e - Mails or what your target is working on.

Spy Computer 007: Spy Computer 007 is a well - Known spy computer program that offers basic features such as image capture, application tracking, and keystrokes recording. It cannot be said that its installation is simple. With its keyboard recorder feature, it records everything typed on the computer and records the screenshots of all sites accessed on the internet. However, it is among the rumors on the internet that the program is at risk of being detected.


Although keylogger finder programs are beneficial for many people, they should be used with care. Keylogger programs that you use with good intentions can cause big problems if they fall into the hands of bad people.

For this reason, I recommend spy programs with security services and protection systems against threats, rather than classic phone keylogger programs. Although their costs are high, they will still be the most beneficial for you in the long run.

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