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10 Signs My Husband Is Cheating On Me

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Some say that being in a relationship is solving two of the problems that you would not have had on your own. When we talk about adultery, there is no doubt! Because it is indeed a problem that will have to be solved in one way or another. And that it takes at least two, as a couple, for it to happen. Wondering if your husband is cheating on you, do you have any doubts on the subject? Are you almost sure but need to make sure? Here are 10 signs that should confirm your hunch or not.

1 / his phone, his worst enemy

If you can get your hands on her phone, there isn't a second to waste. Indeed his Smartphone will reveal all his secrets to you. With his phone in your hands, you'll know if your husband is cheating on you, and very quickly. Access to SMS, Whatsapp messages, call history, etc. Enough evidence to confuse him. Today we do everything with a phone. And if he has a lover, for sure, he communicates with her through this.

2 / His online activity is changing

He who did not really like the Internet and new technologies, here he is now sticking behind the screen without you ever knowing what he does there… He is always evasive on this subject. Obviously it is hiding something, but then if he has completely changed his Facebook status, well then obviously there is no longer any question to ask.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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3 / Evolving social behaviors

If his habits with regard to the virtual world will therefore tend to change considerably, the same is true in the real world. »He takes a shower and uses perfume to go shopping I think my husband is cheating on me! Well, we agree with you all the more so if he looked rather sloppy before. Change of hairstyle, new more fashionable clothes, use of perfume… All the trappings of a true Gentleman. And obviously it has nothing to do with you. Again, better face the truth. Either he wants to seduce someone, or he has already done so. But his behavior does not bode well for you.

4 / Evenings with friends much more often

"My husband is cheating on me" think - You, it is quite possible if the evenings between friends multiply more and more frequently. He goes out more, preferably with his single friends, it's suspicious anyway. Especially since it wasn't that long ago, it wasn't. Maybe he doesn't really go out with his friends? He even asks maybe - More WE outings, either - Saying between boys again.

5 / He works more

And if it is not the evenings between old friends that are linked, it is the hours of work at work that accumulate. Your man has suddenly become a model employee. Which is kind of weird, you have to admit. In general, we can therefore say that your husband is cheating on you if there is a change in his schedule. He may also have discovered a new passion, taken up sports or whatever. In reality he needs an excuse to have "free time". If in addition he asks you for details on your schedule, it is of course not for personal interest but to make sure that he does not cross you.

6 / No or hardly any sexual relations

If your husband doesn't or hardly wants to have sex with you, something is really wrong with your relationship. Indeed for a man not to want to make love anymore it is because there is really something wrong! And the most obvious reason in these cases - This is because your husband is cheating on you. Indeed a third person must certainly lower his testosterone level and most likely it is his lover!

In addition, having a relationship with you may seem to him like a double betrayal. "I'm cheating on her, I still can't sleep with her…" What a tact, isn't it? In reality, it is above all his guilt that is more and more difficult to live with.

7 / More relationships, new sexual positions

Unlike the previous sign, your husband is just as likely to cheat on you if he's more hungry for sex. This is all the more true if this insatiable desire is accompanied by new requests, the desire to change posture for example. If you also notice a certain mastery in this field, it is because it has necessarily trained. elsewhere. So again that does not bode well.

8 / Foreign smells

But if your husband is indeed cheating on you, it is almost certain: his lover will leave traces. And especially perfume. Almost all women have a perfume. However, it is a very gripping odor which permeates easily but which is difficult to remove… So be careful. You can also check his pockets if it's your turn to do laundry. At one point or another, he will make a mistake: a receipt for example, a word. Investigate discreetly or conversely go ahead frankly.

9 / He gets angry if you ask him if he is cheating on you

Another sign that your husband is cheating on you: he gets angry if you ask him frankly, see he attacks you. "The best defense is attack," the saying goes. So if indeed he has a tendency to get angry, it is because he has something to be ashamed of. No? She's just a friend, and why is he reacting like that?

10 / Appearance of an STD

Finally, the last sign that proves that your husband is cheating on you and that leaves no room for doubt is the appearance of an STD. And yes of course, to have a Sexually Transmitted Disease, you have to catch it somewhere, in the arms of another. Unless, of course, you passed it on to him.


Even if it is never pleasant to see this kind of truth in the face, it nevertheless seems preferable to us for the truth to come to light. Indeed, in our opinion, everyone should know what it really is, and take their responsibilities knowingly. It is therefore with this in mind that we have written this article. Thanks to these signs you will finally know whether or not your husband is cheating on you. But you may know - Already be inside you. Many women claim to feel it in their guts, in their intestines. Like a sixth sense.

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