HOMEParental Control AppProtect Your Children from Indulging in Mobile Games

Protect Your Children from Indulging in Mobile Games

How to Monitor Child's Phone Remotely - Best Parental Control App

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In the era of access to the latest technologies at affordable prices, everyone can have an advanced device designed for work, entertainment, news or various types of life advice. Of course, we are talking about mobile phones, i.e. Smartphones. Unfortunately, it is in children that we notice a particular increase in the use of mobile devices. It is not only social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that is effectively addictive to use. More and more often we hear about the danger posed by addiction to mobile games, such as Battle Royal as Fortnite and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. How to deal with it? More information below.

Involvement in Mobile Games.

Mobile games appear on the market every day. Each production is distinguished by better graphics, even greater playability and the ability to meet and compete with players from around the world. Children and adolescents are especially prone to addiction to this entertainment. Research has shown that involvement in mobile games often contributes to keeping pro - Social. It is very important to limit the use of mobile games for your children, as their attachment often knows no bounds.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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What should we do when we see the problem of addiction to smartphone games.

Games for mobile phones are harmless when used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. We mean the right time to enjoy this entertainment, and it is also extremely important not to devote yourself to playing at night. As we mentioned in the previous article on adequate sleep and reduced use of technology

Here are ways to reduce the use of mobile games by kids and teens.

You should set rules for playing on your phone for a certain period of time, at a certain time. Additionally, you can install CellSpy parental control software and check if they follow your rules. You can set a time to take a screenshot of the phone that your child is using. CellSpy will inform you about your child's activity on the phone. What if the phone is offline? Most smartphone games require a permanent connection to a Wi - Fi network or data transmission. If, on the other hand, the phone is actually in the Offline mode - All previously scheduled tasks will be performed and sent to you as soon as the phone goes online.

Playing on a smartphone as a reward.

Let the children play their favorite game only after they have finished their homework or help you with your household chores. This way you will know that your child is on duty. This action maintains balance and teaches good habits. However, it is worth keeping an appropriate distance to rewarding. If you do not limit it, your child will get used to being entitled to a reward for every action taken. Such habits will lead to the child not making his own decisions.

CellSpy - Parental control program, will allow you to check what applications and games are installed.

The Online panel of the CellSpy application shows a list of installed applications and games on the child's mobile phone. The panel also shows the time the child spent using the application. Thanks to this, you have full control over compliance with the rules you have set. All thanks to the CellSpy parental control app. - Is a breakthrough in the field of technology.

Blocking certain applications.

There are many games that are so addictive that your child will see nothing but them. The best example is the popular game Pokemon GO, which is addicted to millions of users around the world. If you notice that the contact between you and your children is weakening, check the CellSpy panel for how much time they spend on each game. If you notice that the use of an application exceeds normal use, block access to it immediately. The beginnings can be difficult, but as the child gradually stops playing the game, the addiction disappears.

Environment listening, screen capture and live screen preview (Screen PRO)

Use the above - Mentioned functions to control your child's activity. Environment listening - This function will allow you to hear everything that is happening in the vicinity of your child. The screenshot function will allow you to take a photo that will show what the child is doing at the moment on his smartphone. As the only company on the market, we are able to launch the so - Called live streaming, or live screen preview, which will allow you to watch your child's activities in real time.


This article is intended to warn against excessive use of games and applications on smartphones by children. We don't think it's a bad thing to use cell phones to play games. We inform you about the dangers of addiction and how to deal with it. CellSpy is a technological solution that checks if your child is using the latest technology for learning and personal development.

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