HOMETrack Call RecorderPowerful Features of Mobile Spy App

Powerful Features of Mobile Spy App

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Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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With our spy phone tapping services, you can access all the data of the phone you are tracking. You can see every call made from the phone you follow, as well as every call that comes to the phone. The numbers of the dialed and received calls, if it is a registered person, the name, the time of the call, and the duration of the call will be instantly available if you use the internet connection. Apart from that, if you have a call number that you have previously added and will track, you can examine the times and call durations thanks to the software you use. One of the information you will obtain using our services is message recordings. You can follow every message received or every message sent to the phone where the program is installed.

One of the information you can obtain using spy phone software is e - Mail tracking. Since the internet can be used on the phone today, you can follow every e - Mail sent from the device where the program is installed and check every incoming e - Mail. You can also get information about internet usage from the monitored phone. In other words, you can see which websites are accessed from the phone, at which times they are logged in, along with their internet addresses. You can also follow the connections established with popular social networks in this way. Thus, you can determine the shares of the person you follow on social networks and the friends they have in the virtual environment. One of the information you can obtain using spyware is location detection. You can easily find the location of the user as the program will also show the location of the device.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Call Records

With the spy software program applied on smart mobile phones, you can follow the call records of the people calling your child or staff from your own phone. With this program, all conversations are recorded and even if the monitored person deletes these conversations, you can forward all conversations to your own phone with the software running in the background.

Call Records

With call records, you can find out who your child is talking to during the day. It is a program compatible with Samsung and Ipohone mobile phone brands and it is definitely not noticeable with its background function.

Post Tracking

All messages sent to your child's or staff's mobile phones during the day are instantly transferred to your phone. While this application is running, there is no interruption or image that the other party will understand. Incoming and outgoing messages are delivered to your phone in the form of copies in their original form.

E - Mail Tracking

Spyware programs are now frequently used in the name of security in workplaces, with applications where you can follow the conversations and correspondence made on the internet. All E - Mail accounts can be tracked with this application, which is downloaded to the mobile phones of the personnel to be followed.

Locating Feature

It is a program that allows you to see the location of the tracked person on the internet with all the details with its location detection feature.

Internet Usage Tracking

All surfing on the internet, social networking sites, chats and internet usage are monitored on the internet with data received second by second.

Skype Tracking

Frequently used skype chats on smart mobile phones can be followed easily with spyware programs. You can use this program to learn about all the meetings your child or staff has with their friends during the day.

WhatsApp Tracking

Whatsapp is the most common communication address used by young people for communication, video sharing, location reporting. You can follow up on the internet for all the conversations and shares made at this address.

Imessage Tracking

Like all social networking sites, with imessage tracking, you can see your child's conversations on the internet and keep him away from dangerous friendships and environments.

Facebook Tracking

Video and photo sharing, correspondence, likes, clicks, in short, it is possible to follow all the movements of your child on Facebook, the world's most used social networking site. With the spyware program, you will be instantly aware of the most serious situations in his life without he noticing anything.

Viber Tracking

Thanks to the Viber technological application, the person you follow will not understand anything. Locations, correspondence, voice and text messages will instantly come to your phone.

The spyware program contains different products according to the device you want to receive wiretapping service. Details such as the features, model, and brand of the phone to be monitored are the features that shape the software usage. Different software should be preferred according to the brand and model in phones with android systems such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG. An internet connection must also be available to use spyware. For this reason, it is necessary to have at least 1 GB of internet on the phones for the follow - Up. With software programs used according to different models, it will be easier for you to follow your spouse, children or staff.
It is a system that can be used easily and can receive instant reports with its content, which can be used for tracking personnel or children. In this system, which you can use with internet connection, you can follow up at any time by using a live panel. Every call, every message or mail that comes to the phone where the software is installed will appear on your panel instantly. By using these softwares for your children, you can send them to the outside more comfortably. Likewise, you can provide information for your spouse by using these articles. Apart from this, employers who can use spyware can also monitor the e - Mails sent through the device during the working hours of their staff. If you prefer spyware, you will have the opportunity to follow the sounds and conversations in the environment where the device is located.

You can find the pocket program application that suits you by reading the comments made about us for the mobile phone tracking program. Perpa Shop, which has been operating since 2005, was established in Istanbul Perpa Trade Center, with the aim of wiretapping, producing tracking software and providing technical support. The spy tracking program, which can be prepared in accordance with brands such as iPhone, Samgung, HTC and LG, will work in the background, so the user does not notice. In addition, the program, which is given with a two - Year guarantee, can be deleted at any time. With this service that you can order through our company, you can follow your children's phones without them noticing. You can get the effortless and fast tracking system you are looking for with our professional team, where you can get technical support when necessary.

It is possible to listen to all phone calls made through this program, which can be used by families. You can especially follow the social networks they use frequently and see your children's friends in virtual environment. In addition, you can instantly detect wherever the device is located. In addition, you can have the opportunity to be remotely controlled in elderly care with the spy tracking system. With this application, which you can use for your employees at work, you can find out where your employees are at any time from their phones. After the software is installed, the program will continue to run in the background without being noticed on the phone. In this way, the phone user will not know the existence of the program, so you will be able to control your loved ones and employees whenever you want.

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