HOMESpy Another PhoneNo Need to Install the Program to Remotely Monitor Another Phone

No Need to Install the Program to Remotely Monitor Another Phone

How to Spy on Someone's Phone Calls and Messages - Control Phone Remotely

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Many parents wonder if it is possible to install monitoring software without having access to the phone.

This is a question to which only one answer can be given, albeit with different nuances. Right from the start we can tell you this: no, you can't just install a spy app without being able to directly access the device to be spied.

On the other hand, you can get some more "easy" solutions, such as spy programs without jailbreak or root. Even in that case, however, you will still have to access the device to be monitored at least once: unless you are a very lucky person. It is therefore appropriate to deepen all the facets of this theme.


If you know spy software (here is the list of the best) and you already know how they work, you also know the answer to this question. Conversely, if it is the first time you come into contact with this issue, it is appropriate to give you a more detailed answer.

Direct access to the device to be spied is necessary for two specific reasons: on the one hand, you will need to unlock the super - User rights on that phone (known as jailbreaking on iOS and rooting on Android).

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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On the other hand, you will obviously have to install the software on that specific smartphone. Both of these operations require an indispensable requirement: you must be able to carry out both by touching your mobile phone, as they are almost impossible to do remotely.

A little above we mentioned the existence of an alternative way: that is mobile spying software that does not require the jailbreak or the root of the smartphone. They work differently from the former, so there may be differences in terms of installation as well.

Can you install such monitoring software without having access to the phone? You could, as long as you are lucky: that device should in fact have the backup function on iCloud enabled, which is essential to be able to upload reports on mobile phone activities somewhere.

If the aforementioned feature was not activated by your child (and this is likely to be the case), then you will need to activate it yourself and do it from that device. Also you should also know the Apple ID and password of the mobile, but that's another story.


In reality, as you well know, in the world of technologies and information technology there is nothing impossible: this word, in fact, has no place in this vocabulary.

This does not mean, however, that it is legal. On the Internet you can find various spyware made by hackers and "geeks": these are programs that exploit bugs or backdoors of mobile operating systems, and which can be installed by acting via the Internet and digitally.

Obviously, these systems are not only illegal but also very dangerous: these programs almost always cheat users, stealing sensitive data and exposing the owner to computer scams. You should never, ever use a program of this type, if you are capable of it: you would risk doing incalculable damage.

Also, you should never trust the companies that tell you this: pay us, and we'll take care of installing the spyware on that phone. This is completely illegal, as it violates a number of national and international laws.

Provided that you do not have the authorization of that user, but in that case it is obviously better to install them by acting in the first person on the phone.


Here we need to make a small detour, given that we are talking about legality and illegality. Can you actually spy on a cellphone, without fear of legal retaliation?

Know that the laws change from country to country, but that in Italy they are quite clear about it: the cell phone to be spied must be in your possession and must not violate privacy. So you can monitor your children's cell phones to ensure their safety. Or alternatively, you can spy on company phones that you have handed over to your employees.

In this case you have to be very careful, because you can only do it if you have informed your employees of this thing. Otherwise you would be breaking the law once again. Finally, if you are wondering if you can use these apps to spy on your boyfriend or wife, know that you can't - It's illegal.


There are many tricks or excuses you can use to get access to a phone for as long as you need. For example, you could ask your child to give you a cell phone, telling him that you need it to make a call and that your child's battery is low.

Alternatively, you could also skip any difficulty. You can buy a new mobile phone and give it to your child by first installing one of these certified software. If you want, you can also try doing it at night, when your child is asleep

. Or when he is away from home and has forgotten his smartphone. However, consider that you should always calculate at least 20 minutes for the installation: this is a lot if you are a novice user. To learn more, you can read our article on how to install spy software for cell phones. So you can get an idea of the actions to be taken and their timing.


If you'd like to go deeper into this topic, we can provide you with a list of popular questions and their answers. They will be useful for you to get a more precise picture of the situation.

  1. How long does it take to install spyware?

As we have already mentioned to you, it all depends on your confidence with these programs. If you already know them, you could get away with it in five minutes. Conversely, it could take 20 to 30 minutes. Time will pass mostly due to the instructions, which you will obviously have to follow to complete these installation procedures correctly.

  1. The mobile phone is blocked by a PIN or password

How can you go about installing spyware if that phone is locked with a PIN or password? Unfortunately nothing: if you don't know them, you can't overcome this obstacle in any way. So you will need to be able to get this data to be able to install your monitoring program.

  1. Are spying apps SIM dependent?

This is a somewhat peculiar question, so we want to clarify this potential situation. You may have already installed spyware, but your child may need to change SIMs. If this happens, does that mean you will have to do all the installation from scratch? Absolutely not. This is because the app is installed in the internal memory of the mobile phone, and not on the SIM card space.

  1. Is jailbreak or root always necessary?

As we have already told you, jailbreaking or rooting the device is only necessary if you intend to use spyware that contemplates one of these options. In fact, there are versions that do not require these operations to unlock the administrator rights. Unfortunately, if you want to monitor social networks and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, you will have to root the device or jailbreak.

  1. Can my child detect spyware?

Absolutely not. These software are programmed to hide once launched. This means that your child will not be able to become aware of their presence. This is because they will not appear in the list of active background processes.

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