HOMETrack Partner PhoneMy Wife Is Cheating On Me: 15 Signs That She Is Not Loyal

My Wife Is Cheating On Me: 15 Signs That She Is Not Loyal

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Life as a couple is not always la vie en rose… far from it! "Love stories usually end badly" the famous song still tells us, especially in our time. The statistics confirm it: Divorce rates have been rising steadily for decades. However, the first cause of divorce is adultery! "My wife is cheating on me" is what you have already said to yourself, just once? However you are not sure or you simply do not want to face the truth.

We present to you 15 signs that should put you on the alert (or confirm it to you…), 15 "proofs" which should really lead you to believe that your partner or your wife has a lover (or not). The truth can be difficult to see and especially painful, but such a situation cannot be prolonged in time: let go of the masks.

1 / Loan of the problematic smartphone, password change

Today we all have a Smartphone, this object has become central in the lives of many. When you are in a relationship, it is not uncommon to ask your partner from time to time for his phone to make a call, to watch something on the internet. For example if yours is left in the kitchen and you are in bed, etc. If you notice a reluctance to lend it to you when there was none before, if she changed the password, your alerts should come on.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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2 / Your best friend, the phone

The telephone always… And yes, it is without a doubt your best ally. "To know if my wife is cheating on me, I must be careful on the phone": this is what you must tell yourself!

First of all the cell phone of course. If your wife has now set it to silent, if she is sending more and more written messages, or answering calls but leaving the room and speaking in a low voice, one thing is for sure: she does not want to be overheard. what she says. She has something to hide, to hide from you.

Second, the landline. Indeed if you receive more and more calls where the interlocutor hangs up when you answer, it is because obviously he did not want to talk to you! But who can it be?

The phone therefore becomes your best friend to find out what is going on behind your back. Especially since smart phones now contain an incomparable wealth of information.

3 / Different habits on social networks

My wife is cheating on me. It's almost safe if she no longer posts a picture of you on social media, but posts pictures of herself. Photos of her alone and what is more by highlighting herself (body posture and sexy clothing for example). It's all the more obvious if she wasn't used to doing it before.

If she's changed her status outright, don't even think about it.

4 / She "works" more

If your wife gradually or suddenly begins to work more, it is because once again there is an eel under the rock. The office hours that pile up are actually a great excuse to lead a double life. However you can "easily" verify the veracity of these words by passing unexpectedly to his office, by calling one of his colleagues, by asking him for details on these professional projects (casually, of course), etc. You have a doubt and think "my wife is cheating on me", do not wait and investigate.

5 / Girls' outings are on the increase

A bit like the office hours that accumulate, outings or even weekends with girls (and even more so single friends) which are multiplying are obviously activities that should alert you. Especially if their frequency is increasing more and more. Before exceptional now once a month then every other week. something is suspicious in the air. Especially since in these cases - There, feminine solidarity (the reverse is also true) is very real: Motus et bouche cousue!

If she claims the right to solo Weekend, whereas before it was rather a duet Weekend (but with you), we don't have much to tell you.

6 / A growing interest in your schedule

If she is therefore looking for more independence in these outings, your girlfriend / wife tends to ask you more and more for details about your schedule, your activities, your schedules, your journeys, etc. Do you think she's trying to control you? No no. And sorry to tell you, but it's probably not out of your self - Interest either.

In reality, she rather seeks to know when she can be quiet, that she does not risk crossing you. Not to come and pick you up unexpectedly or prepare your surprise birthday present, but to meet someone else without fear of seeing you disembark unexpectedly. Some inaccuracies can then be useful to you to know if your wife cheat on you.

7 / It is evasive or too precise

For her part, she will tend to be far too evasive or conversely far too precise about her own schedule. Indeed, two strategies can be employed for the same purposes. If she doesn't say too much it's because she obviously has something to hide and hasn't sufficiently prepared her set of excuses. If she tells you everything in endless detail (who she spoke to, what, at what time, what she ate, etc.), it is because she wants to show you that she didn't do anything wrong. Either way, there's bound to be something wrong with your wife, especially if her behavior changes from her usual attitude.

8 / She is reluctant or refuses to see your family, your friends

If she therefore celebrates more than usual with her friends or multiplies solo escapades (at least what she claims) she has a tendency to be reluctant to see your friends and even more meals / outings in his step - Family is that your wife is probably cheating on you. And yes, adultery is a heavy burden to bear. Confronting his deception in front of you is certainly not very easy to live with. So in front of all these beautiful people, even more tense.

9 / she ignores you

Your wife doesn't want to see your friends or family anymore, but neither do you, at least it sounds like it. Hard to hear, but you actually became transparent to him. Your wife, your girlfriend ignores you indeed royally! You could change your hairstyle, cut your beard, she wouldn't notice. Without going to such extremes (because all the same very visible), if your wife no longer shows any interest in you, does not ask you how your day went, no longer greets you when she comes home (or with a kiss!), does not see that you are wearing a new sweater and so on, it means that his attention is really focused on something or rather on someone else. She no longer tells you about her plans, no longer invites you to go out together, in short, she no longer includes you in her social life. Interactions between you rhyme with "nothingness" or argument, it's that my wife is cheating on me, right?

10 / It becomes more and more depreciating

As we have just seen, Madam or Mademoiselle will therefore have a tendency to snub you if my wife is cheating on me, but she will also belittle you and your exchanges often come down to arguments. As already said, infidelity is a heavy burden to bear. And to make it more bearable, nothing like putting the other down. And yes, by finding you all the faults, it somehow justifies itself. She thus makes her gesture more excusable, more acceptable (in her eyes). In other words, if she's cheating on you, it's basically your fault! What nerve isn't it? Finally, she's not quite wrong: as difficult as it is to admit it if she left to curl up in the arms of another, it is that something was wrong with you, in your relationship, right? If not, why did she do it then? Let's face it Gentlemen: this is not to say that women are the bad guys and men are the good guys. When we are in a relationship, we are two and each has his share of responsibilities.

11 / She is not happy, and tells you so

Logical continuation… if she is in a relationship with you but ignores you and belittles you all the time, she obviously cannot be happy. A study shows that women who say they are not happy are four times more likely to cheat on their partner. Worse, for a woman in two still according to this study, a deception is acceptable if the marriage is unhappy… At least you are warned. If you are not yet a cuckold, now is the time to take charge!

12 / A more polished appearance

Your wife is more and more flirtatious, she renovates her wardrobe - Dress, puts on more makeup, spends more time in the bathroom - De - Bath, at the beautician, the hairdresser and even buys sexy lingerie. You can always hope that it is to rekindle the flame in your relationship. However, if your relationship has been going badly for a while and she tells you she's not happy, don't be fooled. All of that attention - Grabbing and self - Promotion effort is definitely not for you. Sorry. My wife may be cheating on me - Not yet, but it won't be long

13 / Non - Existent, declining or new sexual relationship?

"We no longer make love, it is surely because my wife is cheating on me", this is what many men say to each other. And they are not necessarily wrong. If the drop in libido in a couple can obviously be linked to many factors (routine, years of marriage), the fact of having a lover, or simply being sexually attracted to another person also justifies it.

If she's already satisfied elsewhere why would she go - She seek pleasure with you again? Especially since the betrayal seems to be twofold: "I sleep with him while I make love with my lover!" ". Under these conditions your wife may even have to fake pleasure… It's like cheating on her regular partner twice.

Conversely, if your wife or girlfriend starts to be particularly inventive, for example wants changes of position, wants to try "new" things, etc. it may be that another person inspires it!

14 / Appearance of an STD

Here is the ultimate and irrefutable proof: "My wife is cheating on me, there is no doubt about it! », You can indeed say with conviction if she suddenly has an STD (provided of course that you do not cheat on her yourself). Indeed, if you are personally healthy, where can she have contracted this sexually transmitted disease if not by sleeping with another person? Ask him!

15 / Various small clues

I realized that my wife is cheating on me thanks to multiple clues. Indeed, in reality it is rather rare to find his wife's lover hidden in the cupboard or in the bed! On the other hand, many "little clues", however very revealing, can actually confirm what you already sensed. You will therefore certainly not find them under the covers, but if she avoids certain places, certain bars or restaurants for example, for no apparent reason (for you of course) it is all the same weird.

Another rather disturbing clue: your wife calls you by another first name. Baffling if she does it during sex. So if afterwards she also offers you gifts for no reason, good is that her conscience really has something to be forgiven.

Another clue can be the smell of a male perfume or even the smell of tobacco (he always has a good back to the colleague at work…). These odors permeate easily and are difficult to remove.

It can still be the birth / discovery of a new passion as sudden as it is strange. Saying that you are going to your origami class can free up some free time.

Finally, and this is the last straw, your wife accuses you of cheating on her! So there really, she exaggerates.


As you can see, there is therefore no lack of clues to demonstrate more or less blatantly and irrefutably that my wife is cheating on me.

However, don't get me wrong. We are not here to sow discord in couples or to make people unhappy, on the contrary. Rather, we are looking to lend a hand in order to clarify a difficult situation for the two main stakeholders. Indeed, if it is always extremely painful to be cheated by your partner and very difficult to recover from it for many, the guilt (and other feelings) that infidelity generate in the vast majority of those who commit it is also a heavy burden to bear. Not to mention the regrets.

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