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Install a Tracking App to Protect Your Child's Phone

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The number of children with and without secure Internet access is increasing day by day. Internet is easily accessible via cell phones, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices. With this access, it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to keep track of everything about what is happening. What is Safe Internet?

But there is a new revolutionary way to track the use of Secure Internet on mobile devices, or rather, unsafe usage. Her name is mSpy and she is the best friend of the parents. While this software can track every corner of a child's cell phone, it also works in incognito mode so the child never becomes aware of being watched.

If you really want to know what your child is looking at while on the Internet, mSpy will provide a detailed report on the sites visited, the length of stay on those sites, how often the sites were visited, and the complete downloads.

It is important to make sure your child is using Safe Internet. Here are the Safe Internet usage rules your child should know:

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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  • Talking to strangers

The golden rule of not talking to strangers applies equally well to the Internet. Yes, even if your child is an all - Aware teenager, it is very important to implement this rule. Convince them that there are many predators on the Internet and should follow the simple rule of not talking to strangers. Explain that even though they seem friendly, their main purpose is not what they seem. Convince him that not everything people say on the Internet is true.

Parent's Tip: Being open and honest with your child can be fruitful.

  • Hiding nothing

Be honest that the world is not full of happiness. Children need to understand that bad things can happen anytime, anywhere. Convince your child that they should tell you when something goes wrong or if they have a bad experience online. Hiding the problem can even cause more problems. Be honest that evil such as cybercrime and cyberbullying can happen on the Internet. Do not scare them completely, but present these evils in a way that they can understand and at the same time be comfortable listening to you. This helps them to be honest with you when anything happens.

Parent's Tip: It is wise to increase the awareness of your children. Don't be shy about these issues. If you are not being honest with your child, someone else may be for you. When you raise this issue to your child, you can be sure that it is posed correctly.

  • Don't share your passwords with your friends but share them with your parents

Make it clear that sharing passwords with friends is strictly prohibited. But at the same time tell your child that they are not allowed to open any accounts without your consent and without knowing their password. This may be a difficult rule for children to understand, but it is a very important rule to implement. This keeps them away from inappropriate behavior.

mSpy software helps you add an extra layer of protection to your child's phone so that if you catch your child breaking this rule, you can activate the penalty mechanism.

Parent Tip: It is important to let your children know who their friends are, but let your child know that some people may have bad intentions. If a password falls into their hands, it can have devastating effects on your kids' lives.

  • Safe Internet: Not all websites are for children

This can be a very difficult issue to accept, especially for adolescents. Because they are in a transition that their hormones, not themselves, think and their brains don't always make rational decisions about. So when you prohibit access to a site, it can be very difficult for your adolescent kids to accept. They need to understand that you have the best possible intentions and even if this means blocking access to the sites that all of your child's friends are members of.

CellSpy can help you implement this rule because you will have constant access to the applications they use and the sites they are part of. This also helps you make sure your children are following the rules you have set up.

Tip for Parents: Be honest with your kids about why they cannot be a part of the website in question. Explain that some of these sites can have lifelong consequences, and be clear that you have made these rules for their good. Hopefully your teen will understand this, but be prepared to stand behind your argument.

  • Set limits for chatting, texting and playing games

Limit the time your child has on digital devices because if you don't, they'll be able to spend the whole day chatting, texting and playing games on the Internet. Breaks and summer vacations are acceptable, but your children need to understand that homework, school, and other important activities are their priority.

Parent's Tip: It's best to leave all digital devices at home while at school and make it a rule to use them after all other work is done.

  • Do not save confidential things on your phone

Do not allow your kids to automatically save their passwords and usernames on their phones, because if the phone is left unattended, anyone could access these accounts and cause a lot of damage.

CellSpy will give you access to all social media posts, emails, text messages and apps. This helps you find out if your child has been or is involved in cyberbullying.

Parent Tip: Explain the consequences of saving things in an easily accessible location. Encourage them not to automatically save passwords and usernames because anyone can access their social sites if the phone is left unattended. Children share their phones with their friends, and if there is a conflict between the friends, cyberbullying will be overwhelmed.

  • Do not provide personal information online

Encourage your children to be honest about the information they share online. Also prevent them from providing details that could be misused, such as their place of residence, phone number, age, name and other personal information. Be honest with individuals about how they may misuse this information. CellSpy allows you to see what information is shared with others.

Parent Tip: Tell about real - Life experiences and explain what consequences sharing personal information can have. This helps your child see the truth about how dangerous it can be if personal information falls into the wrong hands.

  • Download age - Appropriate games and apps

Make sure that apps and games downloaded from safe Internet sources are appropriate for your child's age. Set a rule that every application installed on the device must be within your knowledge, otherwise it will have consequences.

Parent Tip: Put the rules and punishment mechanism in action when your child is breaking these rules. This helps them understand that you are serious.

Parenting is hard work, but you have to talk to your child about Safe Internet and implement rules. CellSpy software helps you keep track of what's going on and whether your child is following your rules. Although they do not understand these rules now, these rules help them not to experience results that will have a lifelong impact.

Be honest with your child, set punishment mechanisms as needed, encourage your child to talk to you when problems arise, and be involved in everything your child is involved in. Over time, your child will understand the importance of why they should have a good relationship with you, and these rules will become almost natural for them.

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