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Install the keylogger App and monitor the characters entered by the phone

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Until recently, remote computer monitoring appeared to be a trick reserved for hackers from thriller movies. However, times have changed - Today it is easier than ever to see the contents of someone else's desktop and browser history. How can this be done? Just install the keylogger software. We talk about the operation of this and other spyware in today's article.

Spyware - Where Did They Come From?

As soon as the internet began to spread on a global scale, the threat of spyware came along with it. The name was first used publicly in October 1995 in an article about Microsoft's business model.

A few years later, in 1999, Steve Gibson, the founder of Gibson Research, discovered suspicious software on his computer that was stealing confidential data. Gibson developed on his own the first - Ever anti - Spyware program OptOut, which removed the intruder from the computer's hard drive. OptOut has become the basis for the development of new protective systems that are a response to the more and more common spyware applications lurking in cyberspace. There are different types of spyware - What are they and what are they exactly for? We explain later in the article.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Spyware - What Does It Mean?

The name spyware specifies spyware that silently intercepts information from your computer, retrieves various data (e.g. logins), and sometimes even automatically installs other malicious programs and redirects website addresses, increasing the amount of spam displayed. Spyware is designed to be as difficult or impossible to detect and remove as possible.

They are installed in a discreet way, e.g. when opening email attachments or visiting suspicious websites. Spyware is divided into various subcategories, including Trojans that exploit vulnerabilities to hijack logins and passwords, rootkits that facilitate permanent remote access to a computer, and adware that redirects users to dangerous places on the web.

Stalkerware - Legal spyware?

Contrary to appearances, not all spyware is illegal and harmful. Not only that - We come across their "mild" version every day. We are talking about popular cookies, for which we are asked for consent almost at every step while browsing the Internet. These are files downloaded from a given website and saved on the end device, the main task of which is to ensure the proper functioning of the page being viewed.

Cookies, based on user preferences, personalize advertisements and displayed content, remember products added to shopping carts in online stores, and also allow you to vote in polls. While cookies are harmless in themselves, they can sometimes be used by hackers to steal personal information and track user activity.

Another category of legitimate spyware is stalkerware (also known as spouseware). The role of this software is to discreetly retrieve information from the device on which it is installed - Browser history, device location data, desktop view, etc. Unlike traditional spyware, stalkerware does not harm your device.

However, it should be remembered that under Polish law, the user is obliged to inform the owner of the equipment if he intends to use the information collected in this way in any way. Thus, stalkerware can only be used to confirm one's own fears, e.g. towards a spouse suspected of cheating, a child in uninteresting company or an insecure employee. Disseminating the acquired knowledge to third parties may result in unpleasant legal consequences.

KeyLogger - How does it work?

Keyloggers are by far the most popular type of legitimate stalkerware. They are used to collect characters entered on the computer keyboard. This gives you knowledge about the search terms entered in the search engine, the content of sent e - Mails and chats.

However, keep in mind that the keylogger must be physically installed on the target device - It cannot be done remotely. After successful installation, the application runs in the background, remaining invisible to the owner of the computer and the antivirus program. Newer generation keyloggers not only collect characters, but also have a number of other practical functions. For example, the SpyLogger Mail Plus program allows you to capture screenshots and record the sound collected by the microphone on your computer. The collected files are sent to the assigned email address.

Installing a keylogger on someone else's computer is not always easy - If you would like to find out how a keylogger works, please refer to the previous article. There we described this device in detail. Here we will add that the installation of this equipment is even more difficult when the computer is protected by a password. This is where the BezHasła program comes in handy.

Its operation is very simple - After inserting the flash drive and restarting the computer, you can set a temporary access password. Thanks to this, installing a keylogger should not be a problem. The Passwordless program is useful not only for espionage purposes - It can also be used by people who have forgotten their Windows password and computer service workers.

SpyPhone - Spyware for the phone

Discreet monitoring is also possible with smartphones. Such actions are ensured by a phone with SpyPhone spyware. Android Extreme model with a wide range of functionalities. Like Spylogger, SpyPhone also works in a covert and non - Invasive manner for the device. With its help, the user gains full access to the phone, including intercepting sent SMS messages, email and chats, GPS location tracking, and even eavesdropping and recording live phone calls.

Access to the collected data and configuration are conveniently done via the www panel. However, it must be remembered that SpyPhone - Just like Spylogger in the case of a computer - Must be physically installed on the phone. Unfortunately, there is currently no dedicated solution for iOS smartphones - Only software for Android phones is available.

Provide spyware for trouble!

As you can see, spyware does not have to serve malicious purposes - When properly used, it helps in many areas of life. Parental controls, tracking the location of a lost or stolen phone, monitoring employee behavior, obtaining evidence of betrayal are just some of the examples. The use of the SpyLogger and SpyPhone programs allows you to strengthen or dispel your suspicions, and then take further necessary steps.

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