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How to View the Screen Content and Screenshots of Another Mobile Phone?

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New technologies now allow almost anyone to hack a computer. Today more than ever before.

But were you aware that your device or screen could be used against someone? Most recently, Ang Cui of Red Ballon Security figured out how to hack a computer screen to see user activity.

In other words, you can attack a computer and have in your hands all the personal and private data of anyone.

Anyone knows that a device, laptop or desktop can be hacked. But in recent years, computer security experts have shown that you can use a computer screen or take screenshots of it to spy on anyone's activities.

Let us show you how it is possible. And what you can actually have in your hands by hacking a computer or its screen.

How does a PC hack work?

The screen or a capture of it supports pixels and choosing the input. This feature is also known as the on - Sreen display controller.

Researchers have developed this way of doing things so that the user can access the execution code inside the screen or the computer itself.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Thus, if you cannot connect another device it is because the screen of your machine changes the pixel code of your computer.

As a result, the hacker can redirect access to the site you usually visit and make it look like the original site. For example that of your bank.

The target person will no longer see the same SSL code. It means that the hacker is compromising the machine or the connection.

Today's hackers are capable of breaching the security implemented by users. They can then use the device and manipulate the information according to their needs.

For example, they can install malware without the user's consent, often without the user even realizing it.

Their sharp mind and their knowledge of the subject allow them to have access to information that the user does not wish to share with anyone. There are some hackers who want to HS the machines.

What kind of hacker are you?

There are generally three types of hackers, more or less "frequent".

  • The BlackHat Hackers

    Black hat Hackers are generally known as hackers who take possession of machines for their own needs and interests. They are known for their malicious action like breaching the security of computers. They then use all this information gathered to know countless crimes. They thus steal sensitive data from credit cards, for example. And they do not hesitate to collect personal information to then resell it.

  • The WhiteHat Hackers

    White hat hackers do the exact opposite of what black people do. They are also known as "ethical" hackers. They use their minds and skills to improve network security. They always have the consent of their victims. They actually seek to provide solutions and offer solutions to attacks by blackhathackers, for remuneration.

  • The GreyHat Hackers

    They are the only hackers who do not seek to hack machines for their personal property. Indeed, if they act illegally, they then contact their victim in order to set up the necessary measures.

The question we are often asked is how to become a hacker or more precisely how to hack a computer, so don't become a blackhacker to use these tools against targeted people.

Hacking a computer or any other device is simply an art accessible to everyone today! Many tools have indeed been invented in recent years to achieve your goals.

And in the same vein, a multitude of tools have also been put in place to protect devices from the dangers of the net.

In other words, anyone can hack someone to improve their business for example. You may also want to protect a loved one from the dangers of the web. Do you want to control the activities of your children on the web to protect them…?

The best solution to hack a device is then to use spyware developed especially for that.

The best tool to hack a device: spyware

If you want to hack a computer or any other type of device, the solution is therefore to use spyware such as Mspy, Hoverwatch or even Flexispy.

This kind of software has in fact been specially developed for parents concerned about the well - Being of their children. Or for business leaders who want to protect their business or improve their productivity.

What do your employees do with company machines during working hours? Are they really working?

Set up respectful but effective parental controls

What parent does not dream of knowing what their offspring is doing on the web without invading their privacy? Who does not want to make sure that their child does not access inappropriate content on the web?

Who doesn't want to protect children's devices from malware and other web threats? Not to mention the consequences that certain activities of the virtual world can have in real life.

How to hack a computer remotely

The best spyware today offers screenshot functionality. In other words, a remote screenshot.

It is in fact one of the best tools there is to know precisely the activity of a person on his device. But that's not all, a good spyware as we said above will also allow you to set up really effective parental controls.

Access to certain sites may thus be prohibited. A check can also be set up by keyword. You will then receive an alert letting you know what is happening on your child's device.

Are they looking to access inappropriate content? He wants to return to this site again, to which you have however explicitly prohibited him from accessing.

Check that the agreements in place are indeed respected. Set up your own tailor - Made filter!

The best option for business owners

Business leaders are always overloaded. They have to work with a multitude of people and cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Some employees take advantage of this and instead of having their heads at work, they distract themselves on the web. In some cases, even worse, some employees betray them and reveal "professional secrets" to the competition.

In others, there are still blackhat hackers who are rampant and attack companies. In any case, the financial damage is often enormous!

In the end, productivity drops, intellectual property is lost, new products or designs are stolen, etc. So no longer leave your business exposed to all these threats and seek the services of a White Hat Hackers.

The other option is to monitor your employees with spyware. You will then have access to a complete backup of the activity of your employees.

But hackers are also very familiar with the usefulness of such software. While spyware like Mspy, Hoverwatch, or Flexispy can let you know what your employee is actually doing when they are in the office, there are plenty of possibilities for hackers as well.

You should know that such software installed on a company machine without your knowledge can be really dramatic. Thanks to the Keylogger feature for example, a hacker can have access to all the passwords of an employee.

hacker can also access all the information that is put online, all the messages exchanged, all the conversations that take place. n quickly understands that with such information in his possession anyone can do serious damage in a company.


One of the best ways to hack a computer remotely is to install spyware on it. No need in these cases - There to be a reference in computer science.

But as you have understood, this technology can work in your favor as a business leader as well as against you if it is used by a malicious hacker!

For parents, hacking their child's device with spyware gives them full control over their online activity.

It is undoubtedly the best option to protect children from the dangers of the web! To protect them from possible drifts.

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