HOMERead Text MessageHow to View Someone's Whatsapp Chat Messages Without Their Phone?

How to View Someone's Whatsapp Chat Messages Without Their Phone?

How to Read Someone's Text Messages - Spy Text Message App Free

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This method is also called the spy application method. These apps were initially made to locate people, but over time, wives, mothers, partners, children, etc., wanted more than that and so, several apps started launching advanced versions.

This type of software captures all the information that occurs on a given device to be monitored and stores it, constantly, in an interface, where you can see it, in real time, whenever you want.

For that, it will be enough that, after creating the purchase and installing the app on the device to be monitored, access your control panel from any device that has a browser and a basic internet connection.

Nowadays versions still have access to location, but some also give the possibility to read conversations. That is, you can read your partner's conversations, without having his cell phone in hand. Incredible isn't it?

The only caution in this case is with the fakes apps, which only want to advertise other products and do not help users to investigate in any way. We tested some apps and without a doubt we have a champion: mSpy!

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Here is the caveat and reinforcement that, although some of these apps are really powerful and legitimate, many of them, as well as other services and programs easily found in Google searches, are about ways to steal your data and, later, take advantage of that.

Can you imagine the terror of having your credit card or account details, in addition to stolen passwords? See all your savings disappear within a few minutes, with nothing to do?

So choosing a spy app is perhaps the most important step. In addition to deciding on an application that is reliable and safe, you need to make sure that it is capable of effectively delivering what it promises, in a convenient way and, especially, secrets.

After all, what would happen if your husband or partner found out that you are trying to spy on every step he takes? What would be the trust between you and the atmosphere of the couple to move forward together?

We tested some apps and without a doubt we have a champion: mSpy!

MSpy was the easiest spy app to handle (the interface is incredibly practical) and the most reliable as well, which in these cases is super important. The cell phone owner did not receive any notification about the use of the application, which was incredible, nor did he suspect that the application was installed.

Another difference is that with mSpy you can read your partner's Whatsapp messages, seeing all the messages that have been sent and received, directly on your cell phone. It is perfect for those looking for how to know who the person is talking to on whatsapp and also on other applications, such as Facebook, Messenger and even the calls made.

It is the most efficient and reliable solution you can use to find out if, in fact, something is wrong with your relationship, be it loving, paternal or even business.

Method # 2 'Best Friends' Function:

If you have access to your partner's cell phone, you can find out who he talks to most on WhatsApp (if he doesn't delete messages). In fact, this method is very simple but few people know it, but it also does not help if you really want to know the content of the conversations.

The method consists of checking the number of memory spent with each person who has active conversations on the cell phone, that is, if it is not you and neither his mother, something has. So, get ready, because you can see that he talks a lot more with a friend than with you.

To find out you must:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • settings
  • Then on Account (on the iPhone you can go directly to 'Data usage and storage')
  • Storage Use
  • Ready

In 'Use of Storage' you can check with whom the memory is spent the most, that is, with whom your boyfriend or husband talks the most. By clicking on each contact you can check the number of messages sent, photos, gifs, etc.

Method # 3 Using the script:

Do you want to find out if two people are talking on Whatsapp? It sounds simple, doesn't it? If the two are online at the same time, they must be talking. Not necessarily! To get this paranoia out of your head, or to put it on, we will teach you how to see if two people are talking to each other or not.

Jamie Farrelly has created a way to see, over time, whether people are likely to be talking to each other. For that you must put the two numbers on the website https://github.com/JamieFarrelly/WhatsGoingOn and then the program:

  • First check if person 1 (who may be your boyfriend) is online every 10 seconds;
  • Then check if person 2 is online for the next 10 minutes, also every 10 seconds;
  • If in those 10 minutes, and every 10 seconds these people have online the program marks the 'coincidence'

However, the leap in the cat comes when: The program can do this multiple times, so you can literally match how many times these two people are together online at the same time!


It is incredible the capacity of the human being to create, isn't it? But, of all these ways, which is the best to spy on Whatsapp? Let us make a comparison here, but starting with the third method. The third method is just a possibility, there is no real evidence that people are talking, so it is a little risky.

We understand that people can be online together for many times after months of verification, for example, and this can bring a strong indication that they are talking, but, is it? Is it worth taking chances without evidence?

The second method is legal for those husbands who lie in 'I never spoke to her'. So, you can see how many messages have been exchanged, but if you already have your phone, it might be easier to read all the messages, right?

The first method is the one that will really give you all the possible and impossible proofs, after all, he will always ask himself how you knew about that conversation if he erased… it's because you saw LIVE and the COLORS! CellSpy shows you the complete Whatsapp conversation, so you can take a print and have your proof in hand.

Another important point is that the cell phone owner will not know that you are using a spy application, so you can also monitor employee conversations with the company's cell phone, etc.

One group that is using spy apps a lot is mothers, who increasingly see their children on their cell phones and try to understand what they do so much on the device. It is important that parents be able to control their child's cell phone and that is why CellSpy is growing a lot within this group.

One of the most amazing things is that it still has a locator, which gives you greater security of where your partner is, in a really safe way, with an easy - To - Use panel. I think that if you really want to discover everything that goes on your partner's Whatsapp, CellSpy is the best way.

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