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How to View Other People's WhatsApp Messages On the Computer?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

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I was recently asked how to monitor WhatsApp and other instant messaging services. There are some spy programs that can allow this level of monitoring, depending on which service you need to cover. You may be wondering why this possibility could be important?

To answer this question you need to understand how the different messaging applications work and then you will be able to understand where the monitoring software comes in.

Below, I will list some of the best apps for monitoring Whatsapp and other services… So read on! This is part of my Ultimate Guide to Mobile Spy Software - Check it out.

Recommended Spy Software for WhatsApp

On this site I have posted detailed reviews of the best spy programs for cell phones and mobile devices - These are the best for spying on WhatsApp Messenger:

There are new instant messaging services that are released over the years, and big ones like WhatsApp are becoming very popular, especially among children. These chat services allow users to send messages and files without incurring the costs of text messages. This mode of communication allows users to send photos, music and videos for free. It also allows for unlimited free chats.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Monitoring is usually done by parents who are concerned about their children's activities. Parents may not be able to keep up with all services. Older spy software could only monitor common SMS text messages and whatever guys do with WhatsApp etc could not be monitored. Now many companies can give access to their messaging services.

Here are some of the main messaging services, which can be monitored. Note that none of the cell phone spying software programs are capable of monitoring them all, so you need to choose the program that suits your specific needs.

Popular Messaging Services

WhatsApp Messenger is currently the most popular application among young mobile users. It has the ability to perform cross - Platform communications. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and is available for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone Smartphones. This allows you to send messages between different platforms, as long as the other party has the application installed. It is also possible to send messages from a PC to a mobile phone.

BlackBerry Messenger - This is an instant messaging service which is available for BlackBerry phone users.

GTalk - This is Google - Owned chat application that works similar to WhatsApp. It also gives the ability to run on different platforms.

iMessage - This is an instant messaging service that is able to work on Apple devices - IPhone and iPad. When you communicate with someone using a non - Apple phone, you will receive ordinary messages.

Where is the problem?

If you are trying to monitor your child's cell phone usage and you know they are using these chat services instead of regular messages you will not have access to their messages. Unless they use spy software that can monitor their favorite messenger service. Until recently this was impossible.

For many people, simply monitoring their cell phone the old fashioned way was fine. This could give a good overview of what was going on. But if your child uses these services you may be missing out on vital information. Because these are basically free text messages and kids use them a lot.

Monitoring software

It is quite difficult for spy software developers to keep up with all the applications in use. It is hoped that the advancement of technology will lead to the discovery of better software that will be able to monitor online communication on different platforms. There is no solution at the moment that can be categorized as truly comprehensive - Covering all messaging services. However, there are some that are of great depth.

  • Flexispy Software - This is top of the range right now - You can hear real voice calls made with WhatsApp Messenger. It also has the largest number of supported services - A total of 13 and counting the different applications and services that can be monitored using Flexispy. Read my main Flexispy review and take a look at what else makes this application one of the best. (Click here to see the information on the Flexispy Official Website)
  • mSpy Monitoring - Have worked hard to keep up with the wide range of services, covering Whatsapp and offering a good range of other features. (Click here to see information on the mSpy Official Site)
  • MobiStealth - This allows you to view activities taking place on Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber - For rooted Android phones and iPhones. Android phones that are rooted have the ability to monitor Twitter activity. (Click here to see information on the MobiStealth Official Website)

You can also monitor activity on BlackBerry Messenger, Windows Live Activity, and GTalk. People who use iPhones are able to monitor iMessages and YouTube, giving them the ability to see the videos they watch.

There is currently no software that has the ability to cover all messaging applications. The available options still need to be improved and updated. Flexispy is arguably the best option at the moment because it covers most of the services, but mSpy is worth considering as well. It is important to match spy software with the services you need to monitor.

Android Rooting is Required!

A common question that keeps popping up when it comes to spying on WhatsApp Messenger - Do I need to root my Android device? The answer is yes!

You can find more information in my Android Rooting Guide - But be aware that this is a necessary process for all WhatsApp spying programs.

There is a lot of competition right now between various spy software companies in an effort to monitor the largest number of messaging services. You really need to keep an eye on the latest developments and find the best spy software for your needs. If you want to monitor Skype - Or monitor messages on Viber Chat - I have articles on this!

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