HOMETrack Partner PhoneHow to Track My Partner's Phone Without Installing Software On Target Phone?

How to Track My Partner's Phone Without Installing Software On Target Phone?

How to track your partner's phone and SMS history

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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It's not always easy to manage the honesty of those close to you when you know that most of our little secrets are found in smartphones. Whether you have suspicions about your spouse or fears about your child's dating, they will go unanswered. However, it is easy to get to the bottom of it by spying on their phone to gain access to emails, passwords, SMS, social networks. Even companies can use Android spyware to monitor the behavior of their employees who are inside. sensitive positions. This helps prevent data leaks. Discover the top 8 spyware for Android and iPhone.

Importance of Spyware for Android and iPhone

One of the main reasons for using Android and iPhone spyware is undoubtedly the desire to have access to all the data on a phone. Major manufacturers today offer cell phones with encryption (face scanner, fingerprints for unlocking) that are more secure and difficult to hack.

Yet, as a parent, knowing who our children are interacting with is critical to preventing people from taking advantage of their innocence. Spyware therefore represents both an active and passive guarantee that will enable conversations and telephone use to be monitored.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Companies also use this software for purely professional purposes to ensure the level of concentration of employees or simply to ensure that they do not disclose sensitive data. They are also used by one of the spouses in a couple to ensure the loyalty of the other.

mSpy, the best Android and iPhone spyware

This app to spy on Android phones and iPhone was developed by Bitex Group LTD. It offers many parameters to provide a better user experience. All the basic systems to spy on a smartphone are present: consultation of messages on social networks, read SMS, read videos stored in the phone as well as photos, GPS tracking, call control, processing and monitoring of the calendar.

MSpy goes further than other spyware by allowing the prohibition of access to platforms and applications thanks to the parent status. The blockage history is also available. The ability to reject incoming calls. Thus, no stranger will be able to come into contact with your child for a specific period of time.

Likewise, your child will not be able to contact non - Recommended people. This monitoring tool also offers a possibility to test the product. You will thus be able to have a global report of applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, BBM, WeChat and LINE. All apps and installed programs are being spied on. MSpy is a very reliable tracker that allows you to receive information in real time.

The MSpy application also integrates the GPS functionality to know the real time position of the target phone. In addition to spying on the positions of the holder of the phone, this feature also has a purely security purpose. It allows you to monitor the movements of a family member. However, companies can use it to ensure that trips made by employees stay on schedule.

Customer service is available to answer all of your concerns about using the software although it is easy to get started. You will need to subscribe to a subscription (Basic, Premium and Business plan) to benefit from all its features.


With a cost of 149 dollars for the Premium version and 349 dollars for the Extreme format of SpyBubble, it is spyware for iPhone and Android that will meet most expectations. Easy to use, it allows you to monitor activities on social networks, check geolocation, read messages and analyze outgoing and incoming calls.

All data is therefore recorded and stored and a control panel helps to manage it. There is the possibility to crack the password in the Extreme version. The RemCam function also allows photos to be taken without the owner's knowledge, which can be transferred to an account. The real plus of this application is undoubtedly its ability to control the smartphone remotely.


MobileSpy is a good compromise, it allows you to monitor the basic functions of smartphones. You will be able to follow interactions on social networks and emails. Instant and permanent geolocation is also activated. The application allows you to control the camera, you will be able to watch the photos and videos and take snapshots and store them in a location of your choice.

The consultation of links, open internet pages, agenda and contacts is also available. It will thus be possible to enter, modify and delete data. Incoming and outgoing messages are also monitored in a register available on the application. The advantage of MobileSpy is its great compatibility and ease of installation on various Android devices. Updates are also available to improve the user experience. You'll have to pay $ 69 to get a lifetime license version.


With features like recording phone conversations, videos and photos, checking emails, reading inbox, studying call history and browsing, this iPhone spy software is a real argument to monitor social networks effectively. Thus, no notification, publication or message escapes you.

A possibility to deactivate the phone at a certain time is available, to limit the time of use of the device. A control panel also allows, thanks to the modulation of the markup, to know the location of the owner of the telephone. A keyword recognition system and the ability to block access to various applications and websites are available. With a price of 49 dollars for 6 months, this app will allow you to control up to 5 devices at a time.


This keylloger for Android has real power in terms of recording and sending information. From keystrokes, to texting, social media interactions, web pages and passwords, all the data obtained is organized and displayed in the form of screenshots. With its ergonomic interface, the application stands out thanks to the possibility of performing 3 days of free tests.

Keystroke control is also applied to help visualize typed text. This function provides access to messages and facilitates the capture of passwords and identifiers. Another option allows you to know the periodic screens without the owner being aware of them. This application is an undeniable asset to master how to spy on an iPhone without the risk of being surprised. A sum of $ 29.95 gives access to a monthly license and $ 99.95 to an annual license.


This iPhone spy software is undoubtedly one of the best, it allows access to a maximum of data covering various areas such as messages, calls, social networks, videos, photos, calendar, notes and many other important sources of information. To use it, no need to jailbreak the target iPhone or install any app on the spied device. It is compatible with many Android phones.

Its dashboard is a real asset that makes it more proactive than its competitors.

It comes equipped with a dashboard option, which makes it better than these competitors. Its price varies from € 29 to € 39 depending on the services to which you want to subscribe. This value for money is an asset for companies and people who want to know the activity of their spouses and their user.

Find My kids

Find My Kids also called Footprints, this free phone spy software allows you to precisely locate the location of a child. Its real - Time sharing and monitoring functions use fingerprint tracks. Motion sensors alert parents to any movement of their child.

Fingerprints, for example, create a geo - Barrier which will work best in schools. Once the barrier is crossed, the parents or the school are alerted to the movements of the children. This solution is essential to guard against kidnapping. Indeed, in these cases, the first few minutes count, so you will quickly know that a problem has occurred. The application is available for free on the Play Store.


This specialized spy software for iPhone turns it into a spy device with image, audio and video monitoring features. A map functionality gives the possibility to know the place where the recordings took place, because they are tagged by the GPS.

Besides being able to schedule recordings, you have access to target phone images, videos, photos and audio. It is also able to compress or crop photos and videos for later use. However, you will need to spend an amount of $ 3 per month.

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