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How to Track and Locate Another Mobile Phone for Free?

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Losing or having your cell phone stolen / stolen, unfortunately is a way of almost no return, losing a cell phone in some public place is a main requirement for a subsequent theft.

Although the financial loss is great, one of the main fears of users is having their data stolen and their accounts hacked. Because of this, cell phones with Android and iOS (iPhone) systems have a remote tracker to locate the devices in these cases.

Such tracking does not require the installation of an application to be used, being available in the device's own functionalities. The cell phone must be tracked before the cell phone is locked, so that the location of the cell can be accessed.

According to a study by SindiTelebrasil, in 2018, Rio de Janeiro had the highest number of cell phones blocked by its users, with 11.25 handsets for every 10,000 inhabitants during the month of February. Soon after, São Paulo comes, with 10.11 cases for the same proportion of residents.

Tracking requirements

With these data, we can see that the cases of loss, theft and theft of cell phones is very large in our country. Therefore, knowing how to use this feature of the cell phone, can help authorities and users to find their devices and even delete all information present on it. To be able to do the tracking, there are some basic post - Loss or theft requirements, such as:

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  • The device must be connected to a Wi - Fi network or have mobile data enabled;
  • Be logged in with your e - Mail account on the device and have access to this account through another device, such as a notebook or computer, for example.
  • They have not turned off their device or removed their accounts.

See now, the step - By - Step required to activate tracking on each type of system:

Rent your Android phone

To activate the feature on devices with Android system, it is necessary, first of all, to access the device settings. In this sector, look for the option "Security" and manage it, selecting the following resources: "Remotely locate the device" and "Allow remote blocking and cleaning". After that, return to the settings area, activating the "Location" item, so that the system can track the device in case of loss or theft.

After what has happened, access your Google account via a notebook or computer (which must be the same registered on the lost device), right click on "My Account" and select the option "Find your smartphone". After that, all devices logged in with this account will be listed, just select the one you want to track on the "find" button.

Iphone Tracking (IOS)

The process for IOS is a little bit simpler. In order for the device to be tracked, it is necessary to go to the "Settings" section, select the "iCloud" option to activate the "Search Iphone" icon. After the loss, you need to access iCloud by clicking on the option below the screen, "Search my Iphone". After that, you will be redirected to a page that will ask for your Apple password. In a few moments, the location of the device will be pointed out on a map.

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