HOMESpy Another PhoneHow to Track an Android Phone Without Touching It?

How to Track an Android Phone Without Touching It?

How to Spy on Someone's Phone Calls and Messages - Control Phone Remotely

Today, the use of cell phones is very widespread. We will hardly find someone in our environment who does not have a cell phone to stay connected or informed 24 hours a day.

Just as the number of people using cell phones grows in numbers, so does the number of cell phones lost, both through carelessness and theft.

Cell phones are also a personal information storage tool. No one who uses mobile telephony is exempt from suffering some inconvenience of this type and losing valuable information, data, contacts and files.

Therefore, different app developers have sought to solve this problem to locate Android phones. In this article we will explain several methods and answer the question about how to locate an Android cell phone.

# 1 Track Android cell phone through spy apps

If you lost your phone and need to locate your Android cell phone, don't worry. There are different tracking methods you can use. The first of these, and the most effective, is through spy applications such as CellSpy.

CellSpy is a spy application that allows you to record and monitor all the information on your phone, such as calls and messages from different apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, among others). By allowing to know, through another mobile device, the location of the phone by GPS, it works as a method of tracking lost mobile phones.

CellSpy also allows you to know the history of the physical locations of the cell phone, highlighting details such as the time it has been in a certain place and the coordinates of the different places the Android device has been.

These qualities make CellSpy one of the most used applications for finding devices.

It also has functions that facilitate its recovery such as forcing audible alerts and the display of personalized messages on the screen through its remote control panel.

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# 2 The Google Alternative: Find My Device

Another effective option is Find My Device.

The Find My Device platform is a Google application that not only allows you to find the device, it also allows you to block the device.

Next, we explain the method to follow:

  • By logging into Google to locate Android phone, the owner of the device can locate the location of the mobile phone associated with the account by simply clicking on the device that appears on the screen. Find My Device can locate both mobile and tablet devices.
  • Once you have selected the Android device to locate, the program will be in charge of indicating the location of the device on Google Maps.
  • Once the device is tracked, Find My Device also offers you the option of being able to block or completely erase the data on the device in order to preserve user privacy.
  • Finally, to locate an Android device, it is important to note that if the device is turned off or lacks a phone or Wi - Fi connection, Find My Device will not be able to locate the lost Android device.

# 3 For Samsung cell phones: Find My Mobile

A third alternative is Find My Mobile for Samsung. Similar to the previous method, Find My Mobile can also find lost mobile devices from any internet browser.

Unlike Find My Device, which can find Android devices for different phone brands, this method is intended exclusively for Samsung cell phones. Find My Mobile also allows you the option to lock your device to prevent other people from accessing your personal information.

You must bear in mind that your device must be linked to a Samsung account. Next, we explain step by step how to use Find My Mobile by Samsung:

  • When entering the official Find My Mobile page, you will need to register on the website. It will be necessary to enter data such as email or telephone number to access the options offered by the system.
  • Upon logging in, Find My Mobile gives you a list of all your Samsung devices associated with your account. You will need to select the device you want to track to start the search.
  • Within the search, the system will also allow you to block the information on your Samsung devices to prevent access to your data by third parties.
  • The location of the Samsung device will be indicated on the page by means of a map.
  • It is important to note that if the Samsung device is turned off, or is not within range of a telephone or Wi - Fi signal, Find My Mobile will not be able to locate it.

# 4 Google Maps and location history

Other popular alternatives that allow us to track lost cell phones are the options offered by Google Maps. In detail, Google Maps keeps a daily record of the location of the device.

This history includes specific data on the cell phone's location, as well as the date and time it was in the different locations. Simply enter this history, find the date and time it was lost, or check the current location of the device to locate it.

Alternatively, Google Maps can tell us the history of the telephone and Wi - Fi connection where the device has been during the last days and thus facilitate the search immediately.


Losing or suffering the theft of our cell phone implies a headache. Not just the monetary loss, but the loss of valuable information.

In the event that your mobile phone has been stolen, tracking it will provide you with valuable information that you can contribute to the authorities so they can take action on the matter.

Spy applications are the best option to track and locate a lost or stolen Android cell phone, as it gives us full information on its status and location, as well as options that facilitate either its recovery or the safeguarding of personal information.

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