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How to Restore and Backup Deleted WhatsApp Chat History?

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The smartphone has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. The powerful devices are miniature computers and communication centers in one. We carry souvenir photos, music and documents with us on our cell phones, but above all a lot of messages. And these are increasingly conveyed via chats. E - Mail takes a back seat and popular messenger services like WhatsApp take over the communication. The app not only sends text messages, but also photos, voice files and other attachments.

Recover WhatsApp messages: data loss hurts.

Even worse if the chat history is then deleted. Not only is the news gone, but also the associated multimedia content. Of course we all take care of our smartphones, but such a problem as loss of files is not that rare. The reasons are among others:

  • Accidental deletion - Simply pressed the wrong button. has happened to the best of us.
  • Deliberate deletion - Children or partners, possibly also employees with company mobile phones, suddenly empty the chat history regularly and in a targeted manner.
  • Theft or damage - The smartphone has been stolen or damaged so badly that it can no longer be turned on or used, either physically or by a virus, faulty jailbreak, or rooting.
  • New device - Now the WhatsApp chats and other data are to be transferred to the new smartphone.
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Fortunately, there is a remedy in such cases. You can either get a previously created backup of the data, or use advanced programs that are specially designed to recover lost files and work flawlessly. Try it out!


Recover WhatsApp Messages App: EaseUS - Powerful Data Recovery

At best, you can fall back on backup after the data crash. With the Android smartphone, the Google account offers a regular backup in Google Drive, with the iPhone the iCloud serves the same purpose. However, if the data recovery is not tackled immediately, some of the content is still gone. And if the cell phone is stolen or damaged, it is not always possible to access the associated account. Also, there is almost always data that was not included in the backup and now, it seems, is lost forever.

A good option is to use software like EaseUS. The software is a real all - Rounder that includes an extremely wide range of functions, including:

  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Partition management
  • Device transfer


Downloading and using is very easy. The software not only scans a device for WhatsApp messages, but also finds media files such as pictures or documents. These are restored and saved directly on the device or on a connected computer at the push of a button. However, you should start the recovery as soon as possible, cut off the WiFi or network connection as a precaution and in the meantime do not use the device - So that the data is not overwritten and thus actually destroyed.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages? Step - By - Step instructions

  1. Install the software on the device or on a computer and connect the smartphone.
  2. Scan the phone for lost data and get an overview of the lost files. Names, time and other information about WhatsApp chats, for example, are displayed.
  3. Filter the results, preview files, and choose what to restore.

iPhone: retrieve WhatsApp messages

If you use WhatsApp on your iPhone, you can back up your chat history by specifying this in the iTunes settings. Here you can also automate the backup intervals so that the WhatsApp chats are backed up once a day or a week with or without the accompanying multimedia files. The data can be saved in the iCloud, but also locally on the computer. And here you can also access them if you want to restore the chat and other data.

iTunes creates a backup file for this. If the backup itself is damaged or content is deleted that has not yet been backed up, EaseUS can read and restore this data on the mobile phone.

Technical specifications

Android: Transfer WhatsApp chats

A majority of smartphone users use devices with the Android operating system. WhatsApp is not permanently linked to a telephone number. There are two ways to restore WhatsApp content on Android:

Data backup via a Google account: If the Android mobile phone is linked to a Google account, you can activate regular backup in the cloud in WhatsApp's settings. If your cell phone is stolen, damaged or the chats deleted, you can access this data by reinstalling WhatsApp. If you accidentally delete the chats, simply delete WhatsApp from the device and reinstall it from Google Play. The chats are reloaded during installation.

Alternatively, you can use the file manager on your smartphone under "WhatsApp" in the "Database" folder to use the backup files that the program creates every night - These backup files are available to you for up to seven days and you can call up the latest one.

If you cannot access a backup for one of the reasons already mentioned, the EaseUS software will help you, because it works from Android version 5.0 - Both for smartphones and tablets. If EaseUS is installed on a PC with Windows or Mac, verification of the linked Google account is required so that you can gain access to the recovered data.

3 steps to restore your Android data

* Read iPhone & Android WhatsApp messages

Warning: WhatsApp takes up a lot of space!

Before you retrieve your entire WhatsApp message history, keep in mind that this may take up a lot of memory - Sometimes more than the space available on your smartphone. Because those who conscientiously save their chat backup in the cloud can restore WhatsApp messages from the first hour, i.e. from the very first use. If extensive files, especially videos and audio files, have been sent frequently, restoring them can overload the smartphone. A PC or laptop offers more space when it comes to extensive data.

If you only want to restore individual WhatsApp chats or a message, then you are better off using software like EaseUS. Because with the data recovery with EaseUS you get a preview of the chat history, media - And other deleted files that have been read out. Based on this info, you can choose what you really want to regain.

Recover deleted WhatsApp chats and other files is possible!

Regardless of whether the smartphone has been damaged or stolen, or whether content has been accidentally or deliberately deleted - WhatsApp messages, multimedia content and other files can be recovered using various methods.

* Find your stolen phone with the surveillance app

Of course, the first step is always to back up the data regularly via a linked cloud service. But this does not offer one hundred percent security, access to the cloud and the backup itself can be lost. A high - Functionality software that both backs up and restores data is the safest and most convincing solution. High - Quality offers make separate backups that offer access to the content at any time and from various end devices. In addition, data can be recovered - Even without a previous backup. And when data is to be transferred from an old to a new device, the transferred content is ready for use within a very short time.

Convince yourself without obligation what EaseUS can do for you - With the free trial version!


Also good to know:

Restore WhatsApp Chat, how long does it take?

If you have regularly backed up your WhatsApp chats with the backup function, you can restore the chats - For example if you lost your mobile phone, if it was damaged or if WhatsApp was accidentally uninstalled. You simply set up the app from scratch, WhatsApp searches - And finds - The backups and accesses the latest version. How long that takes, however, varies. If your backup contains a large number of chats, possibly including the media files being sent back and forth, you may need to wait a few minutes.

WhatsApp restore archived chat, is it possible?

You archived a chat in WhatsApp? No problem, it's easy to restore. If you scroll all the way down in the list of chats, you will find the "Archived" button under the listed chats. One click opens the archive. You can easily restore a chat by resuming the conversation with the chat partner or by clicking select the chat and then click on the file folder icon with the arrow pointing upwards.

How to Recover WhatsApp Chat on New Phone?

Would you like to take over your WhatsApp chats on your new mobile phone? Here, too, you must have created a backup beforehand. If you first save the chats on the old mobile phone, you can later insert your SIM card into the new mobile phone, install WhatsApp on the new smartphone and activate it for your SIM. After that, the app will automatically search for backup files and ask you if you want to restore the backup. Depending on the scope of your chat, this can take a few minutes.

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