HOMETrack Partner PhoneHow to Read My Husband's WhatsApp Messages and Chat History?

How to Read My Husband's WhatsApp Messages and Chat History?

How to track your partner's phone and SMS history

Do you want to find out how to spy on WhatsApp? Well, know that there are different methods and different tools that allow you all this. Without considering the various alternative techniques, which can more or less adapt to all possible and imaginable needs.

On the one hand, this instant messaging app is very secure, as it uses the well - Known "end to end" encryption system. On the other hand, however, it is also potentially "puncture", in the sense that with the right precautions it is possible to spy on his conversations. You don't have to worry though, because today we will explain in detail how to monitor someone's WhatsApp.


Before seeing how to spy on this messaging app, it is good that you know one thing: "spying" is a somewhat generic term, because with the right applications it is possible to find any information that passes through this instant messaging app.

Not only that, because you can do it from your PC, for example by being able to have direct access to the account of the person to be spied. Having said that, we want to tell you something before we continue: spying on a smartphone is not legal in Italy, unless you intend to understand what your children are doing. Therefore, if you use this information for other purposes, you do so at your own risk.


The best way to monitor WhatsApp is to use spy apps created for this purpose. In this regard, we recommend that you read our guide on how to spy on a conversation on WhatsApp with spyware. Here you will find all the information you need to know which apps are best suited for this messaging app, how they work and what options they make available to you.


We begin with a very important and interesting chapter, namely the possibility of spying on a user's conversations from your home PC. This opportunity is given to you by the presence of two tools that you can use on your computer: they are WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop.

The first is a platform that you can use by accessing it through your browser, which allows you to connect to a WhatsApp account via the web. The second, on the other hand, is software that does pretty much the same thing.


The "bug" that allows you to spy on the conversations of others is very simple, and is given by the particular log in system of these two tools. In this case, to be able to connect to an account just take your smartphone, photograph the QR Code and thus obtain access to WhatsApp from a PC.

It is a system designed to make life easier for those who want to have access to their WhatsApp even from a PC, but it has also unintentionally provided a means to spy on the accounts of others. It is obvious that, in order to use this trick to spy on WhatsApp, you will need to physically have the cell phone of the person you want to spy on. This is because you will need to scan the QR code from that device.

Furthermore, there is another detail that you will need to take care of. From the WhatsApp Web or Desktop settings you will need to select the "Stay connected" option. Only in this way will you be able to access the spied account at any time you want, because every time you will no longer be required to scan the QR code from your mobile.

It is obvious that there are many systems to counter this technique of yours, but this is equally obvious: if the user does not know that he is being spied on, he will never be able to think about the fact that the problem lies in the WhatsApp Web settings. So he will never change them in turn, leaving you free to log in and monitor his conversations whenever you want. Consider that this is the only way to spy on the messaging app without spending a dollar.


WhatsApp has a fairly effective anti - Cloning system, but with physical limitations. Specifically, it is good to clarify how this system works, before you can understand how to break it.

As you surely already know, WhatsApp prevents two numbers from using the same account. It is quite obvious that this is the case, since each user must be connected to a certain telephone number. Similarly, the well - Known instant messaging app prevents you from running WhatsApp on two different devices, and simultaneously.

This means that you could also activate WhatsApp on your mobile by entering the phone number of the person you want to spy on. At this point you will be asked to enter the activation code, which of course will arrive on the number you have indicated. Having the cell phone to spy on, you can take the activation code and enter it on your phone.

What happens now? You managed to activate the app on your phone, but by doing so you will also have deactivated it on the other device. Not only will you not be able to spy on anything, but when the other user reactivates the app on their smartphone you will find yourself with a handful of flies.

As you can see, this path is not viable, unless you know the MAC Address of the smartphone to be spied on. What is it about? The MAC address is a unique code that belongs to any smartphone, and is used to identify the aforementioned. Let's say that it works a bit like a social security number, therefore something that can only belong to a device.

WhatsApp uses the MAC Address to figure out who is using that app account, and to prevent anyone from cloning it to another mobile. If you know the MAC number of that device, however, you can make fun of the app and make it believe that you actually own that account.

In this way you solve the problem of not - Ability to use the same account on multiple devices: this is because, in fact, WhatsApp will believe that it is only using a mobile phone. This is a technique known as "MAC Spoofing", and it is by no means complex.


Understanding how to spy on WhatsApp with MAC Spoofing, as mentioned, is not very complicated. However, there are some steps that you must necessarily follow, and that it is good to explain clearly. That is why, below, we will provide you with all the steps you will need to know.

  1. The first thing you need to do is have the cell phone you want to spy on. This is necessary in order to access the settings, and to know the MAC Address of the device hosting WhatsApp.
  1. At this point you have to go to the Settings menu, then to Information (or Phone Info), then to Wi - Fi Address. On Android, however, you have to follow this procedure, then go to Status and finally to Wi - Fi Address. The MAC Address is made up of pairs of numbers and letters, divided by a colon (":").
  1. Now you will need to write down the MAC address of that cell phone, and use it on your phone. Here things get a little complicated, because you will have to download and install a specific app to mask your MAC Address, and to be able to replace it with that of the person to be spied on. On iPhone you can use SpoofMAC, while on Android you can use BusyBox. However, consider that the aforementioned apps can only be used by rooting or jailbreaking the device.
  1. Once you have rooted your device, and masked the MAC address correctly, you will need to install WhatsApp using the activation code of the number to be spied. In summary, you will need to have the cell phone in your hands to spy on, in order to take the activation code sent by WhatsApp.


You may have difficulty with the system above. Not so much for how it works, but rather because you can't get your hands on that cell phone to spy on.

Consequently, if you fail, you cannot get the MAC Address. You can overcome this problem with a second technique, known as Wi - Fi Sniffing: you can only implement the latter if the device you want to spy on is connected to the same Wi - Fi network as you. This can happen when the owner is home, and you have given him the ability to surf your network.

The technique works with absolute certainty, because you have the ability to intercept any type of information that passes through that network. This means that you can easily find out the MAC Address of any device connected to your home connection.

To do this you just have to go to your Windows PC, click on the Wi - Fi connection icon, and go to "Open network and sharing center". Once this is done, you will need to click on "Change adapter settings", and then right - Click on the network card. Now you just have to go first to "Status" and then to "Details": here you can find the MAC Address under the heading "Physical Address". On Mac, however, you have to go to "System Preferences", "Network", "Advanced" and finally to "Hardware".

At this point you will have to follow the same procedures that we have shown you for MAC Spoofing. Keep in mind, however, that you will not be able to avoid entering the activation code for WhatsApp. In summary, you will still need to be able to grab the phone of the person you want to spy on.


Finally, this question may arise: why can't I spy on WhatsApp with simple WiFi Sniffing, if all the data is passing through my network? The answer is this: as we told you above, the app is equipped with an encryption system known as end to end.

In summary, every message is encrypted and would appear unreadable if captured by sniffing. If you don't believe it, you can try and do it by downloading an app like WireShark: you will realize that this system does not work with WhatsApp.

So spying on this app for free is possible, since tools like WhatsApp Web and Desktop don't cost a single euro cent. The MAC Address system also allows you to monitor conversations completely free of charge.

Conversely, sniffing apps generally cost something, and in any case they are not useful due to the end - To - End encryption system of this instant messaging application.

Spy apps also cost money, but they represent a safe investment: they are by far the most professional way to spy on a cell phone. This is because they allow you to monitor many other aspects, such as social media, SMS, device files and much more.


In this article we have explained to you how to spy on WhatsApp, and how to do it through different systems such as MAC Address spoofing and WiFi sniffing. Of course, we also mentioned the possibility of monitoring WhatsApp using spyware apps.

That's why we suggest you check out our ranking of mobile spy software. Consider that this is the only system to be able to obtain great results, even if you will have to study it a little to be able to put it into practice.

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