HOMETrack Call RecorderHow to Perform Environmental Recording On Android Phones?

How to Perform Environmental Recording On Android Phones?

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Given compliance with privacy laws, there are several reasons that could push you towards a goal: environmental listening via mobile phone, remotely and therefore at a distance.

Well, today there are some solutions to succeed in this intent, and these are modern options that do not even require the root of the Android phone. We talk specifically about CellSpy (here a complete review on Flexyspy) and its SpyCall function. So let's try to deepen it.


As mentioned above, this is a feature that allows you to listen to conversations from a distance. In other words, this option fully replicates the operating modes of a traditional environmental spy bug. In summary, you will have the opportunity to hear what the spied person says using the device's microphone, all without being discovered, remaining in the shadows.

Except that, unlike common bedbugs, in this case you will not have to disseminate bugs in your home or car, thus saving on expenses.


It is soon said. After having bought and installed CellSpy on the cell phone of the user you wish to spy on, you will need to enter your personal dashboard (at the link that will be communicated to you at the time of purchase). At that point you can select the SpyCall function and enter your phone number, to authorize ambient listening and therefore activate the spy microphone remotely, when you want.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Consider that then you just have to ask CellSpy to turn on the microphone remotely, in order to hear the voices and noises picked up by the range of the smartphone's microphone.

Environmental wiretapping with the mobile phone is therefore extremely simple with SpyCall, but it is clear that there are limits that you need to know.

Specifically, you will not be able to listen to conversations remotely when that user is using the phone, otherwise they may discover you.

It is therefore a security measure, designed to protect the secrecy of listening. However, the spied phone will continue to work as it always has, so the spied person will not be able to notice anything, because they will not notice any difference.

The activation of the remote microphone itself will remain secret: CellSpy manages to do so by sending a hidden message, which the user can neither identify nor read.

This SMS contains a code string, which is used to activate the special function of the spy app that you have previously installed on that device. In summary, the system makes sure to "silence" and hide that SMS, making it impossible to notice. This is why you cannot take advantage of the aforementioned function when the user is physically using the mobile phone: in that case, in fact, he may still notice the notification.


The procedure listed above is simply used to activate the environmental listening function via a remote mobile phone. Then, in order to connect with the microphone of that smartphone, you will have to call its number, using the SIM card with the number previously entered in the settings of your dashboard.

At that point, the connection will be activated automatically, without the cell phone you called being able to ring. Also in this case, the "ninja mode" is essential in order not to be discovered, and in order not to make the user you want to control with CellSpy's ambient spy mode suspicious.

Among other things, the secret phone call made to hear the sounds picked up by the microphone will not be marked in the call log.

This means that you will be able to sleep peacefully, because that person will never notice anything. Finally, to disable the remote spy microphone function, just select the appropriate option on your CellSpy control panel, which will send another secret SMS to turn it off remotely. At that point you can normally call the user on the phone.


The reasons that push you towards this choice could be different and varied, and obviously only you know them. But if you still have doubts about the usefulness of this function, know that environmental listening to mobile phones can reveal very valuable information. In this case, you could use it for example to understand where that person is, with the support of GPS tracking, and to check who is talking to at that moment.

One of the reasons could be the control of children, therefore for a safety issue, in such a way as to understand (for example) in the company of which people are at night. There are those who use the remote ambient spy microphone to hear if that person is gossiping behind their backs, or to listen to the conversations that take place during meetings. And finally, there are those who do it for the simple pleasure of eavesdropping.

Before closing, however, remember that there are laws that protect people's privacy. Therefore, before spying on someone, make sure you can, as we are not responsible for your use of CellSpy and the SpyCall feature.

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