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How to Monitor Other Mobile Phone Activity by Spy App for Free?

Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety - Phone monitoring App for Parents

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Mobile phone monitoring software became a hit all over the world after it became widely used. Due to the diversity of people to whom it has been devoted, it is considered one of the greatest gifts of today's evolving technology. It has served the needs of parents, boyfriends or girlfriends, elderly people, spouses and entrepreneurs on a variety of topics. Above all, it has been well received by the public, as the safety and security of the person can be guaranteed with the monitoring software. By using various spies on a cell phone, there is a greater chance of keeping a person away from harm or risk.

The Spyware Argument Compared to the time it was first developed and put into public use, there is a huge difference in the acceptance of monitoring software. Previously, many people had raised their eyebrows about this monitoring software simply because being able to spy on a cell phone for free could raise privacy or confidentiality concerns. Most people said it was inappropriate to spy on or monitor someone, especially in their personal lives, without knowing it. It is simply a violation of human rights.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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However, cell phone monitoring software companies were quick to defend the purpose for which the technology was made. The brands of the companies said that spy applications are designed to allow individuals to fully and in detail monitor their loved ones' phone activities, to know who is in contact with them, discover what they are doing, quickly locate them and further isolate them from all kinds of dangers.

Spyware application can be useful
Parents and children are examples of the benefits of using spyware. Various parents around the world express concern especially about the whereabouts of their children after learning about the growing proportion of crimes committed by children in society. With the spy app on the cell phone, every parent can benefit from getting important data such as text message history, call logs, photos or videos shared online, web browsing history, GPS location and contacts. If a premium spy app has been downloaded and installed, each parent can also listen to phone calls on the phone.

Despite all the negative arguments about cell phone monitoring software, there is no question that these applications are capable of helping the public in one way or another. The person using it should have an adequate and thorough explanation of the need to monitor or spy on a loved one's phone activity in order to avoid and minimize conflict.

CellSpy is a top - Class mobile monitoring software that works best for Android devices. With the latest interface and monitoring features, CellSpy is one of the best tracking apps on the market today.

Call recording Call history

The application allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls. You will learn who and what the person using the monitored phone talked to.

The application allows you to monitor the complete call log at any time. You will check who, at what time and how long talked with the person using the monitored phone.

History of SMS. History of MMS

Do you want to be able to read the content of sent SMS and MMS? This feature will allow you to control what is displayed.

Does your child keep texting? Forever with a phone? Are you worried about him? Or maybe your employee is always on the phone? This function in SpyPhone ECLER will help you read the transmitted content.

GPS localization BTS localization

SpyPhone ECLER allows you to turn your phone into a personal GPS locator. You can see the location history of the monitored movement
phone and its current position.

Do you often wonder where is your baby now? Do you feel that you are being lied to and they may really be somewhere else? Our application allows you to see the exact or approximate position of the monitored phone. Put an end to the lies.

Recording the Environment

SpyPhone ECLER allows you to record the phone's surroundings at any time.
Record events around your phone.

SpyPhone Ecler will allow you to turn your phone into a real sound recorder. Record meetings with clients, listen to the conversation between the employee and the client, see how your child behaves.

Pictures from the phone

With this feature, you can view the captured and uploaded photos, download them anytime, and check the date the photo was taken.

Do you think employees are taking photos of confidential documents?
Do you want to see what your children are photographing?
CellSpy will help you with that!

Website history

Otherwise, a full report of the websites viewed. See what pages the user enters or what he is looking for in the search engine. Protect a loved one and react if necessary.


Reading outgoing messages from online messengers (Messenger, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Viber). These free programs
enable the sending of free text messages between users. The benefits of this title are first and foremost
greater control over messages sent between users.

Live view

You can also get a live preview on your phone. We offer a live view from the front, rear camera, phone screen and microphone. Everything is done in stealth mode, which is a great advantage of CellSpy.

You can take a picture at any time during the live view to capture the moment that interests you.

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