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How to Monitor My Girlfriend's WhatsApp for Free Without Her Knowing?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

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WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular communication services out there. There are those who do not have WhatsApp installed and in use on their cell phones. In fact, the application is so popular and necessary that it is already installed by default on most smartphones.

As it is not restricted to an age group only, you can see from children to the elderly using the application. Billions of messages are exchanged daily, which in theory can only be seen by the sender and the recipient.

This, of course, forces the company, which belongs to the Facebook group, to constantly invest several million dollars in an attempt to increase the security levels of the platform, so that attacks against the confidential information of the company and that of its customers are always protected..

But is there really no way to hack someone else's whatsapp in practice?

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp in 2021?

Many people have doubts and try to know how to crack WhatsApp in 2021. In fact, hacking WhatsApp is possible and, as we will see later, it can be done in a relatively simple way. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the method you intend to use to hack whatsapp. This is said because not all services and websites that promise this feat are able to effectively rake WhatsApp.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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As you will see, the sites that offer the service for free are almost always intended to collect your data. Some just don't work and others use their machine's processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

Enslaving your device in cryptocurrency mining will greatly reduce its processing capacity, often preventing light files from being executed or new programs from being installed. You can virtually make your computer unusable for other activities.

But not only that. There is a wide variety of websites and programs that promise miraculous ways to hack WhatsApp at no cost. We have already talked about how much these companies invest in security. Thus, in order to create and maintain an efficient way of doing so, a company needs to invest a lot and, obviously, pass on the costs to recover the money and, eventually, profit.

So, the first lesson to keep in mind, for those who want to hack someone else's WhatsApp in a safe and reliable way, is to know that you will need to make some investment. The good news, however, is that there are affordable alternatives that will certainly fit in your pocket.

So in this article we look at some of the most popular services and websites that claim to be able to hack WhatsApp. In addition, we will show later on the method that really works and also those that are just fraud or scam. Keep reading and find out how to hack whatsapp.

Rake WhatsApp from another phone

It is actually possible to hack someone else's WhatsApp as we will show later. However, there is no free method that actually works or is capable of doing so.

In short, all the free methods that we can currently find on the internet are fake and, as we already said, they can end up using their own machine. In general, free methods are fraudulent and have the sole purpose of stealing your information or using your pc's processing power.

This means that hacking whatsapp from another cell phone is not technically possible, since the technology of the application itself prevents the messages from being read. With end - To - End encryption, WhatsApp ensures that messages are only understood by those who send them and those who receive them.

Hacking WhatsApp website

We have tested the best spy apps (the truly top ones) and verified one that does what it promises. Essentially, you need to install an application on the phone of the person you want to hack. Among all the sites that offer this feature, the only application to hack whatsapp that really worked with all the features in our tests was CellSpy.

CellSpy is initially focused on parental tracking and control. That is, so that parents know what their children are doing with the cell phone. It is capable of monitoring all cell phone activity (exactly, not only WhatsApp, but all other social networking applications, calls and messages).

In addition, CellSpy offers an extremely user - Friendly and easy - To - Manage interface. You can view the collected data (such as WhatsApp conversations, for example) through any browser, anywhere. It is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and works even on devices that have not been unlocked.

In short, you will have total control over everything that goes on the monitored device, far beyond just WhatsApp messages. There are more than 25 innovative and powerful functions that bring all the information from the monitored device in a comfortable, invisible and safe way to your control panel, in real time.

Hack WhatsApp Online Free

Most of the services that are offered for free on the internet for hacking whatsapp are actually some kind of scam. Most of these services ask you to put a link to a whatsapp user's profile and press any button that will "magically" hack the other person's whatsapp.

The results shown are generally false. In addition, it is common for these services to ask you to download a file that is actually a virus. This is when they do not automatically install a virus through an extension on your browser (or browser). The most common problems with fake services are:

  • They usually ask you to download a file that will act as a virus on your computer;
  • They can activate malicious extensions without your consent;
  • Many of these extensions can be hidden miners using your machine's processing;
  • In addition to not hacking whatsapp, they can compromise your cell phone and computer, leaving them slow and incapable of any activity.

Below you can find the analysis and review of some of these fake and malicious services:

Xploitz Whatsapp

Xploitz is one of the fakes services that most often appear in search results. Asks the user to create an "identifier" number and then generates a fake link to be given to the alleged victim. However it does not work and can even damage the machine of those who access it.


Espiarwapp is a website that promises to be able to hack whatsapp with its own technology. In short, it promises that by cloning and falsifying the MAC address, it is possible to hack another WhatsApp. Despite the convincing tone, it is just another fake service that does not work to hack a whatsapp.

Hack WhatsApp by number

In the search for an easy method to invade whatsapp, many people end up resorting to all the methods available on the internet. That is, they end up clicking on malicious links or, as we have seen, downloading files that will only compromise the computer or smartphone itself. It is common for the person who is attempting to raid to end up having their own information stolen.

Trying to spy on whatsapp by number is just one more of the fake methods that is spread over the internet. Thus, the simple fact of knowing the number of the person you want to hack is not enough to hack it, because WhatsApp itself has a technology capable of preventing this. Later on we will see a method that really works.

Hack whatsapp via WIFI or local network

The idea that you can hack whatsapp by wifi, that is, by the local network is very widespread on the internet, but it does not work. Although much can be discovered over the local network (such as websites accessed on a computer), it is not possible to read or intercept whatsapp messages in the same way.

Messages sent by WhatsApp have a high level of encryption. A local connection is not able to intercept through TCP or UDP ports. In a remote possibility, messages could even be intercepted, but they could not be deciphered. In other words, whatsapp hacking services over wifi are fake.

Why there are fake services to rake whatsapp

Websites are relatively easy and quick to create. This means that a fraudulent website or service can be created in minutes and potentially generate a lot of profit for its creator. Usually these sites are advertised with paid advertising to attract more visitors.

With the high number of visitors, the chances for the fraud to consolidate increase, thus bringing profit to the creator of the site. Most fraudulent websites invest in viruses to harvest user information or in hidden miners that make use of the machine's processing.

Below we analyze the only method that really works for whatsapp spy from a distance. It is not free, but it is capable of hacking someone else's WhatsApp without much effort or concern, since it is free of any type of virus.

Did you have any questions? Ask in the comments!

Analysis and conclusion on how to Hack Whatsapp

As we saw, if you want to hack someone else's whatsapp you must be very careful. This is put like this because about 90% of the methods offered on the internet are either fake or pure fraud. Usually, fake methods appear at the top of search results, so attention is needed.

In fact, our tests proved that the free services proved to be unable to track WhatsApp in any way. Most of the sites that offer the free service just want to steal users' data or install some type of virus or malicious extension. In this sense, we see the classic expression "cheap is expensive" to consolidate.

However, when using a service that works, like the one mentioned above, you can instead rake someone else's whatsapp.

Some of the reasons for this (note that they are not the only ones):

  • You are a parent and need to monitor what your child does on the cell phone;
  • Are you an entrepreneur or simply need to evaluate the use of cell phones by your employees;
  • You want to increase your team's productivity by understanding employee behavior on smartphones;
  • You need to know the location of the device wherever it (or you) are.

Realize that this type of monitoring can be very effective when you need to obtain information specific to a particular device.

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