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How to Login Facebook with Another Account?

How to Track Facebook and See Others Facebook Messages

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It is an extremely common desire and we can find solutions for this research on the internet, written by people who have carried out this type of operations with or without success.

There are immense reasons why you might want to get into someone else's face, be it your child, your partner or even a worker of yours - But only one feeling is common as the basis for this intention - Mistrust.

Logging into Facebook from another account is a risky, amoral operation and an invasion of your target's privacy. However, there is always a reason that apparently justifies the means by which you intend to obtain the information you are lacking.

If you feel that there is some kind of information, which is being kept away from you and out of your knowledge, deliberately trying to hide something from you, then you will probably be one of the people who wrote on Google 'how to access on Facebook's another person'. We are not judging you. After all, although the method suggests malicious motives, people often have no choice but to jump the fence, so to speak.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Is it possible to access someone else's Facebook account without them knowing it?

It is true and possible. We, too, have questioned ourselves about this and it is completely possible to log into someone else's Facebook account without their knowledge, which is why we wrote this article to help you complete this demand.

If you search Google for these keywords, you'll find lots of methods to do it - From installing heavy software and endless lists of steps to follow to get into the account of the person whose Facebook you want to access and we've taken the liberty of testing those methods.

We can then say that almost 99% of the methods are a way to get you to install paid software that will not help you reach the intended end, but that will use the data you provided them for advertising purposes and, later, sell your cookies for profit.

There is, however, a method that works. Read on to find out.

# 1 Phishing

Phishing is the word used to define an attempt to obtain personally identifiable information, through the suppression of identity by criminals in computer contexts.

The very word 'Phishing' derived from the English 'fishing' indicates that it is an almost passive technique of casting a bait, which the target catches.

This remains the most popular method for hitting someone's facebook, since it is a complex hacking method that criminally hacks the target Facebook URL so that you can access it.

It is a fallible method, like all, but it will work wonderfully if you are an experienced hacker.

# 2 How to access someone's Facebook with just their email account

It is not enough to know only the email used to create the target Facebook account, since a password is always needed to access each account. However, if you happen to have access to the e - Mail used but not exactly the target Facebook account, then you can choose the option 'I forgot my password' when logging into Facebook and then, return to e - Target mail, where you will find instructions for reaching your password.

We warn you that this method presents some risks, since the user will also be warned that someone tried to regenerate their password and will be able to see the password recovery e - Mails in their inbox. However, if you really have indiscriminate access to that e - Mail account, then you can manage the notifications that the person receives for each e - Mail and delete the e - Mails after receiving the information you want.

# 3 Brute force attack

This method rarely works, since it basically consists of making a manual attempt to hack someone's cell phone, trying to guess your password and typing it in manually in the login fields.

There is also, of course, an automatic application of the same method, in which software experiences millions of possibilities. all of them, until one works.

This method is extremely fallible and time consuming. Besides, if you search online, you will quickly realize that it is very badly recommended for the 'attack' on someone else's Facebook, since Facebook only lets you try some wrong passwords until the moment it temporarily blocks your account and warns you the owner that his account is being hacked.

You will still find many tools that promise to bring results that way. However, they are usually out of date and no longer work. That's because Facebook, like other tech giants, systematically incorporates new ways to prevent attacks and breaches in their systems.

Spy apps - The only reliable way to get on someone's Facebook

Honestly, the best method to access a non - Facebook account without this person knowing about it is by using Spy Apps, also known as Spy Apps.

Spy apps are applications for your smartphone, which secretly monitor and obtain information from targeted smartphones.

Depending on the application you choose, you can enable or disable invisible operation during the installation process.

In addition to recording calls, it saves messages and other sensitive information - All information is saved on the application server, while the Spy App works in the background of the smartphone without being detected by its users.

We decided to test some spy apps, so that we can give you an informed opinion. The best app we found was mSpy.

This is the best app we found. With mSpy you can monitor calls, text messages and also the images and videos that someone keeps on your phone, knowing which ones have been shared on WhatsApp. It is also possible to monitor the history of pages visited by the user and also have access to his calendar and agenda. You can also control which Apps and Programs the user will have access to and, in addition, mSpy can be configured to track the location of a cell phone via GPS. It is an application compatible with any Android and iOS, accessible from any browser, with multilingual customer support 24h.

But how is it possible to have such a program? Isn't it morally questionable to inadvertently spy and track information? For the answer will surprise You. Despite the advances in the law against this type of endeavor, there are more and more reasons for a worried father, a suspicious foreman or even an individual with suspicions of something to install this type of software.

Let's see what the reasons are:

  • Allows you to track the target via GPS location.
  • It allows you to monitor conversations and exchanges of messages by SMS or WhatsApp.
  • Allows you to view the saved photos, videos and audios.

To start using an application of this kind, the process is very simple. It starts like any application you want to use. You must first choose on our website the app that best suits what you need, search your App Store for the name of your favorite app and buy it. You can later download this application and proceed to install it on the smartphone you want to spy on, using the guide you will receive.

That said, there is nothing left but to monitor the results you will receive from the application.

mSpy will allow you to:

  • View all Facebook conversations from the target account
  • View group conversations
  • View the sending dates for each message
  • See the people and contacts behind each conversation

How should I protect myself from attack?

If you are wondering how to protect yourself from a potential attack, in this case, we have a few tips for you:

  1. Create a strong password
  2. Don't share your password
  3. Enable two - Factor authentication on Facebook
  4. Do not log into Facebook through computers or public networks
  5. See where your account is logged
  6. Receive login alerts
  7. Choose a trusted friend to help you with your trusted code


In conclusion, we come to the point that we must be concerned on both fronts. There are reasons why one of us would be suspicious of our partner, child, spouse, whoever - But, however, we must also protect ourselves from potential attacks against our own account. We may also be the target of an attack, of distrust on the part of our partner, father, boss.

As we said earlier, if you do a little research on this subject, you will easily see that there are a lot of people writing about it, but very few really reliable solutions are available to any of us. From brute force attacks, different phishing methods and almost medieval methods of doing something so much from this century - There are really few accessible ways to log into someone else's facebook account, unless you are a hacker or, at least, knowledgeable enough about software and hacking to help you with that demand.

Again, we can only really recommend mSpy as the best software to help you find the solution for what you want. This why? It is a fast, simple, easy to understand software, with lots of functions and easy to install. In addition to having all the functions that give reason for this text to even exist, it also has lots of other functions that, probably, will also be of interest to you.

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