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How to Install Spy Apps On Samsung Phones?

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Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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If you want to monitor and keep track of what your employees or children are doing on the phone, you can do so with mSpy software! Thanks to the software, you can easily monitor the phone and easily take a look at what the person is doing. You can see the location of the phone and which sites the person is browsing with the mSpy software. After the software is installed on the phone, it will be enough to do just a few clicks to access it remotely.

What Can Be Tracked With The Phone Tracking Software?

  • GPS Location
  • Call Records
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Photos and videos
  • Text Messages
  • Internet history, connected wi - Fi networks
  • Contacts registered in the phone book
  • All messages in instant messaging apps
  • Applications used on the phone

Everything in the above items can be followed easily with CellSpy software. The software can see with whom the user messaged at what time, and the content of the media used in the messages he sent to the person is also displayed. It is possible to view almost everything stored in the phone system with the software. Everything that is tracked in the panel of the software can be reported and saved as a file. To do this, it will be sufficient to consult the CellSpy user manual or contact customer service. Users who have questions about the software can contact customer service at any time and find answers to all their questions. With the Samsung device tracking software, all devices used by parents can be easily tracked. By looking at the location history of the person during the day, it is possible to remotely monitor where the person entered at what time.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Which Devices Can Be Tracked With CellSpy?

It is possible to remotely monitor all mobile compatible and computer devices. It is recommended to use this program for mothers and fathers who are curious about how children use technology at a time when the age of technology is harmful. Parents who do not want the tracking of the child to be perceived as insecure can use this software to hide it from the phone. Thus, only parents will see the program installed on the phone. One of the other features of the program is that the file size of the software is less than normal. In addition, the continuous running of the program in the background does not cause a charging problem, but it does not cause the device to experience speed problems. It is possible to remotely monitor mobile compatible devices such as phones and tablets.

Many important companies have used CellSpy software to make sure that what is done on the phones that companies give to their employees and that they do not use their phones for negative things. The program, which was developed to comfort the employers, enabled its own employees to be more productive. In addition, all companies using the software have achieved a positive result and increased the efficiency of the work in their company. Employers who love discipline have also caused the relaxation of their inner world by using this program. The program is not designed to leak personal information. It is designed for the control of employers and children. Therefore, as long as the use of CellSpy software is correct, there is no legal problem. CellSpy is not designed to display information in people's private lives. Since the sole purpose of the software is to monitor the control of children and workers, the use of the program is legal unless it is used for purposes other than these.

What Can Be Done With CellSpy Software?

For kids:

  • Whether you use the internet correctly,
  • Whether you meet with the right people,
  • Reliability on the internet,
  • Which sites you visit, why,
  • Where he goes during the day,
  • Whether he went to school or not,
  • You can learn its proximity to the internet environment that can harm yourself.

For employees:

  • Whether it works at the desired hours,
  • At what times and where,
  • Whether your employees are working sufficiently,
  • The employee's thoughts about the company,
  • The reliability of the company's private information,
  • You can remotely monitor and control and learn the intended use of the devices provided by the company.

CellSpy software has been designed for the purposes of the above mentioned items and continues to improve itself to provide convenience to employers and family members. Everything in the tracking panel of the software is recorded and can be remotely controlled. All individuals using Samsung device tracking software continued to use it as they saw that the program was efficient enough.

Reliability of Phone Tracking Software and Privacy Policy

People who use the phone tracking software can only see the information they follow. Because the software respects the privacy of personal information, it has enabled only the person to see it with the designed structure and this information is not shared with third parties. The software developers and software administrators do not see the personal information of the people in any way. Only the person using the software and monitoring the phone remotely can access this information. The privacy policy followed by the program has been designed taking into account legal provisions and continues to develop in this way. The software should only be used on installed devices and access from other devices is not recommended.

Tracked personal information can be deleted from the tracking panel at any time and the person can access this information at any time. The accessibility of the information is in the hands of the person using the software and the necessary software structure has been designed so that nobody can access this information. Thanks to the firewalls, users can easily use CellSpy software. Everything that may pose a security threat has been thought in advance and a perfect technological security structure has been prepared.

Is Phone Tracking Software Always Available?

There is no time limit to track the remote phone. The phone can be remotely controlled and information can be accessed at any time during the day. If the remote person is using the phone when it is desired to be tracked, it is still possible to follow up. Since it is not possible to limit the time and the program, the person using the software can access the remote phone at any time. Given what the remote phone is doing, it also writes the time of things done. In this way, it is possible to take a look at what time the person is doing while being followed. It will be sufficient to open the phone tracking software to access time information in the form of hours and minutes.

What are the Other Features of the CellSpy Program?

The program also displays at what times the incoming messages were received and at what times these messages were replied. It is also possible to access which applications the remotely monitored device can use. People who want to increase the level of security by blocking applications and sites that may harm people prefer CellSpy software. The application ensures the safety of children by blocking the website. Thus, the person using the phone will not be able to access unsafe sites and will use the internet more accurately. Many parents use this software to teach people how to use the internet. The program's blocking option is used to distinguish between harmful and harmless media on the Internet.

It is possible to print what the remote phone is doing to a PDF file. In these articles, time intervals, everything the user does are included as reports. It is possible with CellSpy to prevent unwanted calls to the remote phone. Numbers can be blocked by the software and are not reflected on the phone screen. In addition to blocking incoming calls, unwanted SMS messages can also be blocked. Thanks to CellSpy, the e - Mail application installed on the phone can also be controlled. Media and articles in the mail can be easily viewed and edited. In addition, all files in the remote phone's memory can be tracked. It will be sufficient to use the internet history tracking feature to see the download history of the device and what has been downloaded from which sites.

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