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How to Hack and Clone WhatsApp Without Their Phone for Free?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

Today, the most common method of communication worldwide is WhatsApp. There is no doubt that this application has the highest number of subscribers in the world. And it is precisely for this reason that, whether on a personal or professional level, there are always people sharing an innumerable amount of data. And it is precisely this data, in the form of images, videos, links, or simply words, that attracts the attention of many.

Either because you are a parent and you fear for the safety of your children, as if you have a partner whom you suspect, or if as a businessman you are threatened by the sale or leakage of information from your company. There is always someone we want to monitor, and their WhatsApp is our goal.

An oasis of data for the jealous partner, the distrustful employer, the father concerned about his children's friendships, the mother who suspects the harmful friendships frequented by his teenage children, the partner who doubts the seriousness of his pair, and amount of other situations some more personal, others more professional.

In this article we present a detailed and complete investigation that we have carried out in relation to this topic and we are going to present you with various methods to spy on WhatsApp without other people noticing.

Before starting I must alert you that hacking WhatsApp without other people noticing can have legal consequences.

Why do people want to spy on the WhatsApp of others

In general terms, we can affirm that there are two reasons that drive people to want to know how to check WhatsApp without other people noticing: Curiosity or Concern.

These reasons can be visualized in a wide range of situations such as: Jealous couples who want to know what the other does in their free time, friends who want to know who speak in the absence of a member of the group, partners who want to know if their partner is performing some maneuver that was against the interest of society or the particular interests of any of them, a parent concerned about the type of people with whom their children communicate via WhatsApp, to name the most common situations.

Legal responsibility for spying on WhatsApp

We believe it is important that as a reader you are aware that spying on WhatsApp without other people noticing, regardless of who they are or whatever the reason may be, can bring legal consequences since no person can spy on or monitor the personal device (regardless of whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer) from another without their express consent. We recommend that you have the corresponding advice from a legal professional because we repeat, it does not matter if you suspect that your partner is unfaithful or an employee of your company is harming your business, this does not enable you to hack their cell phone.

Methods to spy on WhatsApp without other people noticing

As we know that this interests you and more and more people are wondering how to hack WhatsApp for free without realizing it, we carry out a deep investigation of the subject to bring you 7 methods for this, which we present in detail below.

Method 1: Connect the cell phone of the person we want to spy on WhatsApp Web

This is very simple and relatively fast, it is based on using the WhatsApp web application to be able to see from a computer all the conversations of a specific device but this method presents a great limitation that will only be applicable in a small number of cases since it is you need physical access to the phone you are spying on.

To be able to use whatsapp web you must:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the cell phone that you are interested in spying on.
  2. Inside the menu find "Whatsapp Web" (https://web.whatsapp.com/)
  3. Select the "+" symbol.
  4. Open your browser and scan the QR code displayed on the screen

You can already see the messages on the pc but with care, all activity you carry out will be as done from the terminal, which can give rise to suspicions such as reading messages.

Method 2: Hack WhatsApp using the phone number

For this method you must also have physical access to the person's phone to hack it and it is based on call forwarding.

It does not matter if the passcode is activated and you do not know it, this method does not require it, but like the previous method it is limited to being able to access the device to be able to perform the following steps:

  1. From the cell phone to spy, divert the calls with the code * 21 * cell number to divert #
  2. Make sure the person who owns the phone is not using it or near it.
  3. Open WhatsApp on the phone to which the calls were diverted and enter the phone number to hack.
  4. Select "CALL ME" within whatsapp to check the recipient.
  5. Whatsapp makes a call and shows a verification code.
  6. You enter the verification code and that's it!
  7. Deactivate call diversions from the original cell phone by entering # 21 #.

Method 3: Hack WhatsApp without QR code

This is one of the most complex methods that requires great technical knowledge on the part of those who intend to apply it to know the conversations of other people within WhatsApp.

It is based on a flaw that WhatsApp has within group conversations. In short, a malicious user with the necessary technical knowledge can, necessarily belonging to a group, change and alter the content of conversations.

Method that has been used to disclose false information. But we emphasize that it is a complex and very limited method since it is only viable for active people within the same group.

Method 4: Clone WhatsApp

This method is mentioned in this article for informational purposes only as it is a very complicated and not very viable method.

It consists of duplicating the SIM card of a cell phone in order to be able to use the WhatsApp application as if it were the original person.

For this, the method tries to collect two basic codes that belong to all SIM cards and recompose them in another that is empty. In this way, a cloned SIM card would be achieved and the service operator would identify said card as original.

We reiterate that this is a very complicated method, subject to technical variables that, if not met, will result in a great waste of time (such as knowing that there are several types of SIM cards), in short, a method that is not recommended at all.

Method 5: Use MAC Address to Impersonate

In this method, you will use the MAC address of the phone you want to spy on in order to enter that address on another device on which you will perform a new installation of WhatsApp.

To achieve this procedure successfully, follow these steps:

  1. You must get the MAC address.
    On iPhone you must go to Settings - > General - > Information - > WIFI address on the phone to hack
    The structure of a MAC address is: 09: B7: 40: C2: 84: CA
    On Android you must go to Settings - > About phone - > Status - > WiFi MAC address.
  2. In another device that will be in your possession you must uninstall WhatsApp
  3. Change the MAC address with the one you just got corresponding to the phone of the person you want to spy on
  4. Install WhatsApp on the aforementioned secondary phone by entering the surveillance target phone number.
  5. When WhatsApp sends the activation code by SMS you must enter it. IMPORTANT: In this step the code will be sent to the original phone, so you must have access to said phone without anyone knowing to be able to write it down.
  6. Recompose your MAC address on your phone.

Method 6: Use a Keylogger App

A keylogger application allows you to secretly record all the keystrokes made on a specific device, for example a cell phone with WhatsApp. Thus, whoever has access to the information collected by said application will be able to know all the keystrokes that a person has made, including the conversations that they have had in written form within WhatsApp.

The great disadvantage of this method, and which makes it one of the most incomplete alternatives of all those we have analyzed, is that it does not provide any type of information other than writing. That is to say, it does not collect any information regarding audio or any multimedia file shared within the application, so in certain cases WhatsApp can be hacked but its usefulness in others will not allow a good understanding of the conversations.

Method 7: Use a spy app to hack WhatsApp without them noticing for free

The best alternative and the most reliable method to hack WhatsApp without realizing it for free is to use a spy application.

These types of applications are developed for surveillance and control purposes, with which they have strong advantages over the rest of the methods described above.

They are also an option for easy and fast implementation, the information they collect is complete and accurate, as well as being presented in an orderly and useful manner, usually through a control panel that can be accessed remotely from any mobile device.

To use an application to hack WhatsApp without them realizing it for free you must:

  1. Go to the official website of the developer of your spy app
  2. Download the application (It is very likely that for iPhone no download is necessary since it is based on the iCloud system)
  3. Follow the implementation instructions that the developer tells you.
  4. Activate stealth mode
  5. Access the control panel with your username and password
  6. Review the information offered by the control panel.

Although it should be noted that the procedure may change depending on the device or the version of the application you use, the general procedure will be based on the steps described above.

Advantages of using a spy application to spy on WhatsApp without realizing it for free:

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Remote access to the control panel
  • Wide device and operating system compatibility
  • Excellent stability
  • Great configuration capacity through the control panel
  • Full access to all whatsapp information
  • Date and time detail of each message
  • Access to audios
  • Access to all shared media files (sent and received)
  • Knowledge of the details of the contacts with whom the conversations are held
  • Background data collection

Without a doubt, this method represents the most reliable, concrete and complete way of how to hack WhatsApp without realizing it for free, even for people whose level of knowledge is low.

The best method to hack WhatsApp for free without them noticing

As we have already told you in this article, we have presented a great variety of methods to spy on WhatsApp for free without them noticing either with more complicated methods and others that are not so reliable so that you know all the current options. But it is indisputable that the best method by far is to use a spy application since it is not only a solution that anyone can use regardless of their level of expertise, but it is also the most complete and stable of all other methods.

Beneficial features of a spy app

  • WhatsApp Text Reading: Every text that is received or sent on the suspicious device is under the surveillance of the hacker. After installing a spy app on the target person's device, you can easily address all the text messages. You can easily read the entire conversation along with the date and time of the broadcast.
  • Spy WhatsApp Status - Newly released features help to post audio, pictures and videos for all friends. With a spy app you can easily see the status and all the details related to it.
  • Checking Media Files: After Facebook, WhatsApp is the only feature that offers you a lot of good features. You can send audio clips, images, PDF, PPT, videos, GIF easily with others. To get complete records of these files, just install a spy app.
  • Video and Audio Call Details - Hacking tool helps to analyze and back up video and audio conversations stored in control panel. Whenever you have time you can listen and see everything.


No matter what your concern or need is, the development of spy applications has made the rest of the known methods for hacking WhatsApp almost obsolete since an application to spy on WhatsApp without them realizing it for free, is reliable, fast to implement, does not require specific knowledge and concentrates everything that anyone needs and more in a secure and easily accessible control panel where you will find everything you need to know.

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