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How to Find Out if Your WhatsApp Is Cloned?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

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With the great popularity of instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and others, there were also ways to spy and even clone these applications on smartphones.

Some form of cloning of whatsapp allows other users to have access to conversations, photos and videos that should be private by the owner of the device. There are even several tutorials on YouTube that teach you ways to spy on other people's messages.

Many users have reported that they believe that their conversations on whats may be being spied on by other people or computers. Unfortunately, several cases of smartphone invasion have already been identified worldwide, including famous personalities and politicians, who have already had personal information and intimate photos leaked on the network.

The good news is that there are security practices and ways to check if there are any clones installed on your device, to spy on your conversations, calls and other private information. Below, check out a simple tutorial to analyze your smartphone for possible intruders.

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Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Signs that your whatsapp may be cloned

The first step is to analyze your whatsapp application to check for possible strange cloning activities.

Problems with messages

  • Did you notice that received whatsapp messages were read even if you haven't accessed them?
  • Some conversations with other users that you don't remember happening?
  • Also check groups, it may be that someone has cloned your cell phone to read your conversations in private groups. See if conversations that were previously unread have already changed their status.

Whatsapp Web

A recent function of whatsapp allows you to have access to your groups of individual chats also through the screen of notebook computers. Through session sharing, via QR Code, you can mirror the mobile version of the application to use in the internet browser, through web.whatsapp.com.

This new function is an advantage for those who work for a long time with the application, but it can be a big problem, precisely because anyone who has his cell phone in hand, can activate a new whatsapp session in a simple way

  • Check the active sessions in the whatsapp desktop function. Access the settings or adjustments menu, click on "Whatsapp Web / Desktop", and check the devices with active sessions, as well as which were the last sessions.
  • Also check if there is a session that was started without your permission.
  • If you do not remember the last active sessions, see the time, city and system that was used.
  • For security reasons, log out of all sessions, and reactivate only on the computer you are going to use.

Spy apps to clone conversations

There are apps that promise to spy on conversations, photos and videos from other smartphones, both in stores such as Apple, Google Play and Windows Stores. Despite the practice being prohibited by companies, these apps end up going unnoticed many times, using other names and being installed without the user noticing.

Other external spy apps, such as MSPY, and FlexSPy, which do not require installation on the victim's phone, have also become popular in recent years. This software has a cloning feature, allowing other users to have full access to other devices, checking the person's location, messages sent, video photo files, and in some cases even listening to phone calls.

  • Scan your device for possible applications that were not installed by you.
  • Also check the date of the last installation of new apps, check if there are any with a suspicious name, such as cloning or spying, or that you do not know
  • If possible, format the device, returning to the original installation. Don't worry about photo and video data, stores like Android and Apple have a media file backup system.

Security measures to protect your whatsapp from clones

After checking your phone by following the steps above, your whatsapp and other apps will probably be free from unwanted spies. But it will be possible to follow some steps to stay safe, thus preventing new future invasions from happening.

Check out some tips to increase the privacy of your conversations on whats and other messaging apps:

  • Avoid installing apps or plugins to personalize messages, emoticons or excessive editing, these apps often have hidden functions, which can create loopholes for your device to become vulnerable, both for spying and for accessing banking applications.
  • Avoid using whatsapp on public networks, without security, which may have been created in order to crack access passwords for connected users
  • Increase the security of your applications' login by activating biometric and face reading functions (touch id and face id), two - Step verification and even iris eye reading, which already exists in the latest generation smartphones.
  • Avoid leaving your cell phone unlocked in public places, such as shopping malls, restaurants, universities, a simple oversight can help other people with malicious intent to install cloning applications.

And you, have you ever suffered from whatsapp cloning problems? Leave your comment and we will try to help.

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