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How to Find Our Lost Phone for Free?

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With the gradual development of technology, the importance of smart phones in daily life is increasing. Now we are used to running almost every business with our phones. We use mobile phones not only as a communication tool, but also for shopping, taking photos, carrying out our office duties, doing our bank work, seeing the location of our children and loved ones simultaneously, playing games and many other activities.

If our phones, which contain almost all the important information for our lives, are lost, we experience great panic. For this reason, phone tracking programs have become increasingly important. Thanks to these programs, it is possible to see the location of our phone on the map. For more detailed information about the phone tracking program, please continue reading our article.

The first question that comes to mind when we think we have lost or stolen our phone is what will be the information, photos, documents and passwords stored in the phone. If you have encrypted your phone screen, you can keep your phone safe for a while. But if we consider that it is in the hands of experts in password cracking, that will not work either. Therefore, here we will tell you three different ways to locate our phone.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Google maps

In order to be able to track phone or contact on Google maps, we must first have a Gmail account and the Google Maps application must be installed on another device. We must open the Google maps application from this device and log in with our Gmail account. Then, when we click on the three lines below the bottom in the upper left corner of the screen, we can see all our phone movements when we select 'Timeline' from the options that appear.

Phone Number Tracking

Of course, this tracking made on Google maps has negative sides as well as positive sides. For example, if we forgot to turn on the settings for tracking our phone, it is not possible to use this application. In addition, we can see the approximate location of the phone. For example, while the phone is actually located at the number 20 Işık Caddesi, this Işık street can be seen as the number 50 on the map.

Find My Device app

The second method is the Find My Device application installed on both iPhone and Android phones. This application allows us not only to track your phone simultaneously from another device, but also to prevent others from accessing the information contained in our phone. This application is used by logging in with our Gmail account, just like the maps application. It is possible for us to follow all our devices registered to our mail account through this application.

After running the application and logging in, we need to allow the application to reach our location. When we turn on voice notifications, if our phone is lost in the house, we can find our phone by receiving a regular sound notification from the device. In addition, if we lost our phone outside, when we first start using the application, we can protect and even delete the information inside it with a password. For this, you should make sure that this option in the application is turned on and that you have set a password.

Although the Find My Device application is extremely useful, if we can find more than one phone, for example devices belonging to our children or our spouse, they must also be linked to our Gmail address. Other than that, we can only track or find our own phone.

With Tracking Application

The number of phone and person tracking programs is increasing day by day. You can track your lost, stolen phone or instantly see the location of your loved ones by using other tracking applications in the Play Store, except for Google maps or tracking applications installed on your phone by your phone manufacturer. When we look at the phone and person tracking applications of 2021, we see that their features have been upgraded compared to previous years and they come up with more useful options.

The most important feature for the phone tracker application is that after downloading the application to your phone and starting to use it, all family members enable us to track the phone locations of the children live. Nowadays, the reason why people prefer these applications more than others is that they are offered more options and they will pay a membership fee according to the services they will receive. For example, some applications are for tracking only one person, while others allow the list to be extended as desired.

In addition, features such as the status of notifications, converting the map to satellite view, street view, sharing your location with friends and family simultaneously, sending free messages to them over the internet connection may differ in each application. Some tracking applications allow us to view your phone's screen from any internet browser.

In such applications, you can use the application by creating your own private group (for example your close friends and family members) and allowing only to see each other's real - Time location. You can receive notifications when members of this group arrive somewhere or leave. Locations of stolen or lost phones can be viewed.

Best phone tracker 2021


BUY mSpy

When it comes to cell phone tracker, the first thing that comes to mind is the spy software mSpy. The reason for this is that it has the most experienced staff among all similar spy programs, provides the most user - Friendly services and has the widest range of services.

In addition, the phone tracking application mSpy is widely used by parents who are worried about their children, who aim to follow them closely, couples who have a trust problem in their marriages, and employers who want to be sure of the loyalty of their employees. Telephone agent programs allow many families to live peacefully.

How Can I Get The Software?

What you need to do to have secret phone tracking software mSpy is very easy. For this, you must first know whether the operating system of your phone is iOS or Android. There may be minor changes between Android phone tracking programs and iOS tracking programs.

Once you know what the operating system is, you can visit mSpy's official website and check device compatibility. For example, you can find out before purchasing if mSpy supports the Android version of the target device and whether it will work properly on the target device.

Next, you need to create an account on the mSpy website. When creating an account, you may be asked to enter both the target phone and your phone information that you will be tracking on the phone. The only thing you need to do is to install mSpy on the target phone after making your subscription choice according to the direction of the site and making the payment, in order to be able to track spy phone.

In order to install the cell phone tracker, you need to access the target phone physically. You also need to know some special passwords of the phone or tablet of the person you want to follow, such as the key lock password.

You must have a working internet connection while the spy phone program is installed on the target device. Otherwise, the monitoring program cannot be installed on the target device as desired. For this reason, it would be advantageous for you to make sure that you are connected to the internet via wifi if possible.

What Are The Most Popular Features Of The Application?

Pocket spy program mSpy is a very popular application as it is all over the world. Although the features of mSpy vary from country to country, basically location, access to messages, and ability to listen to calls are among the most frequently used features.

Location Feature with Gps

In parallel with the whole world, one of the most used features is the ability to display its real - Time location and record location history. mSpy not only shows you the instant location of the person you follow, but also provides you with a detailed time - Location map of all the topics visited during the day.

With this feature of the spy phone tracker mSpy, it becomes very easy to verify whether your spouse, child or employee is lying to you or telling the truth about their whereabouts. The possibility of having a doubt as to whether he is lying is eliminated.

Ability to Read Messages

By using the phone monitoring program mSpy application, you also have the right to access all messages on the target device. When you say messages on the phone, think of all the messages. It is very easy with secret programs to read all the messages you can think of, from SMS messages to application messages, instant messaging applications (WhatsApp, Messanger, Viber, Instagram, etc.) messages and e - Mails.

With this feature, you can control who your relatives are talking to and what they are talking to from the application control panel on your own phone, and even intervene in the messages you want.

WhatsApp Tracking Feature

As we mentioned above, the monitoring program will give you the opportunity to view all the messages of the target device. Besides, mSpy users have a special interest in WhatsApp, which is very popular.

WhatsApp is not an application that is used with the same popularity in every region of the world. While Viber is used more heavily in some countries, the most commonly used instant messaging application is WhatsApp. As such, many mSpy users buy spyware mostly to track WhatsApp.

Thanks to the mobile spy program mSpy, it not only reads all WhatsApp messages, even if the monitored person deletes the messages, the control panel of the application also records the deleted messages for you. In this way, you can see even deleted messages, just like an agent, and you will understand that the other person is suspicious of you.

Facebook Tracking Feature

While the most frequently used messaging application is WhatsApp, when we ask what is the most frequently used social media platform, the answer will undoubtedly be Facebook. Many people meet and talk on Facebook, and even many partnerships and marriages today start on Facebook.

As such, the high demand of Turkish users of mSpy and the feature they use most over the spy phone program is Facebook monitoring. You can view all transactions made on Facebook using mSpy. Who talked to, whose profiles were frequently viewed, whose posts were commented and liked, you can see them all using mSpy.

Why Choose mSpy?

You should choose mSpy because:

  • The other party does not hear the spirit of your espionage
  • Offers the most suitable packages, prices and membership options
  • and 24/7 customer service around the world
  • If you are not satisfied with the application, you have the chance to return it within 2 weeks.

All these reasons and more are among the reasons to choose mSpy for private phone tracking.


SpyBubble is a phone tracking program developed especially for families and employers. This application claims to be superior to its counterparts. They state that they are especially experts in locating. SpyBubble person tracking software works invisibly in the background of the target phone and sends you the information it collects. Of course, first of all, you will need to download the application from the link sent to you and install it on the phone you want to track.

The services you will get after installing the application include: Listening live phone calls, recording sounds around the phone, reading incoming and outgoing SMS, seeing incoming and outgoing calls, tracking WhatsApp and iMessage messages, live location tracking. In short, you can follow almost all activities performed on the target phone. You can find detailed information about this application, which is extremely easy to install and use, at.

With the application that you will purchase as a monthly or annual subscription, whether you are a parent employer or a parent, you will instantly access unerring information about the phones you want to follow.


Another application that high tech offers to track smartphones is MobileSpy. This application, just like the other two programs listed above, is installed on the target phone without being seen in the background and sends you all the information it collects. To do this, simply create an account and log into your account from a browser of your choice.

After installing the application on the target phone, you can choose what you want to follow from the settings section or change it at any time. As soon as tracking signals start, all the activities you want to monitor on the phone will be sent to your account. These include social media usage, social media chats, location information, SMS content, photos, call logs, visited websites, Gmail content, and apps installed on the phone.

This application is no longer active for iOS. You can only use it for Android phones. From the list of devices on their site, you can see which phones and models and operating systems within them are compatible with MobileSpy.

Choose the best cell phone spying software

Then enjoy easy and fast tracking of all phone calls, text messages and other instant correspondence of this user and their interactions with social applications such as WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook. With paid mSpy, PhoneSherrif, spybubble, FlexiSpy or Highster Mobile spy software, you can even locate the target user.

In summary, if you want to get precise information and quality service about what your relatives, children, spouse or employees do when they are away from you, do not rely on free spyware and choose paid programs for your monitoring activities and your own safety.

How are people tracking programs used?

Nowadays, we need phone and number tracking applications to increase security even more, to prevent malicious people and the harm that may come to our children through the internet, and to see the time they spend on social media or other websites. Thanks to these state - Of - The - Art software, we can locate our loved ones in real time, find our lost phones, and prevent our employees from abusing the job.

The use of number tracking programs is not as difficult as it seems. Thanks to the user manual prepared in a way that the average phone user can understand, you can install these programs on the target phones by following the steps shown to you and view all the information sent to you by entering the account you have previously opened for yourself from any browser.

As most people think or want it to be, the person tracking program is not used remotely, that is, without uploading to the target phone. What you need to do during the very short installation process will be sent to you after completing your subscription process, and you will not need to touch the target phone again after the application is installed.

When you search the internet to find such an application, you will come across many options. However, we recommend that you consider the information we provide above so that you can choose the best among them and use them easily. After you decide which person tracking application to use and install it on the phone, all you have to do is log in to your account and view the information sent to you.

Is there an opportunity to watch him without touching the phone?

If a person's smartphone is running Android or iOS, I can really help you out. Let's see how we can spy on that person's phone without touching it.

You need to purchase the paid mSpy app from mSpy's official website. After purchasing the app, all you have to do is download this app on someone else's phone and he or she will do whatever is necessary for you.

GPS Tracking Program and Phone Spy Software Two in One 2021

With the GPS tracking program, phone location can be easily detected. Thanks to the software, location information can be tracked instantly. What is done here is not GPS tracking with the phone number, but the tracking of location information through the software installed on the phone.

It is a situation that can only be tracked by phone number by official authorities over the GSM network. The easy way to do this is to install spy software on the phone that wants to be tracked. In this way, you can have both location information and other tracking features such as messages and calls. Let's look at the details about the software.

The phone records all the location changes of the targeted device with GPS tracking. GPS number tracking marks the location information of the phone on which it is installed on the map. Even if GPS tracking is not possible, the software can detect the current location. You can also see the location history for a specific time period. Thanks to the software, you can find out where your employee is and provide control. In addition, you can find out if your child returns home on time and where he / she spends time outside of school. You will especially find the geofencing feature very useful. Let's look at the preliminary preparations you need to do for the program.

How Can I Track My Daughter's Mobile Phone?

Many cell phone companies offer GPS positioning services that include embedded "child finder" or similar features. There are also smartphone apps you can buy that will enable GPS positioning on your smartphone and send you reports periodically. In either case, you will need to have that mobile phone to use this service.

mSpy is one such application that is convenient, fast and very easy to install on the target phone.

How Can I Track My Cell Phone Without Notice?

Tracking someone can be a very difficult task, but we'll help you make it easier, especially if the person in question is a man or a woman who carries his cell phone wherever it goes. If his cell phone can be tracked, it is possible to track his calls, text messages and even his location. Let me explain how this is done.

For this, you first have to login to the target phone once and download the application to that phone. Also, this application is spyware. This type of software allows you to remotely monitor that device after it is downloaded to the target device, and the biggest advantage of having such an application is that it is 100% unnoticeable, meaning that the person concerned will never be aware that it is being watched.

mSpy is the best spy software you can download on your spouse's phone. If your phone is an Android, go to Play Store and download mSpy Lite. Your tracking becomes even easier. Once you download mSpy, you can follow the information listed below on his phone:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Text messages
  3. Facebook | WhatsApp and other social network messages
  4. Photographs taken
  5. Phonebook / Call history
  6. and much more

To be able to track your spouse's cell phone, all you have to do is download the mSpy app to his phone and it will do the rest for you.

mSpy is a paid application that you can buy at the cheapest price. A 7 - Day trial version is also available.

Phone Tracking Program Free Download 2021

mSpy is an application that can be used completely in Turkish. This includes the setup wizard and setup instructions. Moreover, we do not have to pay for subscription packages before installing or trying the application.

If you want to test mSpy yourself without paying, start a 7 - Day free trial by filling out the form on the official site, download the free program in Turkish and start using it immediately.

Whether with a free trial version or by purchasing a subscription, download a phone tracker and start using Turkish. Among the information to be sent by e - Mail, you will be able to find the address, username and password of the control panel. With this information, when you enter the control panel for the first time, there will be no preinstalled program, so the first installation wizard will run automatically and ask you if you want to track your iPhone or download the Android spy software apk.

You can also use mSpy for computers. At the beginning of the installation wizard, just click on the download computer spy program and start the Turkish installation option.


The number of people using phone tracking programs, which is one of the conveniences offered by technology, is increasing all over the world. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increasing demand for internet crimes or daily life to protect our children from bad people and bullying in the internet environment.

Tracking programs help us to take the necessary precautions by immediately informing our children or employees of every step they take, either by giving their phone locations live or by sending them to us by recording all the activities done by phone.

In this article, we have tried to introduce you to the best and best employees among such applications that now grow like mushrooms. You can also make your life easier with these software designed to minimize or completely eliminate your concerns about security.

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