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How to Find Family Members Location by Phone Number for Free?

How to Track Phone Number Location Online - GPS Phone Locater Free

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Tracking a user's phone location without their knowledge is common nowadays. Thanks to new technology, such as undetectable spy apps for Android and iPhone and a real - Time phone tracker, monitoring is easier than ever. A phone can be monitored for one of three reasons: to check on your cheating spouse, to make sure your kids are safe, and to make sure your employees are staying where they should be.

Whatever your reason for monitoring another person's phone, it is essential for obvious reasons to try to avoid getting caught. Do you want to know how to monitor a phone? There are several methods including an undetectable spy app to install on Android and iPhone! Keep reading!

Several Methods to Secretly Track a Phone's Location

Uses Spy Tracking App: GPS Tracker With Phone Number

Spy apps for iPhone and Android detect the location of a smartphone quickly and efficiently. As with most location methods, you need to enable your phone's location so you can intercept the GPS signal. Once the app is set up and location is enabled, you can instantly see where your phone is via the app dashboard. Plus you can view other phone details including text messages, emails, call history and more! Since spy apps are undetectable, the owner of the phone will never find out that they are being monitored.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Interested in using one of these apps? Check out our list of the best spy apps for phone!

Google Maps

There is a way to covertly see a phone's location via the Google Maps app. The only thing you need to do is to be able to have access to the phone to be configured. If you can't get the other person's phone, here's a useful app that can help you.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Go to the target phone's Google Maps application (download it if it's not already on the phone).
  2. Click on the menu and go to location sharing.
  3. Make sure you click on the "Share location in real time until disabled" option.
  4. Select your phone as the device to share the location with.

After following these steps you will be able to track the location of the phone from your device. For more details on this tracking method, click here.

Family Monitoring: Telephone Operator Plan

If you are specifically looking for a method to monitor your spouse or family member, a good monitoring option is provided by the telephone carriers and their monitoring plan. All major telephone companies have this additional option. For example, Verizon has Family Location with which to keep an eye on all the smartphones in the family. You can easily access the location data of your phone, tablet or PC. Other carriers offering similar options are Sprint, AT&T, and T - Mobile.

If you have decided to secretly track a person's phone location, try one of the methods described in this article. In my personal experience, the most effective method is via a spy app for Android or iPhone.

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