HOMETrack Call RecorderHow to Eavesdrop On a Partner's Mobile Phone Call Without Installing Software?

How to Eavesdrop On a Partner's Mobile Phone Call Without Installing Software?

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When it is necessary to verify the credibility of a person, it is necessary to choose the method of surveillance. It could be the betrayal of a partner, husband or wife, or control of an employee. Each case is different and you need to choose different tools for each. If we want to secretly monitor a given room in a company where several people are present, a GSM wiretap may prove useful. These are devices transmitting live sound via mobile telephony.

They have different options: they can call back after detecting sound to the supervisor's phone or answer the call automatically and thus enable live listening. Some models have the function of recording the surroundings on an SD card inserted in the wiretap. GSM wiretaps work on SIM cards of any operator and have theoretically unlimited range. However, the sound quality of some cheaper models leaves much to be desired - Due to the fact that the sound passes through many network transmitters (BTW), the sound loses its sharpness and clarity. The advantage of these devices is mobility, long battery life and easy concealment.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Another, slightly more complicated method is to put the device connected to a constant power supply. This type of wiretapping is controlled by SMS and records the surroundings for a specified time, e.g. 30 minutes. After this time, the recording is automatically sent to the supervisor's e - Mail. Here, the sound quality is invariably very good and the range of the microphone is about 5 meters. The downside is the short battery life and the need to permanently connect it, which is not so important in the case of a room.

Spy devices can provide valuable information, but if we want to control a specific person, a telephone wiretapping program is more effective. The smartphone then becomes a portable wiretap, giving you access to conversations from Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype. Records phone calls and sends them along with contact name and number. An interesting option in modern programs is also the ability to remotely capture a picture of the screen or preview it by phone cameras. Spyware also provides location information, which may be necessary when tracking a person.


You receive SMS messages and contact details of the recipient and sender. Find out what your child is writing about. View the content of every MMS and SMS sent or received (even if it is deleted!)


SpyONE, will record outgoing and incoming calls by recording two pages on all phones that support this feature. In some models of phones with the Android system Samsung A20 / A21, A30 / A31, A40 / 41, A50 / 51, A70 / A71, A80 / A81 and other A and M series, i.e. M21, M3, the ability to record phone calls is limited, or it is completely impossible due to a hardware limitation of the phone itself. You can read about most of the information regarding call recording in the attached articles. Article 1, Article 2, Article 3.


This function allows you to view installed and uninstalled applications. Games, social networks, instant messaging and office applications. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to remotely block applications that you deem inappropriate for the user.


See the latest photos in the gallery of the controlled device. View your child's albums and react to inappropriate content.


See where the monitored phone is located. With the SpyONE app you will have access to the exact coordinates of your location. Check if the children have reached home.


View sent and received messages from the Gmail app. Remotely view all incoming and outgoing e - Mail messages.


Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok, Viber, Telegram, Hangout, Skype, Tinder and much more. Thanks to the remote monitoring of the mobile phone, you can easily control the messages from instant messaging.


Name and surname, telephone number, e - Mail, company, date, title. All this information will be captured and delivered to your SpyONE Online Panel


Block applications inappropriate for the user. Limit your child's use of games.


SpyONE is an application that runs in the background and is completely invisible to the user.

Video Instruction

We add installation instructions to the program, in the form of a movie, where we present step by step how to install the program on the phone.


Thanks to this function, you will see everything that is happening within the range of the phone by turning on the rear or front camera.


SpyONE allows you to schedule recording of your surroundings at the right time and for a specified period of time. The program will record the entire recording even when the phone is not connected to the Internet. When you turn on data or Wifi - It will immediately send all data to the Application Panel.

History of viewed web pages

SpyOne records all the URLs that the user has visited in the mobile phone's browser. You will be able to see what websites the user has accessed and what they are viewing on the Internet through the Chrome browser.


This amazing feature allows you to capture most of the typed words on your phone.

For Xaiomi phones and Android 10 based phones, this function may not be compatible. This is due to Xaiomi's policy of not capturing keyboard data.

ATTENTION! It is not possible to capture passwords.

Remote Event Planning

SpyOne gives you the ability to schedule photos or recordings of your surroundings. A very important feature of the program, thanks to which we can plan in advance, for example, recording the environment on a given day and time.


SpyOne allows you to capture real - Time photos from the front and rear cameras (during the conversation, we can take a photo from the rear camera to see what is happening about the phone user rolling) and to listen to the surroundings live. It is possible to get instant location and many other features. Live Screen Enable - Please note that this function works like normal screen capture. In some phones, the TV - Screen capture icon may appear. IMPORTANT! For Xaiomi phones and Android 10 based phones, this function may not be compatible and may not work properly. This is due to Xaiomi's policy that does not allow remote screen capture and Google's policy that disabled this function in Android 10 - We are trying to make our developers bypass this restriction and we will do our best to make Live Stream work in the future, which we will inform about on our Blog. One of the solutions is to install the appropriate Patch that we are the authors of. Thanks to this possibility, you can bypass the inconveniences that the manufacturer Google put on the Android 10 system.

Copy of information from the Clipboard

Now you can monitor all user copied texts. A useful option if someone copies texts from websites and sends them on - E - Mail or on a social network, these will be automatically intercepted and available in the clipboard section of the SpyOne panel.

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