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How to Crack WPA2 WIFI Network Password?

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Connecting to the Internet has become a basic necessity in our modern and advanced lives. Two different types of networks, wired and wireless, are used to ensure the best possible use of the Internet. Wireless networks have become extremely common both in the workplace and at home. The use of wireless connections is consistent and, at the same time, not exceptionally secure. hacking wireless connections is quite easy compared to wired connections. Many hacking tools, along with specific software and techniques, have been used by many hackers to crack Wi - Fi connections, even when deemed very secure.

Most people who are interested in hacking wireless networks, however, are not doing it for illegal activities. Very strong encryption techniques have been developed to secure Wi - Fi networks. There are many different types of ciphers, but the most common are three.

Wi - Fi Security: Encryption Methods

Before cracking a Wi - Fi network, you need to know at least the basic encryption techniques used to protect wireless networks. These three encryption techniques are the major sources of vulnerability in Wi - Fi networks. Among the different types of wireless network security encryption, we can find the following:

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  • WEP: WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy and can be easily cracked if configured appropriately. This encryption method can be cracked in minutes.
  • WPA: WPA stands for Wi - Fi Protected Access and provides a fairly high level of security. Again, however, there is a good chance of cracking the network password if it turns out to be short enough. However, wireless networks can be easily cracked using various tools.
  • WPA2: WPA2 stands for Wi - Fi Protected Access 2 and in turn provides a high level of security. This type of encryption can be breached by generating packets from network access points.

A flaw in one of the added features of Wi - Fi, which is called Wi - Fi Protected Setup (WPS), allows in many cases to bypass and breach networks with WPA and WPA2 encryption. Many access points have WPS turned on by default (even after performing a hard reset of the access point).

If you are particularly interested in cracking Wi - Fi networks with high security encryption, you must first get your hands on a few things that will be needed as you proceed with the hacking attempt. Once you have these things on hand, it will only take you a few tools or techniques to successfully crack a Wi - Fi network (as you can see below).


1. The Kali Linux operating system (including the airckrack suite - Ng and wifite - You can also install Kali Linux on an emulator like Vmware or Virtualbox).

2. A network card that supports promiscuous mode. In this guide I'm using the ALFA AWUS036H model, which you can find on Amazon.

3. An access point with WPA2 encryption and WPS enabled.

5 Steps to Hack Wi - Fi - Crack a WPA2 Password

1. Open Terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) and type airmon - Ng.

This command will list the wireless cards connected to the system.

2. The next step will be to disable monitor mode on our wireless card by typing airmon - Ng stop wlan0

3. We are now ready to intercept wireless traffic around our location. By typing airodump - Ng wlan0 our wireless interface will start intercepting data.

From the image above, you can see all the (many) hotspots available, along with various information about them. In the green rectangle I highlighted the victim's access point, which would be mine.


  • BSSID (Basic Service Set Identification): MAC address of the access point.
  • PWR: The strength of the signal detected by the board.
  • Beacons: Number of announcement packets sent by the AP.
  • #Data: Number of data packets intercepted (if it is a WEP encrypted network, there will be a single count - IV), including data packets.
  • # / s: Number of data packets per second measured in the last 10 seconds.
  • CH: Channel number (obtained from Beacon packets).
  • MB: Maximum speed supported by the AP. If it shows MB = 11 then it is 802.11b, if it shows MB = 22 it is 802.11b + and higher speeds are indicated as 802.11g.
  • ENC: Encryption algorithm used.
  • CIPHER: The detected code. TKIP is usually associated with WPA and CCMP is typically associated with WPA2.
  • AUTH: The authentication protocol in use.
  • ESSID: Shows the name of the wireless network. This is the so - Called "SSID", which may be blank if you have enabled the option to hide it.

4. From step 3 (above) we are able to identify the WPA2 encrypted access points and note the number of their AP channels. Now we will check if the target AP has (or not) WPS enabled. Type:

wash - I wlan0 - C 8 - C –s

If the status indicated by WPS Locked is No, then we can proceed with the hacking and go to step 5.

5. The last step is to crack the WPA2 password using the reaver command.

Type: reaver - I [your interface] - B [MAC address of target Wi - Fi] - Fail - Wait = 360

Since we already got the information we needed in step 3, my command will look something like this:

reaver - I wlan0 - B E0: 05: C5: 5A: 26: 94 –fail - Wait = 360

From my VirtualBox with Kali Linux, it took 5 hours to crack a WPA2 password consisting of 19 characters, but the timing depends a lot on the hardware and the wireless card


By looking at the techniques given above, you can easily understand how hacking a Wi - Fi network is a fairly simple process to accomplish. Now is the time to focus on improving the security level of your Wi - Fi. By reading this article, you can achieve greater awareness of wireless network security and the ways in which it can be circumvented. Below I have included a couple of tips on how to raise the security level of your Wi - Fi network.

1. WPA and WPA2 encrypted networks activated without WPS enabled are exempt from this security flaw.

2. To prevent this type of attack from occurring, disable the WPS / QSS option on your access point. To find out how, take a look at the photo below:

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