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How to Block WhatsApp in Case of Stolen Phone?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

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Had your cell phone stolen or are you suspecting that your WhatsApp has been cloned? Know that there is a possibility to block the application and also recover all your data when you think it is necessary.

To talk a little more about this security theme of WhatsApp, today we will be dedicating this article to answer your questions and teach you how to lock and recover your personal account.

How to block WhatsApp in case of theft or cloning?

If you have had your device stolen or suspect that your WhatsApp is cloned, it is essential that no one can use your account.

  • Robbery / theft

First, you need to block your chip. To do this, call your operator as soon as you have the opportunity and ask for your number to be blocked. In addition to protecting you from all actions linked to your number, with WhatsApp in particular it will not be possible to verify the account on the phone, making it impossible to use it.

As this verification is done by connecting the SMS, in both cases the APP will not be able to perform the verification and will make it impossible to use it.

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From the block it is possible to buy a new chip with the same phone number, it can be purchased as long as you are the holder of the previous chip and have all the documentation in one of the representative stores. On the new device, install WhatsApp again and when confirming your data and checks, the app will work only on the new device, as it is only active on a single phone number.

You can also send an email to support@whatsapp.com, with the title "Lost / Stolen: Please disable my account". In the email, enter your telephone number in the international format +55 (ddd) (telephone number).

  • Cloned

If you suspect that your WhatsApp is cloned, open the settings and force the application to end. Then uninstall it and install it again and redo your login and verification. This way it will "get out" of the other device or system that may be paired with yours.

WhatsApp informs that even without the chip it is possible to use the app via Wi - Fi, so it is important to contact the support to deactivate the account. The platform cannot locate the device.

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What happens when an account is disabled?

Once your account is deactivated, it does not mean that it will be deleted, at least not initially. Your contacts can view your profile, send messages, etc. However, the period that these messages will be pending is 30 days.

After these 30 days, if there is no action on your part, then your account will be completely deleted. WhatsApp believes that 30 days is enough for some action on the part of the user.

How to recover my WhatsApp data?

WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp allows some ways to recover your personal data and your conversations, but you must be aware that some devices do not allow the restoration of the conversation history, where in most cases it is necessary to have a prior backup so that everything can be recovered without any problem.

Backup on iCloud (iOS), Google Drive (Android) or OneDrive (Windows Phone) can be enabled during app installation, or in settings> conversations> conversation backup.

Data recovery can only be done if the same phone number is used. This is because the application creates an "account" with its number and whenever it is used, it will be associated with your data.

If you have not left the backup activated, you will be able to retrieve service and presence information within the groups in which you participate, but it will not be possible to retrieve messages. In the case of the use of an identical device or that has been lost or stolen, it may be possible to recover the messages even without the backup activated, but this situation is a little more rare.

Same device

If you only uninstalled the application because you were suspicious of cloning, you can request the restoration of the message history as soon as the installation process starts.

If your conversations were stored inside memory cards, recovery only works if you still have this card.

  • Windows Phone

Devices with this operating system allow the restoration of the history only through an external memory card, where the backup has been made on it. In the new phone, it is possible to insert the card and restore the messages. The procedure can also be done by sending the history to an email.

Sending can be done through the settings, tools and history of conversations by email. The conversation file is available in your personal email and can be retrieved if your cell phone is lost or stolen.

  • iPhone

On the iPhone it is possible to backup the conversations and data through iTunes and use them in a possible restoration. To make this backup connect the device to the computer via the USB cable, as soon as iTunes is displayed, click on "Summary" and start the restoration.

  • BlackBerry 10

Do you still use BlackBerry devices? The restoration of WhatsApp conversation history can be done from the BlackBerry Link, directly on your computer. A backup of the old device is created and you can then restore the conversation to the new device.

You can store conversations on a memory card, external HD or even in the cloud. To recover them, install the application, click on the menu, settings, media settings and then on "Backup conversations".

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File manager

In most cases you need a phone file manager on a computer. From it you can copy the backup folder on your computer (or vice versa) and insert it into the WhatsApp folder.

Once the paste is pasted on the device, it is possible to restore. If the messages cannot be recovered from the "paste" of the folder on the phone, delete the app and then redo its installation. In this way it is possible to associate the backup folder with the app through the option "Restore".


We recommend that if you don't want to lose your conversations, choose to backup to an account associated with you in the cloud. In the case of iCloud for those with iPhone / iPad, Google Drive for Android devices and OneDrive for those using Windows devices.

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