HOMETrack Call RecorderHow to Monitor Someone's Mobile Phone and Record the Voice of the Call?

How to Monitor Someone's Mobile Phone and Record the Voice of the Call?

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If you ever thought "I would like to intercept my girlfriend's messages", your wish has come true thanks to the development of mobile application technology, which can do an excellent job as mobile spy and record all the activity that she performs. a person.

How to intercept calls from my girlfriend without touching her phone?

If you think "now I can intercept calls from my girlfriend", you are correct. Just by installing a good spy app you will be able to monitor many cell phone activities, depending on the service you purchase and what you are trying to verify.

Whether it is a question of mistrust or simple curiosity, a program can be of great help to know the details of the use of your girlfriend's mobile phone, since an application can collect a lot of information, from the geographical location of the cell phone to the contacts telephone numbers and interaction with them.

With specialized software you can monitor text messages, track phone calls and record activity in applications such as Facebook, iMessages and WhatsApp, since these types of programs usually work with phones with the Android and iOS operating systems (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

How does a program to intercept WhatsApp messages work?

A tracking application like CellSpy can spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Snapchat conversations, among others, simply by being installed on the device you want to track. This means that the program will work silently and your girlfriend will not realize that she is being monitored.

With the program to spy on WhatsApp conversations you will have access to the phone book and you will keep a record of the messages sent and received in real time, as well as knowing the browsing history.

CellSpy, my assistant to be able to intercept my girlfriend's messages without touching her phone

One of the most reliable and efficient applications on the market is CellSpy, which is available at a comfortable price and offers a large number of functions, as well as specialized packages for each client.

WITH CellSpy YOU WILL HAVE the following features available:

  • Text messages (old and deleted)
  • iMessages (old and removed)
  • Calls
  • Photos and videos (old and deleted)
  • Emails (old and deleted)
  • Browser history (old and deleted)
  • GPS location (old and deleted)
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many other platforms)
  • All apps installed and running
  • Remote uninstall
  • Lock the phone remotely (very useful, in case the device is lost or stolen)
  • Remote photo taking (activate the target phone's camera from a remote location)
  • GPS on command (activate the target phone's camera from a remote location)
  • Search alerts (alerts user when searching for a pre - Designated search term on mobile device)
  • Block application (blocks the installation of the previously designated application on the target phone)

All you have to do is purchase your CellSpy subscription and install it on the target device. To install the application you must have access to the cell phone for a minimum of 5 or 10 minutes. Actually, the app is very easy to set up, just make sure your girlfriend doesn't see you while you do it.

All of this is very simple thanks to the installation wizard that will take you through the entire installation process.


Contrary to what many people believe, spy applications are real and functional, and even more so in this era where technology and innovation are so abundant. It is true that you must trust our partners, but it is also very true that we must always be aware of the possible dangers and risks that our soul mate may face. With CellSpy we can intercept messages, calls, WhatsApp and much more, and we can even see the location of our partner live and direct. This is a very effective tool that works stealthily, don't hesitate to give it a try!

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