HOMEParental Control AppHow to Download and Install the Spy App On My Child's Mobile Phone?

How to Download and Install the Spy App On My Child's Mobile Phone?

How to Monitor Child's Phone Remotely - Best Parental Control App

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Imagine that you are in a maze with an infinite number of paths. In it, you find a lot of valuable information as well as problems. The further you go, the more time you spend and the more vulnerable you are to danger. In today's world, we have a place that is comparable to this maze: the internet.

This goes for every action we take on the internet, since, at some point, behind it is a company and a person, possibly receiving our data, information or even payments. Of course, we often don't know exactly who that person is.

Thus, a judgment is able to prevent clicks and "adventures" in areas that we do not dominate, as well as knowing how to identify people who approach us through the famous social networks with bad intentions is a tool, almost social, very important in the days current.

Analyzing this scenario, a specific group is more vulnerable to these dangers: children. Protecting children from the dangers of the internet has never been more important.

In an increasingly globalized and technological world, children end up having access to cell phones and other mobile devices with internet access, from a very young age.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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However, the maturity to give them the awareness that we just talked about, in general, takes much longer to develop. This causes a serious problem today, with alarming statistical data on a plethora of online crimes that occur every day, especially, as we have said, against young people and children.

And to protect their children from the dangers of this maze (the internet), many resort to a very useful aid: an application to monitor their children's cell phones.

You may still ask yourself: Why monitor my child and what are these dangers? Let's understand the reasons.


Technology is everywhere, today internet access is available to a large part of the world population, and the number of children who have access to the internet through their own cell phones is growing. Thus, parents need extra attention and parental control tools, that is, online security, can be very useful.

Let's list some reasons why many parents resort to this monitoring of their children's cell phones.

  • Time - Drop in school performance, relationship problems, sleep disorders, all of which can be caused by cell phone addiction. The time spent on the cell phone can directly affect children and adolescents. Unfortunately, most parents do not know how much time their children spend on cell phones.
  • Adult content - Children and teenagers are being exposed, from an early age, to all kinds of inappropriate content. Content that is often pornographic and also extremely violent can directly affect the child's future and cause some irreparable marks.
  • Crimes - Would you leave your child alone in a place you do not know? Of course not, the world is a dangerous place! Similarly, there is a very dangerous place today: the virtual world. Pedophilia, data theft, defamation, these are just a few crimes that happen in the virtual world.

These are just a few explanatory and generic reasons, within - Unfortunately - A vast possibility of crimes and wrongdoing that we see occurring daily via the internet, against children and young people.

Just a quick search for the subject on any online platform and, often, on television news, given the seriousness and the growing number of these events, we have an idea of how important and necessary it is to observe our children and loved ones closely. still do not have the knowledge or the maturity to deal with the almost infinite possibilities that the internet brings us.

Parents, it is very important to know what your child is doing on the cell phone. It may seem simple, or you may feel you have no need, but it will influence a lifetime. There is an Android parental control application on the market as well as other operating systems, this can be of great help to you.

Analyzing these facts, you may be left with a question: Is there an Android parental control application, or with another system, capable of helping me to monitor it completely? This article was prepared with this in mind. Let's look at the main parental control tools that can help you, your parent.


Just as the dangers are many in the virtual world, so are the tools that say "solve your problems" too. However, you need to be very careful with the apps that claim to help you in this regard. There are many malicious applications that can leak information from you and your children.

The need makes parents use all kinds of tools to help them see what their children are doing on their cell phones and social networks. An application to monitor the children's cell phone is really useful. That's why we've separated this article for you. Let's evaluate now, 6 parental control tools that are reliable and that can help you.

In the end, we will highlight the best tools with their respective notes.

1. mSpy (Note: 9/10)

This is undoubtedly the best application to monitor the children's cell phone. This app is a market leader and allows parents to monitor messages and calls, it is also possible to have location information, WhatsApp monitoring and more. All of this in a safe and reliable way.

And you're not alone, anytime you need it, you can get help from support that works 24 hours a day, every day of the week. This can make you feel at ease, as there will always be a team to assist you.

The website is very complete, very well structured and the client feels relaxed when placing the application to monitor their children. There are more than 25 features that allow parents to have full control of their children's device, without them knowing that they are being monitored.

Below we can see the main functions of the application:

  • Usage analysis reports;
  • Access to the agenda;
  • Monitoring of internet use;
  • Access to photos and videos;
  • SMS monitoring;
  • GPS location;
  • Monitoring of communication applications and social networks.

2. Norton Family Parental Control (Note: 7.5 / 10)

This app is also a great option for parental control. The only detail is that some functions do not apply to the cell phone, only computers and notebooks. It can also be purchased together with a premium package from Norton, since Norton is a giant in the field of virus protection.

Below we can see the main functions of the application:

  • Web monitoring;
  • Time supervision;
  • Research Report;
  • Activity history;
  • Block

3. Qustodio (Note: 7.5 / 10)

The application is good, has good recommendations and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of monitoring your child. The site does not draw much attention to me as the previous ones, but it does not affect its performance. It is a great monitoring tool and works on all platforms, including kindle.

Some functions are only applicable to the Android system.

The application has the following functions:

  • Blocking of web content;
  • Localization;
  • Time management;
  • Monitoring and blocking calls;
  • Monitoring social networks,
  • Panic alert.

4. Google Family Link (Note: 7/10)

One of the largest companies in the world could not be left out of that list. The Google app is also a great option. This application is simpler than the previous ones, but it leaves something to be desired with regard to monitoring and the main activities.

The site is very simple and does not have much information, the functions are basic and may not meet everything you need.

Below we can see the main functions:

  • Activity monitoring;
  • Time management;
  • Application recommendations;
  • Device lock.

5. OurPact (Note: 5/10)

This application is also highly recommended, it has functions that can be very useful. A negative detail is that the site does not have support in Portuguese, which would be a barrier for those who have difficulty with the language. It has several packages and plans for various devices.

These are the main functions:

  • Time scheduling;
  • Web blocking;
  • Blocking applications;
  • Family locator;
  • Blocking text message.

6. ESET Parental Control for Android (Note: 7/10)

This is a great application for parental control for Android. Like the company Norton, it is a company that stands out in the field of computer with virus protection and extends with this application that can be of great help to parents.

With this tool you can decide what is good for your children. The website is very well structured and also has differentiated support.

Below are the main functions:

  • Application surveillance;
  • Locator;
  • Web filter;
  • Time management;
  • Parents' Message;


All applications are great and have similar functions. All of these are recommended. But some stand out more than others. We will explain the reason for the grades of each of the applications mentioned, starting from the lowest ratings to the highest.

OurPact - The application appears to have great functions and is recognized by large companies, but right from the start a problem: It is not supported in Portuguese.

Users complain that it is difficult to configure, easy to circumvent the lock, the device settings are locked and causes cell phone crashes. These are the many negative reports from users of this application. The rating is very negative due to many problems that users report. Grade: 5

ESET Parental Control for Android - This is a great application, it has a large company in the field of computer protection against viruses. The problem is that it is only available for Android.

The app has many features, including free access. The lock is not instantaneous and does not work on all Android devices, which generates some complaints, but the application is very well rated due to its practical and easy to use. Grade: 7

Google Family Link - This application performs well with all functions for monitoring. The only detail is that it is not as complete as the others, which have more resources. Another problem reported by users is due to everything being attached to the Google account, causing problems when uninstalling.

The application is easy to use, simple and has features that can be practical for you who do not want to have so many functions in an app. Grade: 7

Norton Family Parental Control - This application is also a great option for monitoring children. He's just a little better than the previous ones.

This is a great company in the field of virus protection, it is very reliable. There are many features and packages that encompass all functions, which makes it easier for those who already have protection on their computers. However, users complain about failures and also support. Note: 7.5

Qustodio - This is a great application. It has many features that can be very useful. For being specialized in this type of segment, it stands out in relation to the others. Some flaws are noticed in the application, but it leaves something to be desired in the functions it is proposed to do. Note: 7.5

mSpy - MSpy, without a doubt, is the best application to monitor children's cell phones. In addition to having many resources, it has a support that is the great differentiator. The application presents few problems and the support is 24 hours online to help you. Grade: 9

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