HOMETrack Partner PhoneHow Do You Know if Your Husband or Wife Has Betrayed You?

How Do You Know if Your Husband or Wife Has Betrayed You?

How to track your partner's phone and SMS history

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How to know if your he or your girl is cheating on you? There are methods that can actually provide you with evidence that goes beyond simple and reasonable doubt. And technology is, as always, the great protagonist.

In fact, reference is made to apps for spying to be installed on smartphones: precious resources to collect concrete evidence on infidelity, or on the simple attempt to make it go through. It is therefore appropriate to deepen these tools, discovering everything there is to know about mobile spying applications, always remembering that from a legal point of view it is not allowed to install anything on the terminals of wives, husbands and boyfriends.


The quickest way, but far from painless, is to catch the partner with the canonical "hands in the bag". Unfortunately, however, this is often a complex mission, especially if he or she knows how to cover their tracks.

On the other hand, there is a real school of professional and expert traitors, who have refined these techniques for years, elevating them to the state of the art. But it must also be said that just as often these people are too sure of themselves, therefore they underestimate the abilities of the partner.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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It is clear, however, that intuition alone cannot be enough to be able to discover them (and to have concrete evidence to put them in front of the evidence of the facts). This is where technology comes in, and in this case the spy apps that can be installed on the "victim's" smartphone.

These applications, in fact, are able to trace the activities that the partner or the partner carries out on their telephone, in such a way as to highlight evidence that is sometimes striking. For example, reference is made to photos and videos, or to conversations on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.


A little above we have anticipated the gist of the discussion, but the functions belonging to these mobile applications are so many that a more complete synthesis needs to be made.

First of all, spying apps are very useful because they allow you to spy on WhatsApp chats, for example. This means that you will be able to remotely access the histories of the conversations that your partner has with their contacts. In summary, you will always know what he is writing and who he is texting to, and often this is the quickest way to discover a betrayal.

The applications in question are actually able, depending on the software you choose, to monitor conversations on Messenger and other messaging apps as well.

Therefore you will not remain uncovered on any front, and you will thus be able to have a more than complete overview of the "package" of messages sent and received by your partner. What are the other most popular features? Some of these apps allow you to record phone calls or listen to them live, or remotely access the phone's camera and microphone, to take photos or to pick up ambient sounds.

These are very advanced options, crucial to understand, for example, where that person is and who they are talking to, live or by phone. In reality, the list of features of these applications does not end here, but we will have the opportunity to talk about it when we will deal with the topic of the best spy apps currently available on the market.

First, however, we would like to clarify another fundamental aspect: applications of this type in most cases must be installed directly on the mobile phone of the person you want to monitor, so in one way or another you will have to have access to that phone, at least for half an hour.

Often the technique that is used to have the target mobile phone at hand is to give the smartphone with the application already installed to whoever we want to control. This way there will be no problems whatsoever.


How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Or what if your husband got his lover?

If you intend to do it thanks to the spy apps for WhatsApp and the tools mentioned above, then there is no doubt: you should choose MSpy (here the OFFICIAL site where to download it), the most performing and convenient ever. Today we will focus on the main peculiarities of this software: if you want to find out every detail, instead, we advise you to inform yourself by reading the complete MSpy review.

First of all, know that this app can also be installed remotely, if we are talking about iOS operating systems, but you will still need to know the iCloud credentials of the subject you want to monitor. In the absence of this data, you can use MSpy with the "classic method", ie installing it locally on the device to be spied, then verifying everything through your user control panel.

How to find out a betrayal with this app? After installing it, you will have access to a series of data and information crucial to do so. For example, you will be able to check conversations on messaging apps and have access to the history of calls (incoming and outgoing) and SMS. In addition, you will also have the ability to access that person's email accounts, and browser browsing history. It is clear that, being a professional app, there are also other very useful functions.

For example, let's refer to the opportunity to use the GPS of the spied phone to your advantage, remotely geolocating it, so that you always know where your partner is. Why is it useful? Maybe he told you he was going to the gym, while the GPS instead signals the presence of his phone in a hotel. And satellites, unlike people, never lie. In addition, MSpy can count on a precise geolocation in detail, so as not to be mistaken.

As for the price, this always depends on the version you want to buy, but in general it is one of the cheapest on the market. Finally, here are other advantages: the installation procedure is very simple, the software hides perfectly on the phone of the person being spied on, and the assistance service (as well as being very reliable) is available 24 hours a day.


If you are wondering how to tell if your husband is cheating on you, or if your girlfriend is unfaithful, know that the spy app market offers alternatives to MSpy, equally valuable and reliable. Here is a short list of smartphone options you can use to uncover a betrayal.

  1. Flexyspy

The first real alternative to MSpy is this, and we recommend that you discover the Flexyspy review. What are the various features that you can use with this application? For example, checking the location of the mobile phone via GPS, monitoring SMS and IM (instant messaging) chats, along with verifying multimedia files such as photos and videos. Secondly, you can even remotely listen to the phone's microphone or take a photo with the camera.

  1. Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile [article link] is another great app if you're wondering how to tell if he's cheating on you. Some features are similar to the applications seen so far, as in the case of the call log and SMS control, together with the always useful GPS location and remote control of the camera. In addition, Highster Mobile also allows you to check your browser browsing history, social networks and email messages sent, received and stored.

  1. Ikeymonitor

The last useful app to understand how to discover a betrayal is Ikeymonitor, a solution really full of very advanced features. Thanks to this application, you will be able, for example, to have access to the passwords entered by the user spied on the phone, to calls, SMS, social media, emails, browser history and the address book.

Obviously, there is an indispensable feature such as cell phone tracking via GPS, as well as the ability to consult the events marked on the calendar.


Seen just above the technological aspect of the matter, we want to give you other useful tips to understand when something is wrong with your relationship.

The first thing you need to do is be careful of his behavior. If you notice that she is wearing more makeup and care than usual, she is most likely doing it to tease another man's attention, or because she is already dating someone else. A second important sign is if your girlfriend has started exercising again, and therefore wants to get back in shape. Also, avoiding sex is a very worrying wake - Up call, and a possible indication of betrayal.

There are, of course, other signs to watch out for, such as the lack of attention towards you and the number of commitments suddenly rising. Often, in these cases, the feeling clearly emerges that the partner is doing everything to avoid us, and to spend as little time as possible with us.

Secondly, if he is absent without justifying himself and if he spends many hours on the phone, then the risk that he is cheating on you rises. There is a system you can use: ask her point blank where she is going and what she does all this time. If he is evasive or gives answers thrown in by accident, then he is most likely cheating on you.


There are differences between men who cheat and women, and it is good to underline them, because unfortunately it happens to everyone to cultivate a doubt related to adultery.

In this case, boys often do not care to "hide the smells", and women are very knowledgeable in identifying a different perfume, even if very hidden. Here, that is a far from positive sign. Then there are also signs that the two genders have in common, such as repeated truancy, too much work or too much gym, and the sudden obsessive attention to appearance and physical shape.

Avoiding moments of intimacy is also a factor that should push towards careful reflection. In some cases the betrayal even increases the desire to have sex, and although it seems paradoxical, it depends on a chemical question: having an extramarital relationship can in fact lead to an increase in testosterone, therefore the need to have more sex than before, even if there is already an external "vent". Finally, mood swings and lack of affection are also signs to be taken into account.

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