HOMEParental Control AppHow Do Parents Control Their Children's Phone Calls for Free?

How Do Parents Control Their Children's Phone Calls for Free?

How to Monitor Child's Phone Remotely - Best Parental Control App

Parenting is a real challenge for an adult. Children give meaning to life and make us the happiest people in the world. From an early age, we see how they are developing and we do everything to give them the best possible start. As children get older, they demand more freedom and less control from their parents. Trends and advancing technology make children slaves to mobile phones.

Smartphones have become an indispensable item with many benefits. Keep in mind, however, that the misuse of digital devices can do more harm than good.
Calls, SMSes, instant messaging - Facebook or WhatsApp, games, videos, photos - The number of functions that the Smartphone has can make children forget about the outside world.

Parents should not completely remove their children from technology, but educate them to use digital devices wisely and healthy. Parents should react and protect their child when excessive use of phones, computers or tablets occurs. When asked how to block calls, SMSes, Applications or games, the answer comes. According to many, it is the best app to control and monitor a child's phone.

How does the SpyONE phone monitoring and control app help parents?

SpyONE - Cell phone control and monitoring is a specially designed software for parents that will allow you to effectively block calls or other harmful content. SpyONE application. can be purchased in the form of a license, so you can check your child for a certain period of time. If you feel that everything is fine and there is no need to further control the phone, you will simply give up your license.

Blocking incoming and outgoing calls on the child's phone

The SpyONE application allows you to effectively block unwanted calls on your child's phone. Install theSpyONEprogram and control all your child's activities. If you notice the danger, you will be able to block the number of the caller in an instant. The application also allows you to track the call history. It allows you to view all of your child's contacts. The built - In voice recorder system also allows you to record all sounds in the surroundings.

Blocking contacts

If your child has been the victim of bullying or SPAM calls, you can exclude and block these numbers remotely from the SpyONE control panel. You can also block a number, even if it is not in the phonebook.

Listening to conversations

All calls, both outgoing and incoming, are recorded. Thanks to this module, you can learn the content of your child's conversations. This tool is especially useful when we suspect a child is taking drugs, belonging to a dangerous social group or of being stalked by third parties.

An overview of several functions offered by the SpyONE phone monitoring and control program

  • Instant messaging monitoring (Social Media) - See who your child corresponds with. Check that she is not bullied and harassed by her peers. Control the time he spends using social applications.
  • Outgoing and Incoming Call Log - See who is contacting your baby. See log, conversations, and call time.
  • Phone location module - This tool will allow you to check where your child is at any time. Also, you will be able to see the history. This tool is perfect when your child plays truant a lot.
  • Keystroke register - Kaylogger - Check what notes your child is taking on the phone, what things are searched on the Internet and much more.
  • Environment listening - If your child does not answer the phone from you, you can activate the environment listening module, which will allow you to hear where and in what company he is.
  • View from the front or rear camera - See live where your child is, who is next to him and if there is a place he told you about.

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