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How Do I Know Who My Partner Is Talking to On WhatsApp?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

Almost everyone at some point comes into a situation in which one wishes to be able to hack a WhatsApp account. Almost always there is uncertainty or fear behind it when you want to hack someone else's WhatsApp. Parents worry about their children having inappropriate friendships, partners worry about boyfriend or girlfriend loyalty, and employers are unsure of their employees' loyalty. In fact, you can hack WhatsApp - With the appropriate software.

Hack others' WhatsApp

Perhaps you are worried that your boyfriend or girlfriend has secrets on WhatsApp and you want to know how the relationship is going. In principle, you intervene in the privacy of those involved with monitoring - However, in difficult situations, the insight through a monitoring app can give you clarity and be helpful in making necessary decisions.

* Find someone else's cell phone, also possible?

* Detecting fling tips

Method 1: hack WhatsApp using a spy app

The software solutions currently available that make it possible to hack WhatsApp are a convenient and comprehensive way to control everything that is going on on the target device. You can not only hack the WhatsApp chat history with it, but also all other chats, text messages, mostly also multimedia files and the internet history.

№1 mSpy - The best WhatsApp hack app

The mSpy app was originally developed for parents. Since 2011 mSpy has been one of the best spy apps on the market, the software not only enables WhatsApp to hack iPhone and Android but also to spy on all other messages and data. On iOS, monitoring can even be carried out without access to the target device, provided that the Apple ID and the login of the user are known. mSpy is equipped with a really huge range of functions, but very easy to install and use. With a subscription, the software costs around 10 - 15 euros per month and is very cheap in price comparison, you can test it for seven days free of charge. mSpy has the following advantages:

  • Hack WhatsApp and read many other chats (e.g. Facebook Messenger)
  • Hack WhatsApp pictures, video clips and audio files
  • Read email and SMS messages
  • Listen to and record phone calls
  • Spy on internet usage
  • Block contacts, apps and websites
  • GPS tracking for location determination
  • Remote access to camera and microphone

* With Android, the target device must be available. With an iPhone, there is the option of installing the app without the cell phone being present. However, you must then have the relevant data such as Apple ID and password. In any case, you must have the WhatsApp access data.

If mSpy is installed, you have the option of receiving call logs, you can read messages that are typed on the keyboard and also see pictures and gifs that your child is sending. Find out before it's too late, because the sooner you prepare your child for the risks on social media, the more calm you can be.

* Extra for surveillance - Apps.com users: coupon code - Spyapprabatt (you get - 15% discount)

Install the mSpy app

WhatsApp iOS & Android hack step by step guide

The question "How can you hack WhatsApp?" Is best answered with a spy app. A powerful monitoring app gives you insight into the conversations on WhatsApp - But a lot more. To be able to hack someone else's WhatsApp, you can do the following Steps forward:

  1. Select a software and first register for a free user account on the provider's website.
  2. If there is a trial version, you can test the app for free, otherwise you opt for a subscription and pay by credit card, PayPal or similar.
  3. Now you have to get the target phone in your hand for a few minutes and download the spy app on it.
  4. After installation and setup, the app is completely invisible, the owner of the cell phone will not even notice through a symbol that the monitoring is running
  5. Now you can hack WhatsApp remotely using your user account. Either you log in on a smartphone or tablet, or you can hack WhatsApp on your PC and read everything that is written.

How can I hack someone else's WhatsApp?

When it comes to hacking an Android device, iPad or iPhone and reading WhatsApp along with it, you can use a spy app - But in most cases you have to get hold of the device at least briefly in order to install the software.

This is especially true if there is a strong suspicion that something has happened to the person. Your own children can also get into difficulties, for example through contact with adults who pose a risk. Cell phones must not be hacked against the will of adults.

There are several ways to hack WhatsApp (topic №1 on Pinterest). However, it is always necessary that the hacker can access the cell phone. The most common option is to install spy software. You don't need special knowledge. The software is easy to install and often free, like mSpy for the various operating systems.

Secretly hack someone else's WhatsApp chat

Method 2: Hack WhatsApp via WhatsApp Web

Since 2015 you can also access WhatsApp in a browser. Access to WhatsApp Web is not via the telephone number, as is the case on a smartphone. Instead, a QR code is displayed because you have to scan it with your mobile phone. This is how the user is verified.

This of course also gives you the option of hacking WhatsApp without using additional software or having to bring special knowledge with you. The only condition is that you get the device whose WhatsApp you want to spy in your hand for a minute.

* Video instructions: Please click twice

And this is how you do it:

  1. Open a browser - The desktop version of Google Chrome is ideal, but other browsers on the PC or laptop will also work.
  2. Now go to the web.whatsapp.com website.
  3. Once the website loads, you will see a QR code.
  4. Now you have to have the cell phone whose WhatsApp you want to hack to hand - Open WhatsApp and tap "WhatsApp Web" in the settings.
  5. Scan the QR code - Done. The WhatsApp that you want to read will now be displayed in the browser until the person concerned logs out himself.

Warning: In many cases, the smartphone shows that WhatsApp Web is active. If the owner is attentive, they will soon notice that someone is reading their messages!

Method 3: Replacing the SIM cards

WhatsApp encrypts its messages. However, experts are sure that they can bypass the encryption. The following are particularly susceptible:

  • Newly installed WhatsApp services
  • The recipient cannot be reached

In such cases, the messages can be intercepted in the messenger (man - In - The - Middle attack). The weak point is the possibility of exchanging the SIM cards. The reason can be a new device, but also a defect and a loaned device in the meantime. The gap cannot be closed because customers want this option. The easiest way to read someone else's messages is to put someone else's SIM card into your own cell phone. There is one way to prevent this, however, and that is through the security settings.

Is it allowed to spy on WhatsApp?

As already described, there are always certain circumstances where it makes sense to read foreign messages. This could be the case, among other things, if a person is very vulnerable for any reason, or if your own children are in trouble. This could be, for example, contacts with adults who harm the children.

Hack WhatsApp for free

As you can see, really good apps that you can use to hack a WhatsApp account Android or iPhone are chargeable. Because the developers have invested a lot of work in the software. There are of course numerous offers online that advertise a supposedly free hack. Allegedly, all you have to do is enter a phone number - But that's actually too good to be true.

Hacking other numbers on WhatsApp and reading chats is not possible with these offers, most such sites only collect phone numbers for later spam campaigns. Even the practical free keyloggers are not without risks. While they record every keystroke on the target phone, the result may be sent not only to you but also to a hacker. Important data, such as the login for online banking or Apple Pay, get into the wrong hands. Well - Known software doesn't cost you much, but it is much safer to use.

Hacking WhatsApp without a target phone, how does it work?

Hacking a WhatsApp account without the target phone is relatively tricky. The solutions available on the Internet do not keep what they promise, namely hack WhatsApp without an app and without access. Of course, you can hack WhatsApp Web, but to do this you also have to briefly hold the cell phone you want to monitor and the user will receive a notification that WhatsApp Web is activated.

Hack WhatsApp without access to the phone

But at least you have two options to remotely access a WhatsApp account. One of them is the login to the iCloud if the owner of the WhatsApp uses an iPhone. A backup of the most important functions and content is created in the cloud. If you're lucky, WhatsApp will be one of them.

A second possibility is to spy on WhatsApp messages via the WLAN router. So - Called WhatsApp sniffers must be installed for this. However, you will need some technical knowledge to do this. In addition, WhatsApp is constantly improving its encryption and most sniffers quickly become ineffective.

Hack WhatsApp Group and Messages

With a powerful monitoring program like mSpy & Co. you can reliably monitor the communication, the exchanged media and the location of the cell phone. The messages that circulate in a WhatsApp group chat are also included in the monitoring - Ideal for parents who are not entirely happy with their friends with teenage children. The apps give you an unnoticed insight into outgoing and incoming messages, so that you really have complete control over WhatsApp.

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