HOMEParental Control AppHow to Crack and View All the Messages On the Child's Mobile Phone?

How to Crack and View All the Messages On the Child's Mobile Phone?

How to Monitor Child's Phone Remotely - Best Parental Control App

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Are you looking for the best apps to control your kids' cellphone? In this article you will find a complete guide on the best performing ones.

Checking your children's mobile phones today is an indispensable operation, especially if you care about their safety and want to protect them from risks.

These apps are in fact equipped with a series of very useful functions, such as the geofence, which alerts you if and when the boy leaves a certain area, using the GPS of his phone. Surely you already know that adolescence is a very special time, and that kids tend to be rebels and go their own way, perhaps by hanging out with the wrong people.

With an ad hoc application, however, you can always monitor them.


  1. MSPY

MSpy can be considered as the queen of spy apps, therefore it is one of the most downloaded options ever. If you want to check the location of your kids' cell phones, this little wonder could be just for you. What is MSpy and how does it work?

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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There is talk of an application rich in functions, such as the ability to check the position of the mobile phone via GPS coordinates. In summary, you will receive a message with the latter, so that you always know where the boy is.

In reality, the available functions are much more numerous, and vary from checking the messages sent and received on apps such as WhatsApp, to the study of conversations on Messenger. Furthermore, you will be able to view all the multimedia files on that phone, which also includes photos, audio messages and of course videos.

It does not end here, because MSpy also allows you to consult the log of calls sent and received, and to do it remotely, therefore sitting comfortably on the armchair at home. Take a look at our review to understand how Mspy works.


Among the best apps to control children's mobile phones we also find FlexiSpy, whose quality equals that of MSpy. Even the functions available to you are all in all similar, so you can use it to check your call logs and messages. But this application hides many surprises, unique in their kind.

For example, you can use it by transforming your smartphone into a sort of bug, therefore to pick up ambient sounds using the device's built - In microphone. To do this, simply select the SpyCall option from your control panel.

It is one of the very few applications that allows you this form of control, and you can even listen to and record phone calls. This way you will always know who your child is communicating with, and what the content of their conversations is.

This is a very valuable option to understand if you are getting into some trouble, or to protect your privacy. Secondly, FlexiSpy is compatible with all popular operating systems, from iOS up to Android. Also take a look at our in - Depth article that explains how FlexySpy works.


The leading trio is closed by IkeyMonitor, another essential app if you are wondering how to check the location of your children's cellphone. What is it about?

It shares many of the features already analyzed previously, as in the case of monitoring the boy's chats on WhatsApp and Facebook, together with the recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls, via the smartphone's microphone. Furthermore, being equipped with a geofencing function, it gives you the possibility to set a "border area" and to receive an alert if your child crosses it.

Given that it is one of the best spy apps on the market today, it is clear that the special functions do not end there. In fact, this application integrates a series of very advanced options that are very difficult to find elsewhere.

To give you some practical examples, IkeyMonitor gives you the possibility to block the mobile phone or the use of apps after a certain period of time, to limit the use of the device by the boy. Finally, thanks to this program it is possible to receive all notifications via e - Mail and record the ambient audio, through the microphone of the mobile phone.


In the field of cell phone surveillance software, AdenSpy may be less famous than the others, but it represents an absolute guarantee of quality. This app to control your children's cell phone, in fact, offers you a plethora of very advanced functions.

For example, let's refer to the recording of the ambient audio through the telephone microphone, so as to understand where the boy is. Furthermore, this spy program manages to capture the geographical coordinates of the boy's position, as always through the GPS module integrated in the phone.

The good news doesn't stop there, because AdenSpy.me has a probably one - Of - A - Kind feature. In fact, it works like a real surveillance camera, but special: in the sense that it records everything that happens on the mobile phone display, in such a way as to give you the opportunity to understand exactly how your child uses it.

For example, if you asked him not to play video games at school, or not to text with certain friends, thanks to the registration you will be able to know if he has respected your rules or not.


While not a real spy app, Cerberus is a fantastic application for controlling children's cell phones. It is different than the others seen above, so it requires some time to be set up properly, so as to make it work as a "hound" to monitor your kids (it was born, in fact, as an anti - Theft app).

Like other spy applications, Cerberus once installed operates in the background, so it is completely invisible and impossible to unmask, even if you have to configure it by selecting the appropriate option.

What does Cerberus specifically do? The functions are many, and include for example the ability to control the mobile phone remotely, therefore remotely. By doing so, you can read conversations, view files and generally activate any function of the device. Furthermore, it is a real tracker, consequently it is able to monitor the geographic location of the phone via the built - In GPS of the mobile phone. Consequently, Cerberus is a great app for checking the location of your kids' cell phones.


How to check the cell phone of the children? Mobile Fence can give you a high quality answer, since it integrates all the functions seen previously. As its name suggests, this spy application is equipped with a geofencing function: it means that it allows you to set up a "virtual fence" and receive an alert if your mobile phone passes it. To give you a concrete example: do you suspect that your child enters disreputable areas upon leaving school? With this function you will always know if it exceeds the boundaries of safe areas, and you can therefore act accordingly.

Mobile Fence can be considered as one of the most complete spy apps ever, and has some features specifically designed for monitoring teenagers and children.

For example, we tell you about the possibility of limiting their use of the smartphone, blocking the launch of prohibited applications and preventing access to blacklisted websites. Secondly, this spy software is obviously capable of intercepting the geographic location of the mobile at any time. Finally, it has a series of analysis tools that give you the possibility to know with mathematical precision what the boy is doing with his phone.


The control of the children's cell phone is an operation that can count on another protagonist of absolute reliability, that is Lookout. However, it is a more basic application than the others seen today, essentially based on the geo - Localization of the mobile phone and on a series of anti - Theft functions.

Of course you can use it to control the kid, thus using the various features it makes available to you. Specifically, we refer to the function to check the apps in use (App Monitor). It is clearly not possible to compare it with others, precisely because it has many limitations.

On the other hand, it is a smart and functional alternative solution, and in addition it is also free. In any case, however, all the most interesting functions are only available for a fee, although the price is negligible compared to the other spy apps seen today.

It must be repeated that it is not a professional tool, since it does not allow you to record phone calls or use the microphone of the mobile phone as an environmental bug. The other features are uninteresting for your purposes, such as the built - In antivirus and the ability to backup device data.


Now that you know how to control your children's cell phone, including GPS location, ambient audio, and messages, you may find other particular apps interesting.

The latter cannot always be considered real spy applications, as they are often designed for a specific purpose: to limit access to content of a certain type on the child's mobile phone. Long story short, they prevent it from opening certain sites or certain apps, along with other cool features.

Spazio Bimbi Parental Control: available only for Android, this app prevents access to applications and sites that you have blacklisted. In addition, it allows you to block calls and the reception of messages, together with the possibility of setting a timer to block the operation of the device after a certain amount of time.

Kid's Shell: This is a real shield to protect kids' privacy. In this case, it only allows the use of apps approved by parents, and the same applies to access to websites. In practice, it creates a real comfort zone from which the child will not be able to get out.

Qustodio: this application has been designed to prevent, as always, the child's access to content that you consider unsuitable for him. In addition, it gives you the possibility to monitor its activities on social networks, to geolocate the mobile phone, to block calls and to control them. In short, a real "custody" for their safety.

Norton Family: the well - Known software house specializing in antivirus has created a spy app full of many interesting features. Norton Family allows you, for example, to check the child's messaging, browser history (therefore the sites he visits), social networks and much more.

KidLogger: another lap, another race, another system to understand how to check the children's cell phone. KidLogger allows you to monitor the child's activities on social networks, the applications used and the time spent on the mobile. Unfortunately, it is a simple monitor, so it has no function to block unwanted activities or to prevent access to specific sites or apps.

AppLock: AppLock, on the contrary, is a software that was created specifically to block certain activities carried out by the boy on his phone. To give you some concrete examples, the application in question allows you to set an access block to email, multimedia content, the web and social networks.

Screen Time Parental Control: let's close this long list of apps to control your children's mobile with Screen Time Parental Control. Thanks to this program you can check how long you use your mobile phone, what apps it uses and your browser history.


Some very basic apps give you certain functions for free, but the latter are almost useless for controlling your children's cell phone. The applications that are created for this purpose, in fact, are much more complex and paid.

You can always take advantage of a free trial period to see if you like them and how they work, but when they expire (if you want to continue using them) you will have to pay for them. However, we assure you that it is worth it, because the safety of children is priceless.

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