HOMEParental Control AppHow Can I Monitor My Son's Phone and Know Who He Is Chatting On Whatsapp?

How Can I Monitor My Son's Phone and Know Who He Is Chatting On Whatsapp?

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Today love and personal relationships are what they always were, but in modern communications there are doubts or insecurities that can take away our sleep about who my partner will be talking to. And what is he saying?

People who are jealous or who have any doubts about the fidelity of their great love will be surprised to learn that there is technology that today allows them to see who they speak with on WhatsApp.

Well, it is a reality, new technologies have accelerated and increased the number of messages we write per day, including the number of people we can reach thanks to applications such as WhatsApp, where you can not only write to a "friend" or "friend "That he is in a different city hundreds of kilometers away and even in a different country.

Also the enrichment of communications with the possibility of sending and receiving audios, images and videos gives a wide source of information to know what our partner is doing on whatsapp and to know with whom he is talking or what he is sharing.


There are reasons that can arouse the curiosity of a couple to know what the other person does, and these reasons can be, for example, that they no longer tell details of their activities in their free time, or never leave the cell phone out of their sight or you spend a lot more extra hours at work than you used to before.

Well, in this article we are going to tell all the people who would like to have an application to know with whom their partner talks on WhatsApp and what, he says two methods to achieve it.

  1. The first method is the so - Called Reverse Search of a Telephone Number: This method is based on knowing the data of the person to whom a certain number belongs. In other words, starting from a telephone number you will be able to know who it belongs to and other additional information such as its location, if it had previous owners other than the current one and if it is a mobile or fixed line.
  2. The second and most reliable and comprehensive method is to use a good mobile spy app. With just a few steps it will be possible to install and configure a small but powerful program on your partner's cell phone that will give access to all the information you require.


You can find many spyware and applications on the Internet, but finding one that really works and does what it promises is more complicated, but not impossible.

Choosing one of all those that we can find on the internet could be like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially if we are not technology experts.

Some apps are free and promise to do a lot of things, but are they safe? If we are not careful we could fall into the hands of scammers who not only do not give us access to the information that we are so demanding, but we could endanger our personal data or our partner's cell phone.

To help you in this difficult task, we have already tested most of the applications available on the market of this type. Therefore we can say that, among all these tracking apps, the one that works the best is undoubtedly one called CellSpy.


CellSpy is more than a WhatsApp spy. This tracking app also allows you to do all of the following:

  • Spy on WhatsApp and other chat applications (Telegram, Messenger, SnapChat etc.)
  • Read text messages and email conversations
  • Monitor internet browser history
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing phone calls
  • Track mobile phone location by GPS signal
  • Control application usage
  • Block access to web pages
  • View photos, videos, and files on your phone
  • Spy on the phone book
  • Hack social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

These are just some of the features offered by CellSpy. Also CellSpy is compatible with the main operating systems: Android and iOS.

Once installed and configured on the device that we want to spy on, it will keep running in a hidden way. No one will know that it is there, only you and even if your partner deletes information that they do not want you to know about, that would not be a problem for CellSpy, since everything will be registered in the control panel so that you can see it at the moment that you want it.

As you can see, with this tracker program you will be able to know who your boyfriend talks to on WhatsApp and much more.

Don't waste your time and money with other apps and get rid of your doubts about your boyfriend once and for all.

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