HOMETrack Partner PhoneHow Can I Find Evidence in My Wife's Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing?

How Can I Find Evidence in My Wife's Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing?

How to track your partner's phone and SMS history

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Worrying that one's wife might be unfaithful can be extremely stressful for a man. Should you think "my wife is cheating on me" or ask yourself "is my wife cheating on me?", Then you may use every little piece of evidence to mentally suspect your partner. Often this suspicion is not unfounded: an estimated 40 percent of all women have cheated in a relationship before.

The following article reveals how you can tell that a woman is cheating - And what reasons psychology finds for cheating.

Correctly interpreting circumstantial evidence - How do you know that a woman is cheating?

Infidelity is always a matter of definition. For some couples it only begins with physical cheating, others see even emotional cheating as a small fraud. However, it is not always easy to clearly recognize an affair as such. If you're wondering, "How do I know that my wife is cheating on me?", Let's give you some classic clues that point to a possible extra - Partner affair. The more of these clues apply at the same time, the higher the likelihood of being cheated on in the relationship to become.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Stress and cold in the relationship

Of course, the behavior after cheating is also fundamentally different. Be it emotional cheating or a real affair: Anyone who suddenly hovers on cloud nine can be in love with others. As soon as the partner is in a strange, unreasonable good mood, trills through the apartment differently than usual or writes messages with a mischievous smile - Then she could enjoy an extramarital affair.

Conversely, it can also be that she is unusually angry, aggressive or passionate around you. Once you ask friendly questions, she can respond that you are spying on her. This may actually indicate that she is spending time with someone else and may develop remorse that she cannot deal with.

Changes in cell phone use

Men can uncover the truth by critically questioning their loved ones' cell phone use. If the relationship suddenly loses confidence in reading an SMS or answering a call in front of the other person, caution is advised. Should the partner have been writing more and more on WhatsApp recently and put the mobile phone aside when asked as if caught, all the alarm bells rightly ring. The same principle naturally applies to messages exchanged via Facebook and other social networks.

If your wife puts the smartphone on the table with the display facing down, there are also many indications that she is hiding a secret. Another indication that points to an affair is when the partner suddenly changes her password. If you can no longer access your cell phone or if you can not read the browser history in the shared PC user account, you should be mistrustful.

Secretly install a spy app and monitor text messages - Better safe than sorry

Once you suspect your partner may be cheating, it may be worth playing it safe. An espionage app installed on your partner's smartphone can help to reveal the secret of infidelity - Or, conversely, refute unfounded suspicions. The app, which is invisible after installation, allows you to call up call logs, view the calendar or monitor emails, SMS and chat messages in WhatsApp and other social networks.

App installation instructions step - By - Step

If thoughts arise about fraud as part of a partnership, the app (review) can be installed on the partner's smartphone as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to create an account and pay for it.
  2. You should then log in to as a user.
  3. Then you select the respective operating system and click on "continue".
  4. The installation can then begin. On Android, the checkmark "Allow unknown origin" must be activated under the "Settings" tab.
  5. You now have to enter kypler.com/android in the internet browser.
  6. The app can then be downloaded and saved on the device.

Monitor partner text messages

Suddenly more complex body care and a new fragrance

"I think my wife is cheating on me". Many men have this suspicion whose wives suddenly smell unusually different or do extensive personal hygiene. A masculine scent can also indicate that another man has been sexually cheated. when women take a shower immediately after work, for example, or take their sexy lace underwear with them on a business trip "just like that".

It is well known that women like to go shopping a lot. Anyone who is with such a "shopaholic" does not have to immediately think: "Help, my wife is cheating on me. What should I do?" Then it is perfectly normal for the lady to come in the door with a new outfit. Things look different as soon as, for example, she constantly wears high - Heeled pumps for work and uses make - Up for a girls' evening in a strikingly sexy way.

New hobby, more freedom

If you watch your relationship carefully, you may notice the following detail. If your partner suddenly acts much more tolerantly and lets you through more than usual, she could cheat. You should also pay attention if she suddenly suggests that you spend more time with your old friends again.

It is also possible that your partner suddenly pursues a new, unfamiliar hobby. If this indicator is observable along with other strange behaviors, you should pay attention.

Why cheat women?

Why some people cheat emotionally or physically cannot be generalized from a behavioral perspective. Rather, cheating is a highly personal, individual matter. Still, many affairs have a similar trigger.

What are the reasons for cheating?

Most of the time, the cheating woman is missing something in their relationship. If you think: "I think that my wife is cheating on me", it may be that she misses the closeness and security in your relationship. A lack of attention can also contribute to partners who were once very in love suddenly cheating the topic of affair comes up sooner or later with every couple and have you ever wondered if you can forgive an affair?

What to do if the partner cheats

The mentioned clues do not automatically mean an affair with one hundred percent certainty. Rather, partners can simply develop differently over the years. However, if the change comes abruptly and for no understandable reason, you should listen to your gut instinct. Sooner or later you will not get around an honest conversation in which the relationship problems are clearly stated. It is correct to speak to the partner openly and honestly about the possible infidelity if there is any suspicion. However, there is of course no guarantee that the question will be answered honestly.


There is no one hundred percent clear "evidence" to convict a partner of cheating. Nevertheless, anyone who reflects on his or her partnership can determine clear changes in behavior or personality. New hobbies, expensive gifts or excessive personal hygiene: As soon as these clues appear, it is Chances are high that the partner is cheating.

If a woman confesses to cheating in an open conversation, it causes great emotional harm for you as a partner. It is not uncommon for the question to arise whether trust in the partner can ever be restored. However, if the partner has cheated on the relationship, it does not necessarily have to be doomed to failure.

If both are willing to leave their suspicions behind and emotionally come to terms with the betrayal, the relationship may be saved. Then it can be worthwhile, for example, to start therapy after cheating. The focus is on both partners, who from now on perceive and evaluate their needs in a completely new way. However, therapy after cheating does not automatically mean success. Sometimes distrust and jealousy run too deep so that previous injuries can no longer be repaired. Therapy can then help to gradually let go of the other - Combined with healthy separation pain.

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