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Find evidence of your partner's betrayal through a mobile spy app

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Although terms such as faithfulness and loyalty to a partner sound edifying, the reality often turns out to be less rosy. Especially today, in the era of more and more dating sites and fascination with social media, making new, intimate friends has become easier than ever before. In this article, we discuss the impact of new technologies and trends on infidelity in relationships, and how to prove it.

Just two decades ago, the Polish reality was completely different than today. The Internet was just beginning to develop, mobile phones were almost a luxury good, and no one had heard of social networking before. The technological progress that we have witnessed in recent years has undoubtedly improved our lives in many respects. However, development also has its dark side. The ease of making new contacts or renewing old contacts often contributes to romances.

In recent years, a lot of research has been done on the impact of social media on the frequency of cheating. In 2011, Divorce - Online.co.uk's divorce portal analyzed 5,000 divorce petitions. It turned out that the word "Facebook" appeared in 33% of them. Sexologist prof. Zbigniew Izdebski has prepared an interesting report "The sexuality of Poles at the beginning of the 21st century". It showed that over 48% of men and 42% of women among Internet users admitted to the betrayal initiated in the Internet space.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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The conviction of anonymity that virtual contacts seem to give affects the ease of making new friends, and thus the greater frequency of cheating than before. It couldn't be simpler than finding your old love on Facebook and sending it a seemingly innocent message. And from here it is a short way to a face - To - Face meeting.

It's not just social media that is dangerous. Every year there are new dating sites and applications, including those designed specifically for people looking for an opportunity to cheat. Smartphones also play a significant role, as they significantly influenced the frequency of network contacts. Instant access to chats and portals, the ability to send messages anywhere, anytime - It's hard to find a better tool for unfaithful partners. According to research conducted on British citizens, as many as 40% of respondents who experienced cheating discovered evidence on their partner's smartphone.

What has been said on the Internet stays on the Internet

The results of these studies should come as no surprise. Betrayal over the Internet or by telephone always leaves its mark. Sent sms, emails and chat messages can be deleted, but their copy is on the recipient's side. The same applies to content posted on the web - It almost never completely disappears. Anyway, even clearing the inbox, browser history or even the entire computer / smartphone is never 100% effective.

There are ways to retrieve this information. They are - Along with several other methods - Sometimes the last resort for betrayed partners. Below are the top three tips to help you detect and prove an online betrayal.

Phone data recovery

Recovering lost files can help you confirm your own assumptions about your unfaithful partner. We offer this service using the latest technology combined with expert knowledge. Each delivered product undergoes a thorough expertise, which will show, among others, how long may the data recovery process take.

By using this service, you can recover most of your apparently lost files, although a lot depends on the specific device and the time since they were deleted. Another problem may be obtaining a partner's phone for the duration of the expertise. Despite these caveats, data recovery may be useful in some circumstances.

Computer and telephone spyware

"Prevention is better than cure" - In line with this universal idea, it is worth considering spyware, thanks to which you can easily and discreetly monitor your partner's activity on the network. Solutions in this category are divided into programs for personal computers and applications for the phone. In the first group, the most popular products from the SpyLogger family.

After installation, the keylogger starts recording all the characters typed on the keyboard, takes screenshots and collects the audio from the microphone (in the case of SpyLogger Mail Plus version). An important feature of these products is the fact that they are invisible to the computer user and anti - Virus software.

For phone spying, we recommend the SpyPhone Extreme application - A phone spy program, dedicated to Android devices (currently there is no solution for iOS systems). The operator gains access to sent messages, smartphone location data, and can also listen to phone calls live.

Note that spyware must be physically installed on your device - There is no way to install it remotely. Fortunately, the process itself is simple and quick, so it shouldn't cause too much trouble. The legal issue is also important.

According to Polish regulations, secret collection of information is not allowed. Therefore, knowledge gathered through spyware or a data recovery service can only be used to confirm or contradict your own doubts. Any other use or disclosure to third parties may result in unpleasant legal consequences.

Help a detective discover the betrayal

If a betrayal becomes a fact, it often leads to the courtroom. Divorce cases often turn out to be so complicated that it is difficult to think about a positive verdict without obtaining clear evidence. So, once you have confirmed your initial concerns, the next step should be to visit a professional detective agency.

An excellent choice will be to use the help of Detective Shop - A detective agency that will ensure the highest quality of services offered. The professionals working in it will obtain evidence using methods such as discreet observation combined with audio - Video recording, cyber intelligence, and environmental intelligence. They will also make sure that the collected materials can be used as valid evidence. Importantly, the detective will also find relevant witnesses for the case and make sure that they appear for the trial.

Do you suspect treason? Start doing!

The above - Described methods do not cover such a complex topic as partner betrayal. A few months ago, for example, we wrote about the use of discrete AV recorders to gather evidence.

Remember, however, that methods such as eavesdropping or computer monitoring do not have to be immediately necessary. An honest conversation with your partner can sometimes work wonders and prevent unpleasantness. However, when the situation turns out to be so serious that no conversations will bring any results, remember about the methods mentioned in this text - Thanks to them you can save yourself a lot of trouble and nerves.

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