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Download and Test the Free Mobile Spy App

Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety - Phone monitoring App for Parents

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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The need to monitor the smartphone of underage children worries not a few concerned parents - No wonder when you consider cyberbullying, stalking and grooming. Employers find themselves in the situation of having to control the behavior and movements of employees, and those who are concerned about the loyalty of their partner also want a spy app for their cell phone. The best spy apps can also be used to protect against theft. But which solutions are free and serious at the same time? We introduce the best providers!

Cell phone spy apps - Secretly monitor someone else's cell phone

  • Monitoring apps are also available for free or as a trial version
  • Powerful apps are suitable for Android and iOS
  • Ensure child protection and data protection with the app
  • After installation, the software works invisibly in the background

What exactly is a spy app?

With a spy app it is possible to access messengers such as WhatsApp or Telegram as well as photos, videos, SMS messages and calls and thereby control the entire data carrier. In some cases, such an app includes the feature of being able to locate cell phones or the software serves as a type of remote control. The app automatically saves the collected data on a server to which the app user has access.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Reputable providers of the cell phone spy app for free - IPhone & Android

If you are looking for a free monitoring app for a smartphone, you will quickly find websites online that offer you to spy on any cell phone you want for free with just a few inputs. But such sites are just decoys - The operators care about your data or about smuggling viruses and malware onto your system. Really good, extensive apps are usually available as a subscription, but you can test some of them in a "lean" free version or for a limited period of time. Here are our three favorites:

Advantages and functions of the all - Round cellSpy app

CellSpy is one of the "longest serving" providers of cell phone monitoring for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Since 2011, the spy software has allowed worried parents to monitor their underage children, even without physical access to the smartphone, only via the user - Login. But Android mobile phones can also be monitored. The powerful app allows seamless monitoring online and offline. Chats on Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms are monitored, and incoming and outgoing emails and SMS can also be viewed. Online activities, browser history and multimedia content are just as easy to control as GPS locations and phone calls. Individual applications can be locked remotely and CellSpy can even be used to listen to rooms. The app can be tested free of charge before you decide to subscribe.

CellSpy - IPhone & Android Spy App

Advantages and functions of iKeyMonitor: Versatile app based on keylogger

iKeyMonitor works just as extensively as Spyera (App Review). You can download the cell phone spy app for free and use it to monitor mobile data from SMS and email - If you also want to control chat services such as Whatsapp or Facebook, you have to upgrade to the paid version. To do this, iKeyMonitor also accesses lesser - Known messenger services that cannot be monitored with other apps! Just like CellSpy or Hoverwatch, iKeyMonitor is also available for the operating system on Android smartphones and iPhones and works discreetly and invisibly in the background.

Try iKeyMonitor for free

Hoverwatch: advantages and functions of the app

Most surveillance apps were originally designed for the iPhone and were later expanded to be used on Android devices. Therefore, installation is often not easy and requires a jailbreak. Hoverwatch is a spy app that can be set up without requiring any in - Depth technical knowledge. The range of functions with this app is just as comprehensive as with CellSpy - It is possible to monitor chats, messages, text messages and e - Mail, as well as listening in on phone calls, determining location and movements, and checking Internet activities.

Test spy app for free: Some providers make it possible

It is clear that users want to convince themselves of what software can do. Of course, it is best if you can first study and compare the features of the individual spy apps, whether for iPhone or Android mobile phones. This is not possible with all spy apps, but you can test CellSpy for free, Qustodio and a free version of iKeyMonitor with limited functionality is available - Enough to give you an idea of how far you can spy with the full version.

What to start with when installing the spy software?

If you want to test or buy a spy software, you will find that the installation is very easy and done in a few steps. And this is how you do it:

  1. Register for a user account on the website of the respective app. All you have to do is enter your email address and a password of your choice.
  2. Then choose the test or free version or a subscription model and download the app that is compatible with the device. The full version requires payment beforehand, but this can be done easily with a credit card or PayPal.
  3. Now you can install and set up the software on the target mobile phone (iPhone / Android), the processes are self - Explanatory and very intuitive.
  4. Done - Once installed, you can use the app to monitor chats, calls and other data invisibly from the background!

Conclusion: You can test monitoring software for free!

To effectively monitor a smartphone, you don't need any hacking knowledge - And you don't have to buy a pig in a poke. There are reputable, very functional programs such as CellSpy, iKeyMonitor and Hoverwatch that allow complete control of other cell phones - Sometimes even without access to the target device. In this way you can guarantee child protection or the security of sensitive company data. The excellent software solutions allow you to spy on all activities of the smartphone invisibly in the background - With some programs also free of charge. Try it out now!

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