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Download and Install the Free Android Phone Spy App

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Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Spyware technology has already become one of the indispensable security solutions of the modern world. But of course there are still parents and employers unfamiliar with the Android spyware world who haven't been able to take advantage of the benefits that this technology provides. Undoubtedly, the biggest share in this is to be afraid of the cost and difficulty of use of spyware.

Overcoming these concerns may seem a bit easier when the tracking program is free; However, using free spyware will instantly diminish all your attention. The Internet is full of free tracking programs that do not work as promised or do not work at all, and contain harmful or unwanted software.

Free and Paid Android Spy Software

  • Free and Paid Android Spy Software
  • How to Track Android?
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Keeping children out of danger
  • Listening to Employees
  • Following suspected / cheating spouses
  • What services does Android spy software offer?
  • What if You Can't Run Required Features of Spyware Because You Can't Root?
Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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First, you should know that not all personal and corporate spyware services on the market need to be charged astronomically or have complex use. There are also spyware products such as mSpy that offer easy use at affordable prices, and you can even avoid paying for extra features you will not use by choosing from different packages, however, they have advanced features and always provide support with customer service.

Let's list the differences between mSpy and a free Android tracker:

How to root?

  • 24/7 live Turkish support and online help for free initial setup.

  • Reliability - Unlike free software, you can be assured that mSpy will not install advertisements or malware on devices and will not sell the collected information to others.

  • Dozens of features that work without interruption.

  • Not being fully detected.

  • Many advanced features such as geofencing, keyword alert, keylogger.

How to Track Android?

Installing spyware on the target phone and logging into the control panel over the internet is sufficient when using a paid spy software.

Go to On - Screen Display Setup Guide

The spyware itself does the rest, users do not have to do anything but review the reports automatically collected by the software and take the necessary action. But keep in mind that if you want to install Android spy software to track a device, you will need to set up physical access to that device, albeit briefly. Make sure the customer support team will assist you during the installation.

In our increasingly digitalized world, where new technologies are included in our lives every day, we encounter smart solutions, even thoughts of which were dreams in the past. Android spyware is one of these smart solutions that help people in the increasingly mobile modern world.

It is now possible to find out whether your employees are working during working hours, to observe their relations with colleagues, to protect your children from all kinds of dangers and to reduce your worries thanks to spyware!

Reliable and user friendly

Android phone tracking software works in invisible mode, allowing you to be aware of various activities on the phone you are watching. You can discover everything related to the phone you are watching with options such as GPS locations, phone calls, instant messaging, listening environment. You can have the opportunity to review your business, friendship and private relationships with Android spy programs, which are part of the mobile viewing industry. Before considering the best of the applications that professionals who like to consider all possibilities, it is useful to take a look at what services they offer in general and who their target audience is.

Keeping children out of danger

The most effective use of spyware for Android is to keep track of what children are doing. Today, parents who want to follow their children who do not step without a mobile phone want to protect their underage children from cyber attacks and the negative effects of the wrong circle of friends. Android spy software can monitor all activities on the child's phone as well as prevent them from accessing sites with harmful content. In this way, parents are sure of the safety of their children by taking advantage of technological opportunities and continue their lives with peace of mind. Our advice to families is to search for the most effective and accurate software and track their children with an Android spy program they can trust.

Listening to Employees

Today, business professionals who love to evaluate all kinds of possibilities and take precautions prefer to use spyware to monitor the performance of their employees. Thus, they have the opportunity to find out whether an employee they suspect in their company has leaked information, and whether the employees fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them. Respecting the private life of the employees, only the phones provided to them for work can be tracked. For this reason, executives who want to track their staff must prove that the phone lines used in the company are legal.

Following suspected / cheating spouses

Today, when the number of people who do not use mobile phones is almost non - Existent, you can take advantage of the Android phone tracking program to overcome the problems you have in your private life to some extent and to refresh your trust in your spouse or lover. With this application that will allow you to understand whether your doubts are justified or not, you will neither need private detectives nor do paranoia. You can try the Android tracking program, which is suitable for Android phone users, and face the facts. Don't worry that your spying will be understood.

What services does Android spy software offer?

See Search History

You can track all types of incoming, outgoing, missed calls made with the phone you are watching, and you can see who made a call from the names in the phone book, or the numbers that made the call if the name is not stored. You get details such as the time of the call, the duration of the call. So nothing goes unnoticed. The search history view feature can be very useful to see what your employees or family members are talking about, and to be aware of whether there is a leak from the company.

Location Detection with GPS

With this feature, you can determine the location of the tracked phone in detail. Thanks to the Android phone tracking program, you can have this feature, which can be very useful in order to know whether your daughter or son is at the place he said, and to make sure that your employee is really stuck in traffic and running late.

Listening to Ambient Sounds

With the Android spy program that you can manage remotely, you have the chance to listen to any sound in the area of the phone you are monitoring. The feature of listening to the ambient sounds to see what kind of environment your child is in and what is being talked about offers a one - To - One solution.

Tracking of Messaging Applications

Thanks to Android spy software, it is very easy to follow the conversations that take place through applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook and to learn all the details of these conversations. You can see incoming calls and conversations over Skype, all kinds of messages over Whatsapp and iMessage, and you can enjoy this feature in cases where it is insufficient to follow incoming and outgoing calls.

Tracking E - Mails

You can track received and sent e - Mails with the Android phone tracking program. For example, you can see who your company staff sends an e - Mail with the phone you have provided to him. By being aware of the contents of all incoming and outgoing e - Mails from afar, thanks to e - Espionage, your child learns where he / she is, and when the time comes, you get evidence about a subject you have been chasing for a long time. In addition, you can clearly learn the date and time of received or sent e - Mails and by whom they were received and sent.

Monitoring Internet Usage

With Android spy software, it is possible to see which websites the person you follow has visited, access the URLs of these sites, and learn the information when they visit the sites. In addition, with its internet usage monitoring feature, you can block site content that you do not deem appropriate for your children or employees. You have the opportunity to access the Wi - Fi connection name of your child or your employees, or even the password of the network to which they are connected. For example, your child hanged from school and went to a nearby cafe and connected to the internet, you will get this information instantly. You will also be able to know where your employees are by monitoring their internet usage and the network they connect to.

SMS and MMS Tracking

Your child or employees can interact with risks through messaging, which almost everyone makes use of when communicating. To keep them out of it or at least be aware of it, SMS and MMS monitoring is a good feature of Android spyware.

Access to Calendar and Address Book

With Android spy software, you can directly access the calendar and address book on the phone you are watching. Scheduled meetings, details of meetings, names saved in the address book are thus available to you.

What if You Can't Run Required Features of Spyware Because You Can't Root?

You should be very careful about this, you should know that the rooting process is entirely your responsibility, and that spyware companies will not be responsible for any problems that may arise. Because even if spyware requires rooting and they support you in this regard, the process takes place independently before the software they sell is installed.

Therefore, it is not possible to get a refund from most companies. Only companies such as mSpy trying to give their customers the best help in rooting say that if you cannot run the software because you cannot root, they cannot refund money. Before purchasing spyware, we strongly recommend that you consult the customer service of the companies on your preference list and ask any questions you may have about return and support services.

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