HOMEParental Control AppDo I Need to Use a Spy App to Control My Child's Phone?

Do I Need to Use a Spy App to Control My Child's Phone?

How to Monitor Child's Phone Remotely - Best Parental Control App

Protecting children online - A real challenge for many parents. At the latest when younger children receive their first smartphone, fears arise. Without the practical devices it is hardly possible, especially when children are picked up from school, friends or tutoring. But at the same time the cell phone is also a "gateway" to undesirable influences. These can be (costly) ringtones advertisements, fake friends and even sexually assaulting people. The following text explains the dangers that your children face and what you can do.

Drawing boundaries and allowing freedom as a challenge for parents

Benevolent parental control that manages to leave space and set limits creates the best conditions for the healthy development of adolescents. Because in their teens, children begin to lose cord. For the first time, friends and schoolmates become more important than parents, and a not inconsiderable part of the free time is spent in the group of peers. And right now, as a mother or father, you must not lose track of what your child is doing and who they are dealing with.

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Authoritative upbringing makes sense

Studies in the DE / USA have shown that the so - Called authoritative style of upbringing is particularly successful. This must be clearly distinguished from the mere authoritarian behavior of parents who set strict limits without discussing their meaningfulness with their children. When it comes to being authoritative, however, parents don't just set limits. They make them understandable and, perhaps more importantly, set an example of what they demand. What is particularly astonishing is that the most successful parental control is opposite - Sex - When mothers keep an eye on their sons and fathers keep an eye on their daughters. Once broken down, researchers were able to prove that such influence and control has a particularly good effect on the risk appetite of children and adolescents - This was examined using the example of drinking behavior.

Stay in control during the critical years

But how can you monitor your children, especially during the critical teenage years, when external influences are constantly increasing and control can quickly slip away from you? Parental controls on the Internet and communication with strangers are a headache for most parents because children and young people are impulsive. Although they know that there is unsuitable content that is harmful to minors, they can often be easily persuaded in a clique to watch or share videos with violent or sexual content, for example. The consequences can be devastating.

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Monitoring software reassures parents

Fortunately, you can get insights into your children's behavior online without being overly obvious and authoritarian. Monitoring apps that are installed on the smartphone or tablet offer a possible solution. Parents can block certain websites or apps.
In addition, spy apps usually give mothers and fathers the option of reading communications in the most important chat and messenger services, checking SMS and e - Mail and viewing multimedia files. Quite a few surveillance apps allow remote access to the camera and microphone and the determination of the location or even real movement profiles.

More privacy is also possible with a corresponding app

Anyone who wants to give adolescents more privacy can use software that makes continuous control of all content superfluous. Some apps allow you to define key words - If these terms appear in the chat or in an email, you will receive a notification via the alarm function and you can always intervene. Certain common areas can also be defined in this way, and you know when the child leaves the area that has been delimited as permitted.

The software works invisibly

High quality monitoring apps therefore make a significant contribution to parental control. The high - Performance technology is not free, but it is quite affordable with a subscription. After an uncomplicated registration, the app can be downloaded, installed and configured. Then it works completely invisible in the background, because a symbol is not created on the screen. And by the way, the apps are also an effective anti - Theft protection against the loss of the cell phone, because the device can be found again via GPS.

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Conclusion: Parental control using high - Quality software has many advantages

By puberty at the latest, adolescents can no longer be completely monitored - That would also not be conducive to their development. When children increasingly demand freedom, mothers and fathers can still be reassured. Modern monitoring apps provide insights into the online habits of children and their circle of friends - If desired, very discreetly in the background. You can test many surveillance apps free of charge for a limited period of time and form your own opinion on how much they contribute to the safety of your children.

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