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Can I Track the Someone's Location by Whatsapp?

How to Track WhatsApp and See Others Whatsapp Messages

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Whatsapp, which is an application installed on almost all mobile phones around the world, continues to spread gradually with its ease of use and all other advanced features it has. This application, which also has group conversations, has important features such as live video calls, sending photos, files and voice messages.

There are Whatsapp tracking software applications for parents who are wondering who and how long their children are talking to on Whatsapp or for employers who do not want their employees to chat online during work time. Mspy, one of the most preferred of these applications, provides a detailed report to its users.

How to track Whatsapp?

Whatsapp, one of the most used instant messaging platforms, can make us anxious about who our children meet and what kind of content they receive. We can protect our children from harmful people and content, get information about their location, access all search logs, and prevent those we find harmful in the sites they visit, without disturbing our children and giving them the feeling that they are being followed.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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In our world where safe internet is not fully implemented yet, tracking programs come to the rescue of parents and employers at this point. In this article, we will give you information about how to track Whatsapp and which tracking programs are. We will also enlighten about which of these programs are the best and how to use them. If you are looking for a tracking program especially for Whatsapp, you will learn how to do this in the light of this information.

When you want to follow someone's Whatsapp account, there are multiple ways to do this. Whatsapp spy programs are one of them. In addition, Web tracking and Whatsapp tracking programs can be provided. Let's examine these with their pros and cons.

WhatsApp Monitoring

Whatsapp Web

As you know, we can use Whatsapp not only from your mobile phone, but also from your tablet, laptop or desktop computer. To do this, all you have to do is to enter the address https://web.whatsapp.com/ and scan the QR code on the screen with the Whatsapp application on your mobile phone. As soon as the scan is finished, your Whatsapp account will be displayed on your computer and you will start using it just like on your mobile phone.

If you want to track in this way, you need to get the phone of the person whose Whatsapp you want to follow for a few seconds. Then, when you enter the Whatsapp Web address from your computer and scan the code displayed on the screen with this person's phone, his Whatsapp will open and you will be able to access all the information.

However, the point to note here is that although the process is very simple, if the phone moves away from your computer, the connection will be disconnected. For this reason, it is important that the phone you will follow can remain within the boundaries of your home. In addition, the person whose phone you are tracking may notice that they are currently connected to the web application on their phone screen. This will mean that you will be caught.

Mac Spoofing

Although this method requires some technical knowledge, it is free of charge and it is a follow - Up method that anyone can successfully apply when the given instructions are followed completely. However, physical access to the target phone is still necessary here.

  • First of all, delete the Whatsapp application from your phone.
  • Take the target phone and find its MAC address. This address consists of binary numbers such as 01: 52: 28: 39: 79. Android phones are referred to as Settings, About Phone, Status, WiFi MAC Address. It can be found on iPhone as Settings, General, About, WIFI.
  • Then save your own phone's MAC address aside.
  • Enter the MAC address of the target phone on your own phone. Thus, Whatsapp will immediately recognize this address and you will have access to the target phone's account.
  • You can use MAC spoof applications such as Wifispoof for iPhone, BusyBox for Android.
  • Install Whatsapp on your own phone and run it with the target phone number.
  • After that, a verification code will be sent to the target phone and you must have the phone in the meantime. Confirm the incoming code and delete it from the target phone. Whatsapp of the person you want to follow will now start working on your phone.

This method is actually not as complicated as it seems. Moreover, it is free. However, there is still a process that will require the target phone to remain with you for a while.

Tracking Applications

We can say that tracking applications are the best method that can be used for Whatsapp tracking. They are preferred more because they are easy to use and risk - Free. Many tracking applications are currently sold around the world and all of them are legal to use. Still, you can choose the one that suits you best by making a comparison between them.

After purchasing this service, you are provided with customer service support on how to use it. Moreover, you can terminate the application at any time. Today, applications such as mSpy, Flexispy, Spybubble and MobieSpy are the most preferred. While prices vary, almost all of them provide the same service. By reviewing these applications, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself and start using it without wasting any time after purchasing.

Best phone tracker 2021


It is one of the best Whatsapp tracking programs. It has quite a lot of users around the world. It can be used on iPhone and Android phones. Among the services it offers:

  • tracking records
  • SMS records
  • Whatsapp messages
  • geolocation etc.

It provides services such as framing the target phone geographically and sending notification when it goes outside the frame, blocking desired websites, blocking some of the incoming calls, seeing e - Mail correspondence and internet history.

The e - Mail sent to you after purchasing mSpy contains information on how to install the program step by step. In addition, the username and password of the account opened on your behalf are also included. In the light of this information, you can easily install the program on the target phone, log in to the account opened in your name and start takşbah. The program has a free trial period of one week. However, if you do not like it after purchase, you can return it within 10 days and get your money. Thanks to 24/7 customer service, you can ask any issue you may have at any time.



SpyBubble, which we will consider second, is one of the most preferred and one of the best phone tracking software. This spy tracking program, developed for families and employers, is also extremely simple to install and use. The services it provides are also quite extensive: Listening to calls, listening to environmental sounds, SMS tracking, call tracking, Whatsapp tracking, iMessenger tracking, Access to photos and E - Mails, remote control, location information, contacts access and browsing history.

To use this application, you need to access the target phone for a short time and install the software on the link sent to you. You should not worry that the software you install will be seen by the phone owner because it is an application that runs in the background without any icons on the screen. In addition, by entering the account opened for you in SpyBubble, it is possible to instantly see every movement of the phone you want to track. The price and payment options are suitable for everyone. It can be used on iphone and Android phones.



Known as one of the best Whatsapp spy software, MobileSpy has been serving many customers around the world with its long - Standing experience. This app is currently sold in more than 150 countries. Social media activities such as Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, Vine and Viber, location information, call logs, SMS and MMS tracking, photo and video images, visiting eidlen sites, contacts in the directory, incoming and outgoing e - Mails. you will be able to get all the information.

It is also possible to get help in your own language in this program, which is offered with multiple different package options. There are live chat facilities with technical support and customer service. In addition to fast and easy installation, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. There are many payment options.

How to use Whatsapp spy programs?

It is easier to use spy programs, which are an ideal option for providing internet security for our children and preventing employees from spending time on social media during work time. These softwares, which you can easily install in a short time with the help of customer services, without the need for technological knowledge, will enable you to start monitoring target phones instantly.

You should purchase the tracking program you intend to use for Whatsapp, one of the most used instant messaging platforms. As soon as you select the program you will use and complete the purchase, an e - Mail will be sent to you by the customer service. This e - Mail contains both the username and password of an account opened for you and the link of the program you will download to the target phone.

Almost all spy programs require physical access to the target phone. For this reason, you need to have your employees' or your child's phones at hand enough for the program's installation time. The e - Mail sent to you contains information about all the steps required. How to install the program on the target phone is given with pictures and step by step. If you still want to get help, you can do this with the help of customer service.

After completing the setup and logging into the account opened for you and starting tracking, physical access to the target phone is not required again. You can now log in to your account and start tracking instantly and see detailed reports prepared for you.

For example, mSpy tracking program has four different subscription options for Android devices: 1 Month Basic, 1 Month Premium, 3 Months Premium and 12 Months Premium. Prices range from 12.49 TL to 53.99 TL per month. First of all, you sign up with your e - Mail address. After making your choice, you click on the 'Buy' option and fill in the form completely.

The screen guides you step - By - Step through the subscription and purchase process. If you want assistance with installation, you must choose one of the two options and pay for them. These options help with mAssistance setup and Support Priority Line 24/7 Premium Technical Assistance. Then, when you enter your payment information and click the 'Send Order' button, the purchase process is completed.

A video for the installation process is available on the mSpy website. The whole process is explained in detail here, but if you need assistance, you can call customer service or contact the live chat line.


If you want to protect your children and loved ones from online bullying, peer bullying or harmful content, and to prevent your employees from decreasing their productivity by spending time in chat applications during work time, you can also consider using phone tracking applications. Here, we have provided you with general information about these applications, where you can monitor not only Whatsapp tracking, but almost all the movements made by the phone.

By choosing one of these, you can make your children use the phone more safely or prevent your employees from misusing the job. Because secure internet means a safe life.
While surfing the Internet, I found this question posted in a forum.

I want to access my children's whatsapp messaging history and I want those messages to be on my phone too… When they receive a whatsapp message, I want to receive that message too.


Lately, small doubts have been waking up in me that my children are not on the right track. I want to get information about how these whatsapp messages can be sent to my phone at the same time…. Please find a solution for me.

What if I get access to Whatsapp messaging history?

Cheating is a common occurrence these days, and it's hard to realize that it's cheating on you. There are many apps that track calls and messages, but what about Whatsapp messages, is there a way to track them?

mSpy can do that, as a solution to the following questions, all you have to do is download this app to your smartphone and then remotely track his entire whatsapp messaging history from your mobile phone or computer.

mSpy is a paid application and you can buy it for the cheapest price by clicking the banner below.

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How do I read WhatsApp messages?

Install the most suitable package of mSpy application that you can download to the target mobile phone (Android / iPhone) and you can view all WhatsApp messages from your computer, smartphone or iPad, and even track its location. Android users can monitor them via mSpy Lite.

Some other features are listed below.

Is it possible to track location from Whatsapp?

In practice, if that person doesn't want to share their location with you, you can't know that, but you can easily find them with a little help. Let's see how to do this!

The only thing you need is the mSpy application. Once this application has been downloaded to that person's phone, it will be very easy to see his location.

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