HOMERead Text MessageCan I Read Messages from Another Phone On My Phone?

Can I Read Messages from Another Phone On My Phone?

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Modern techniques allow for effective monitoring and control of smartphones. In our guide you will learn:

  • What methods of supervision are used?
  • What exactly can monitoring programs do?
  • What data can they intercept?
  • On what systems can the monitoring programs be installed?
  • How to effectively protect yourself against monitoring and surveillance?

Eavesdropping methods

There are many methods of monitoring cell phones today. Both additional devices and special software designed for this purpose can be used for surveillance. Many methods are inexpensive and available to everyone (only some solutions are intended for law enforcement only).

The most popular cell monitoring methods include:

  • special monitoring applications
  • device memory virus,
  • false GSM mast.
  1. Special monitoring applications are programs designed for, inter alia, on parental control and monitoring of employees' business phones (eg Spyphone S - Agent that allows you to monitor an Android phone). It is enough to install such an application on the smartphone that we want to control to gain access to the record of calls made from it, call history, messages sent, web pages viewed and other data.

    The exact scope of the data captured depends on the specific program. The control software runs "in the background" and is usually invisible to the user.

  2. The permanent memory virus is another way to eavesdrop and supervise the phone. Malware below the operating system level can be uploaded e.g. via WiFi or via a Bluetooth module. Viruses are often hidden also in attachments to sent e - Mails and on websites. It is enough for the user to unconsciously open the sent attachment or click on the link for the permanent memory to be infected with viruses and the device no longer safe (eavesdropping is possible through the phone's microphone).
  3. A fake GSM mast is an intermediate device that allows you to impersonate a station on the way between the sender and the recipient. The calls are transferred via the BTS network from the sender to the operator, which through the next BTS - Y connects the calling number with the receiver. By default, each cell searches for the strongest base station in the area and connects to it to obtain the best signal.

The simulated station (microcomputer) allows you to "cheat" the phone. When such a fake station is nearby, it intercepts the connection and connects to a real GSM station. In this way, it becomes an intermediary and forces access to an unencrypted connection (or weakly encrypted, which a specialist will break quickly).

False GSM masts are referred to as IMSI Catcher and are often used by special services (they are commonly referred to as "stingrays", and in Polish slang "swallows"). However, it is worth knowing that such a station must be close to the phone whose connections it wants to intercept - About 0.5 km from the transmitter in the case of built - Up areas or up to 3 km in undeveloped areas.

Smartphone monitoring is also possible via the WiFi network interface. Many users do not turn off WiFi after using the Internet. Their phone scales the area while moving around the city and looks for the SSID of the WiFi network we used to use, and then automatically connects to the network known to it.

This allows you to substitute a fake access point. It detects devices trying to search for WiFi networks and runs acces points with names that the smartphone is looking for. This is how the phone connects to a fake access point and its Internet traffic can be checked. The operation takes place outside the GSM network, therefore it does not allow for eavesdropping on conversations, but for controlling the history of pages viewed.

What are telephone wiretaps for?

Telephone wiretaps have long been used by special services (the police, the CIA, the FBI, and in Poland by the CBS and ABW) and private detectives. The device location function also often allows you to find disaster victims. Currently, phone monitoring software is more widely available. Its use is legal (for strictly defined purposes), and the fall in prices has made this solution popular among individuals and enterprises.

Phone monitoring software (e.g. Spyphone S - Agent) is perfect for:

  • supervision of business phones,
  • monitoring a child's or senior's smartphone,
  • protection of the smartphone against theft.

The program allows you to locate the device at any time, check the route it has traveled (in the form of a line on the map), gain access to conversations or browsed websites. Such solutions allow you to conveniently monitor the employees' business phones, check the current places of their stay and the route of people working in the field, view the history of calls and visited websites. In this way, entrepreneurs can protect themselves against a decrease in productivity caused, for example, by dealing with private matters during working hours.

The wiretapping software is also an excellent solution to check whether there is a leakage of business data, the employee does not contact the competition (e.g. to resell information about the company, database of key customers, etc.) or there are no other abuses that may cause losses to the company.

Another purpose of telephone wiretapping is parental control. Installing such software on the child's smartphone allows you to increase its security and control Internet activity (currently, the youngest users face many threats online - Including drugs, pedophilia, bad company). The parent knows at all times where his child is, does not have to worry if the teenager does not come home for a long time. The application can perform a similar function on the phones of seniors (with their consent, in order to increase security).

In addition, similar software is an excellent protection in the event of loss or theft of the smartphone (we gain access to the GPS location of the device and the route it traveled).

What data is captured by phone monitoring?

Modern phone monitoring software has many functions. The main task of this type of software is to gain access to ongoing conversations.

However, the individual applications also have many other functions. The most popular of them are:

  • call recording,
  • recording and listening to the phone's surroundings live,
  • call history monitoring,
  • access to the report with sent messages (SMS, MMS),
  • access to saved contacts,
  • access to photos and video files (saved, sent),
  • monitoring of visited websites and instant messaging conversations,
  • GPS location,
  • graph of the routes traveled by the device (line on the map).

The exact number of options available depends on the specific software. The Spyphone S - Agent application has all of the above functions. After installing the program on a smartphone, it starts automatically and the collected data is sent as a detailed report to the e - Mail address provided by the user.

What systems are the phone listening devices on?

Phone monitoring applications run on different smartphone models - They are adapted to the operating system, not the type of device. Spyphone S - Agent can be used on all phones that use the Android system (regardless of the device model, Android version up to 8.0 and the manufacturer's overlay).

Android surveillance software is the most popular. There are also programs available on the market that are compatible with iOS (used by Apple iPhones) and with Symbian or Black Berry systems.

How to protect yourself from monitoring and surveillance?

Modern telephone wiretaps are advanced software that is invisible to the user - It does not affect the operation of the system and does not give any traces of its activity. This makes many people worry that such a monitoring application has been loaded into their smartphone. We advise on how to effectively protect yourself against monitoring and surveillance.

To minimize the risk of spying, it is worth:

  • regularly update the phone's operating system and anti - Virus software (these activities will protect us against installing malware on the device),
  • frequently scan the device with an antivirus,
  • not to open suspicious attachments and links,
  • block access to the screen (it is best to set the option to clear the saved data after 10 incorrect attempts to enter the PIN code) - This will help us prevent the installation of listening software when we leave the mobile phone for a while (e.g. at work, school or during a meeting with friends),
  • turn off the WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC networks when we do not use them (this will make attacks using a fake access point more difficult),
  • try to block unencrypted connections to the GSM network,
  • refrain from using the phones we receive as a gift (even the originally packed smartphone may have spyware installed),
  • send encrypted SMS and e - Mail messages (special encryption applications are available for Android phones).

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