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Can I Install the Mobile Spy App Remotely?

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Cell phone spy software cannot be installed remotely for a few reasons listed below.

Basic Setup Prerequisites

There are basically four reasons why you cannot install spy cell phone software remotely and they are:

  • On smart mobile phones, you must physically access the device.
  • There are installation steps that require a real human intervention before it can be completed.
  • Any traces left from the installation process must be removed by the person administering the software.
  • You may have to contact customer service.

These steps do not even mention the need to jailbreak on iPhones and rooting on Android devices to install applications downloaded from more unknown sources. In both cases, the action to be completed must be done by a natural person.

Absent Without Physical Access to the Device

Cell phone spy software is typically installed through the web browser of the targeted smartphone or the Cydia app you will find on a jailbroken iPhone. So somehow you have to physically seize the device. The best advice we can give you is to download and install the cell phone spy app before handing the smart phone you want to monitor to your child or employee.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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You Need To Decide For Configuration

Another reason for the need to have physical access to the smartphone may be the configuration decisions that must be made during the setup phase. For example, you may need to decide which logs the spy app collects are sent to you, or how long the install / update intervals will be. These are all dependent on the company that developed the software.

Eliminating the Traces of Installation

This is something that depends on the manufacturer of the cell phone spy software. Some products require you to take some additional steps, such as uninstalling the Cydia app (for iPhone), to make sure all traces of the installation are gone. In this way, you can be sure that the application will run in a way that is completely untraceable by the user of the smartphone.

Another example is that you need to remove evidence that the app has been downloaded from the device's web browser. Most products use the device's web browser to perform the download. Therefore, you need to go to the browser's history page and delete all records for it.

Customer Service May Be Required

There is always the possibility that you will encounter minor difficulties while installing the cell phone spy app. Therefore, the device must be physically at hand while customer service guides you to complete the setup process successfully.

Carefully Choosing the Cell Phone Tracking Program

The most important thing to note here is to know that you cannot install cell phone spy software on anyone's smartphone. You must be the owner of the device you will monitor. Parents buy smartphones for their children, and companies are the main owners of the smartphones used by employees, so no problems arise in this regard. Otherwise, you could be in big trouble for breaking privacy laws in the eyes of the government.

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