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Can i Find Someone's Location by Phone Number Without Them Knowing?

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GPS is a technology with many useful applications - Just ask anyone who got lost on a car trip! More and more GPS monitoring applications and functions are available to users. Take Snapchat's new Snap Map feature for example. This feature allows the user to choose who can see their location via the application. Other applications that use GPS, such as phone GPS tracking, can be downloaded to mobile devices to perform a variety of tasks, including locating the phone if it is lost or stolen and determining the exact location of a user's switched - On phone at any time.

With these new monitoring applications, ethical and legal issues are challenged. Many consumers have mixed views regarding using a tracking application to track a person's location. We have therefore analyzed the pros and cons, and we will leave the decision to you!

Pros and Cons of Using a GPS Tracker App


Parents Who Want to Keep an Eye on Their Children If you are a parent, there is always that constant worry about where your child is and if he is okay. Many parents rely on GPS tracking apps to make sure their child is where they should be. For example, a working parent might check if their child has gone to school. In addition, parents can use the location tool to find the lost child or teenager. If you can keep an eye on the baby, you could avoid him being in danger. Make sure the child has gone to school. Ensuring Seniors Don't Get Lost Seniors with Alzheimer's or Dementia often get lost or forget where they live. Using a location app, carers or those with elderly parents can track their location at any time, making sure they know where the person is, especially in an emergency. Tracking Employees in Giro Many jobs, especially sales positions, involve traveling around. However, determining if someone is where they claim to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing can be difficult to gauge. Believing someone's word isn't really a solid business plan. A dilemma often faced by employers is finding a way to track the location of their employees. As an employer you want to make sure your co - Workers are doing their job and not making "side trips" at your expense. By using a GPS tracking application on their phone, employers can make sure employees are where they should be, and are following the established paths.


Invasion of Privacy Many consumers find that using location apps to keep an eye on someone is an invasion of privacy. In fact, another person's position should only be monitored with their consent. However, there are situations where it can come in handy to know immediately where another person is. For example, if both parents work and travel daily, it is necessary to have an emergency plan in case there is a need to unexpectedly take a child to school. In this scenario, knowing each spouse's current location can quickly dictate who can get to the child's school quickly. Invading someone's privacy can lead to the end of a relationship. Broken Relationships And Loss Of Trust Perhaps a steady diet of soap operas has led some to think that controlling one's partner or spouse is acceptable behavior. By using a GPS tracking app on someone's phone, you risk losing that person's trust and ending your relationship as the person will feel betrayed by you, for example if you monitor your boyfriend / girlfriend's GPS location for make sure he's really working late and staying where he says he is. Might Not Provide Desired Results As with all technology, there are always snags. With most GPS software programs, the location option must be turned on and the phone must be turned on in order to track your location. Without these premises it is not possible to trace the position.

Now that you've seen these pros and cons of using a GPS tracking application on your phone, what do you think? Do you think it's worth it? Let us know!

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